Current Dramas Updates (Jan 2014)

January 07, 2014

During this month-long winter vacation, I've nothing better to do then watch dramas. I've recently finished watching Beauties at Crossfire (Chinese Title: Feng Huo Jia Ren). Currently, I am watching TVB's Coffee Cat Mama, Japan's Trick, Taiwan's In a Good Way and Deja Vu and Mainland China's Shining Days.

Well, I haven't been watching all the episodes in Shining Days since it's mainly my parents that are watching it. Once in awhile, some scenes caught my attention. When I went home from college for the break, I realized my whole family has been watching this drama. Coincidentally, I've watched the beginning largely due to its impressive trailer. The child actress that plays the young Yu Fei is incredible. I cried just by watching the trailer because of the child's magnificent acting skills (and probably emotional storyline too). After watching past the childhood parts, I kind of gave up. However, my family, particularly my dad, continued on with this lengthy (82 episodes, no joke) drama. Current Status: Episode 76 (6 more episodes to go...)

I'm haven't been catching Deja Vu weekly premieres because I am entirely engaged by Taiwan's other drama In a Good Way. The cast chemistry, the storyline, the actors and actresses, the music, etc are superb! If I have to choose, I would recommend In a Good Way more.

I don't really watch many Japanese dramas but since I am learning Japanese, it would benefit a lot to watch them. After watching Galileo, I've found recommendations that suggested checking out the drama Trick. Luckily, I found it with English subs on Pretty good so far but wouldn't recommend watching it all alone at night because I was freaked out at some parts.

TVB's Coffee Cat Mama is actually watchable. I have to say TVB comedies are usually watchable. Their other dramas are either a hit or a miss. I think the success of this drama derives from the cast.

Out of all the dramas I'm juggling right now, I know I will definitely complete In a Good Way, Trick, and Shining Days(this mainly because my family is watching or else I wouldn't devote hours to it --> Legend of Zhen Huan has 76 episodes but I have no regret watching it).

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