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The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 65 - Part 2

Chapter 65: A Plan Within a Plan - Part 2
Following Zi Yan’s death, only Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu were the closest yatous left by Li Wei Yang’s side. Everyone thought she would select two high-ranked yatous from other compunds, but who would have thought after half a month had passed by, she still hadn’t made a move. Even though the yatous and mamas were surprised, they didn’t dare to ask. 

Because there were more things to do in the residence, Mo Zhu eventually requested from Li Wei Yang and selected Qin Fang and Hong Luo to serve tea and help around. Since Qin Fang had served in Da Furen’s residence and she was particularly clever, Mo Zhu had been watching her attentively, being frightened that she might be a spy sent by Da Furen. As for Hong Luo, because she was Accounting Manager Liu’s daughter, who was awaiting to marry and wasn’t connected to any of the masters in the entire residence, they didn’t keep a close eye on her especially since she was dependable and honest. She didn’t speak m…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 65 - Part 1

1打草惊蛇: act rashly and alert the enemy 2跳梁小丑: a buffoon who performs antics
Chapter 65: A Plan Within a Plan - Part 1
The next morning, Li Chang Le went to pay her respect to Da Furen. Seeing her well expression, she indistinctly exposed joy and then couldn’t help but say: “Mother, what great news is there?”
Da Furen smiled, she gazed at Li Chang Le’s beautiful and charming eyes: “Of course, I’ve already arranged everything, just rest assured.”
Li Chang Le’s face revealed a trace of delight. She had already guessed, Mother wanted to get rid of that bitch Li Wei Yang. She smilingly said: “Mother, I’ve already arranged a few people to keep a close eye on Li Wei Yang …….”
“No, we can’t beat the grass and frighten away the snake.1 Now, this damn yatou is always on the alert. You have to know, the less people the better.
“But ---“ Li Chang Le really wanted to punish Li Wei Yang with her own hands.
Da Furen calmly said: “Just watc…