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Drama Review: Lady Sour TVB (醋娘子)

I haven't watched TVB dramas for a long time - I've watched one or two episodes of a new series time to time when my parents watch them but this is the only drama recently that I've actually begun watching from the start and have been catching its new episode every day.


Myolie Wu as Cho Ching
Ron Ng as Kai Chun
Him Law as Chin Tung
Eliza Sam as San Cha
Gigi Wong as Cho Cho Bi Yue
Koo Ming Wah as Chin Jong
Alice Chan as Chin Sheung
Jade Leung as Kai Sho
Derek Kwok as Fu Sam Yan
Koni Lui as Nang Choi Ji


Cho Ching (Myolie Wu) and her mother Cho Cho Bi Yue (Gigi Wong) travels around as beautifying conmen in search for her father Cho Dai Kung. They decided to return to their town when Cho Ching falls in love with Chin Tung (Him Law). She successfully marries into the Chin family but

Seeing her husband's close relationship with personal servant San Cha (Eliza Sam), Cho Ching becomes jealous and attempts to matchmake San Cha and her buddy Kai Chun (Ron Ng). How…

Drama Review: Qin Xiang Lian (秦香莲)


Chen Shi Mei (Benny Chan) was originally born into a wealthy family but because of Qin Xiang Lian's (Yuan Shan Shan) father, his father dies and he and his mother (Liu Xue Hua) end up impoverished. Ironically, he falls in love with Qin Xiang Lian. His mother doesn't accept their relationship and they go through numerous ups and downs before they can actually be together. Chen Shi Mei journeys to the Imperial City to take the civil service exam. He successfully becomes an official and the emperor (Kenny Kwan) bestows the princess (Coffee Lu) to him although he's already married. Qin Xiang Lian decides to journey to the capital with her two children after her mother-in-law passes away to look for Chen Shi Mei. But she ends up finding out that her husband remarried and became the prince consort, the emperor's brother-in-law.   My Rating:☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7/10 stars
I thought this would be boring but the story moved quickly and I enjoyed watching the obstacles the couple had…

Drama Review: Boss and Me (Shan Shan, Come and Eat)

I finished this drama awhile ago and began writing a review right away after its finale but never got to finish until now.

I think this has become my favorite Chinese drama of all time (seems like I say this for quite a few dramas but realized it is usually not true when a new one comes along LOL). This compared to Loving, Never Forgetting, I would choose this over that because this is a pretty relaxing drama to enjoy. The whole series was too hilarious - I laughed so many times that I have the urge to re-watch the whole thing right after I finished! After watching the whole series,  I did search and watch some of the behind-the-scenes clips.

Based off Gu Man's popular internet novel, the story tells of a kind-hearted young girl named Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying) who works at a big conglomerate. However one of her weaknesses is eating, she loves to eat, and so upon discovering this, her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han) decides to intentionally fatten her up; she just so happens…

Drama Review: Loving, Never Forgetting (恋恋不忘)

Synopsis: Five years ago, Wu Tong (Tong Liya) had a one-night stand with Li Zhong Mou (Jerry Yan) resulting in her giving birth to their son Tong Tong. She never thought of telling Li Zhong Mou about Tong Tong's existence but an accident gave her no choice but to inform him that he has a 4-years old son. After he discovers that he actually has a son, he goes into a custody battle with Wu Tong. His girlfriend Zhang Man Di (Jing Feng) recommends lawyer Xiang Jun (Denny Huang) to Wu Tong so that she can win the custody of her son. Unexpectedly, Wu Tong loses the fight and Li Zhong Mou wins the custody of their son. But through his interactions with Wu Tong, he understands her more and is moved by her actions so they finally get married. However, their relationship is interfered by Xiang Jun whose hatred is the product of the conflict between Li's mother and Xiang's father.

My Thoughts:
I was so glad when I heard this series was airing soon especially in the summer because I ca…

Women In A Family of Dao Ke (刀客家族的女人) Introduction

My Thoughts:
I've became of fan of Tong Liya ever since I've watched Jade Palace Lock Heart 宫锁心玉. Seeing her starring in this drama and with a plot focused on women's rights and privileges, I watched the trailer and I decided to give this drama a try and I'm up to episode 13. I know how it will end and it's not a happy ending but the plot and Tong Liya's (strong?) character captures my attention to watch this.

Plot Summary: 
The women of the Yu family are taught to abide the laws of the family. If they lose their innocence, they are no longer a woman of the Yu family unless they commit suicide to preserve their purity.

Shi Cai Feng becomes a victim in the Yu and Pan family's conflict when her husband gambles her and her son away. She did not commit suicide so as a result was not allowed to return to the Yu family.

Ge Da Ni is a strong and obstinate woman. She had an affair with the Yu family's Yu Hua Long. They were on the verge of marriage but she break…

Drama Review: The War of Beauties (爱情悠悠药草香)

Plot Summary: 
The plot focuses on the Bai family and their family's herb business. The Bai's family eldest son Bai Qing Feng (Benny Qian) encountered a catastrophe during a business trip 5 years ago, leaving behind his kind-hearted fiancee Huang Cai Wei (Loura Lou). Ultimately, through a series of events, Cai Wei marries the Bai family's younger son Bai Qing Sheng (Han Dong). Because Qing Sheng actually had feelings for Cai Wei when she liked his brother, his wife Ma Fu Fang (Jessica Hsuan) and third mistress Qiu Lin sees Cai Wei as their strongest threat. As Cai Wei and Qing Sheng experiences life and death together, Cai Wei eventually falls for Qing Sheng. But at this time, Qing Feng reappears again. Ma Fu Fang uses him to plot against Cai Wei, causing her own downfall. But in the end, the women of the Bai family unite together to defend their home in an era of turbulence. Through this, they've discovered a new meaning in life as a woman during that period in time.


Once Upon A Time (American TV Series)

Having been an avid fan of a series called the Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley, I was unsurprisingly intrigued by this TV series. Usually, I am not interested in American TV shows because most of my time is spent watching Asian dramas. However, my sisters insisted that this is a good show from their friends' praiseworthy reviews for the show. So I sat down with them to watch the very first episode of the show.

After one episode, I've become a fan! Even though, the beginning starts off rather confusing because I was unsure whether the past and present was happening simultaneously or the show is just cutting back and forth.

I searched up the show on Wikipedia and I really like how each episode of the series will incorporate elements from various fairy-tales to tell the story.

Here is the main cast:

Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchard
She is Henry Mills' teacher in modern-day Storybrooke, Maine. Her fictional counterpart is Snow White. She is the mother of Emma Swan.

Drama Review: Safe Guards 2006 (鐵血保镖)

Steven Ma as Sheung Chi Elaine Yiu as Lei Cheung Fung Wayne Lai as Sheung Chung Evergreen Mak as Fau Yeung Hung Ben Wong as Sheung Hau Kara Hui as Gu Ching

Synopsis: The Wui Yau Safety Service is very renowned during the mid Qing Dynasty. It earns respects from officials, businessmen and triadds across the country. Although it appears to be a strong company, its business is dying. The new head SHEUNG CHI (MA CHUN WAI, STEVEN), decides to reform it.

CHI is the adopted son of the family. His background and aggressive reform cause disputes at Wui Yau. Eventually, he has to split the family with his brothers SHEUNG CHUNG (LAI YIU CHEUNG WAYNE), SHEUNG HAU (WONG CHI YIN), and his uncle SHEUNG CHING PANG (LAU KONG). Luckily, a female escort, LEI CHEUNG FUNG (YIU, ELAINE), at Wui Yau supports him. 

Life is never easy. PANG has become an official after he leaves Wui Yau and he tries at all costs to force Wui Yau to close down. Meanwhile , the Qing government decides to build a railway. Freighter…

My April-May Drama Updates

Even though I didn't have time to update my blog for my second semester, I did followed a few series closely.

Palace Lock Lian Cheng aka Gong III
I've chased this drama every day when it started airing because of the quality and the cast. The acting was great and the story was well-written. I had a week-long break when this aired so I had the time to watch the episodes on the day they were released. When my school started again, I continued for awhile until I've lost interest because of the deteriorating quality. The story just went bizarre and crazy. At some point, I just don't understand where the story is going anymore. The start deserved its high viewership but as it nears its end, I just didn't have any motivation to go on. I did finish it which was surprising even to myself. I think the producer Yu Zheng knows how to keep its audience attracted but fails to keep sense in its plot.

I'm actually helping to sub this drama on Viki. I'm glad to contribute…

Current Dramas: Month of January

My update on dramas:

In a Good Way I'm still ardently following In a Good Way. I would definitely recommend this even though it is not done airing. So far, all the episodes that were released are superb and excellent. I really love the character developments and the storyline.

Trick Season 2 Having finished Season 1 during my winter break, I decided to start Season 2 since the first one was just that good. I also learned several magic tricks that I can do without becoming a Houdini. In fact, I have decided to order these special deck of bicycle cards just to do one of the trick. 
New Three Kingdom I started watching the first 20 minutes of the first episode. Pretty interesting. It reminds me of the male version of Legend of Zhen Huan. I think I will enjoy this TV series watching how the characters outsmart each other with strategies that have been passed on for generations after generations.
Sherlock Season 3 Planning to watch it during my February winter break so I can watch it a…

Trick 2 Episode 3-5

Trick Season 2: Episode 3-5

Main Cast:

Nakama Yukie as Yamada Naoko
Abe Hiroshi as Ueda Jiro

Gin Pun Chou as Suzuki YoshikoIto Toshihito as OsabeMasu Takeshi as Shimizu
The case of the fortuneteller spans a whole three episode. At some point, it was getting a bit draggy but it quickly picks up as it introduces new murders and mysterious impossibilities. The case ends with a shocking revelation with the man Mr. Osabe, who holds a bag of yams throughout the three episodes, being the main "antagonist" of the story; he actually outsmarted the other two known antagonists.

His motive: To avenge his dead fiancee.

His plan: To take advantage of one of the seven deadly sin, Greed, to trigger the fortuneteller Mrs.
Suzuki Yoshiko to murder Mr. Shimizu since he betrays her. To prove her "powers", she plays a game with Yamada and Osabe volunteers to join. There are three glasses of water and only one of them contains the poison. One of the spectators will move the glasses ar…

Drama Review: Beauties at Crossfire/Feng Huo Jia Ren (烽火佳人)

Link to watch: Youtube

Translated Summary -  The story sets in the 20th century. Born into the imperial family, Tung Yu Wan (Shu Chang) is forced/arranged by her parents to marry the real estate tycoon Du Rui Dai's son Du Yun Tang (Sammul Chan). She endures hardship and obstacles in the complicated Du Family Household to become Shanghai's prominent female tycoon. Her husband Yun Tang, who seems ignorant and unconcerned about the family's matters, becomes Yu Wan's partner. Zhou Ting Shen (Qiao Zhen Yu), Shanghai's King Shen Zhi Pei (Tan Kai)'s top-notch assassin, joins the communist force. Yu Wan's childhood encounter Lai Shao Feng (Li Zhi Nam) takes over the identity of the Li Family's kidnapped son, marries his sister Li Xue Mei to Shen Zhi Pei, and ally himself with the Japanese. Experiencing military power struggles, business competitions, and party conflicts, Tung Yu Wan triumphs in this era of chaos and power battle. She donates all her as…

Current Dramas Updates (Jan 2014)

During this month-long winter vacation, I've nothing better to do then watch dramas. I've recently finished watching Beauties at Crossfire (Chinese Title: Feng Huo Jia Ren). Currently, I am watching TVB's Coffee Cat Mama, Japan's Trick, Taiwan's In a Good Way and Deja Vu and Mainland China's Shining Days.

Well, I haven't been watching all the episodes in Shining Days since it's mainly my parents that are watching it. Once in awhile, some scenes caught my attention. When I went home from college for the break, I realized my whole family has been watching this drama. Coincidentally, I've watched the beginning largely due to its impressive trailer. The child actress that plays the young Yu Fei is incredible. I cried just by watching the trailer because of the child's magnificent acting skills (and probably emotional storyline too). After watching past the childhood parts, I kind of gave up. However, my family, particularly my dad, continued on with…