Drama Review: Lady Sour TVB (醋娘子)

ancient drama December 28, 2014

Drama Review: Qin Xiang Lian (秦香莲)

ancient drama December 24, 2014

Drama Review: Boss and Me (Shan Shan, Come and Eat)

adaptation December 03, 2014

Drama Review: Loving, Never Forgetting (恋恋不忘)

adaptation July 20, 2014

Women In A Family of Dao Ke (刀客家族的女人) Introduction

Chinese drama July 10, 2014

Drama Review: The War of Beauties (爱情悠悠药草香)

Chinese drama June 18, 2014

Once Upon A Time (American TV Series)

American TV series June 05, 2014

Drama Review: Safe Guards 2006 (鐵血保镖)

ancient drama May 25, 2014

My April-May Drama Updates

ancient drama May 25, 2014

Current Dramas: Month of January

British TV series January 26, 2014

Trick 2 Episode 3-5

drama thoughts January 25, 2014

Drama Review: Beauties at Crossfire/Feng Huo Jia Ren (烽火佳人)

adaptation January 07, 2014

Current Dramas Updates (Jan 2014)

Chinese drama January 07, 2014

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