Lady Sour 醋娘子 [Drama Review]

December 28, 2014

I haven't watched TVB dramas for a long time - I've watched one or two episodes of a new series time to time when my parents watch them but this is the only drama recently that I've actually begun watching from the start and have been catching its new episode every day.


Myolie Wu as Cho Ching
Ron Ng as Kai Chun
Him Law as Chin Tung
Eliza Sam as San Cha
Gigi Wong as Cho Cho Bi Yue
Koo Ming Wah as Chin Jong
Alice Chan as Chin Sheung
Jade Leung as Kai Sho
Derek Kwok as Fu Sam Yan
Koni Lui as Nang Choi Ji


Cho Ching (Myolie Wu) and her mother Cho Cho Bi Yue (Gigi Wong) travels around as beautifying conmen in search for her father Cho Dai Kung. They decided to return to their town when Cho Ching falls in love with Chin Tung (Him Law). She successfully marries into the Chin family but

Seeing her husband's close relationship with personal servant San Cha (Eliza Sam), Cho Ching becomes jealous and attempts to matchmake San Cha and her buddy Kai Chun (Ron Ng). However, her plan backfires and leads Chin Tung to realize his feelings towards San Cha and marrying her as his concubine. How will Cho Ching deal with this?

My Rating:
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7/10 stars
It's been awhile since I've watched a TVB series completely, the last being Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain and Storm In A Cocoon. Since this drama was short and easy to watch, I decided to finish it. Officer Geomancer is also watchable; TVB police and mystery dramas are usually decent to watch. My favorite scene in this series is of course the scene when Myolie's father returns and tries to find his long-lost son. I also like the ending, a happy ending though the part with Eliza is a bit absurd since nothing was ever referenced about her identity from the start. On the other hand, the solution (Him having an older brother) to Myolie and Him's relationship was actually mentioned from the start so that I can accept. One point off for super cheesy actions and dialogues that I can't even stand. Otherwise, a great comedy with a happy ending!

(-2) Cringeworthy parts
(-1) Eliza Sam's acting & characterization

My Thoughts:

Some parts are actually kind of cheesy but I really like its comical part. The comedy is not exactly over the top so I enjoy watching it. I especially loved the part when Myolie's father returns back to town as a eunuch. Ron asks one of his buddy to pretend to be his son which unexpectedly helped Myolie's mother to be released.

Eliza's character is the third-party but since her character is kind and caring, it is really difficult to hate her. There isn't any characters that I dislike and the series is actually hilarious. I do sympathize with Myolie's character because no one in the Chin family likes her especially Him's aunt and grandmother. Since the grandmother doesn't like her, the maids and servants doesn't respect her as well. Even Eliza is more respected than Myolie is. Marriage is not only between two people, but also between the two's family. Without Him's family acceptance, the marriage was doomed from the start. I was partially excited that Myolie finally left the Chin family because then she can get together with Ron's character especially since he is by her side whenever she is upset or gets into trouble.


I really love the theme song! They've collaborated two times before, the first for Lost in the Chambers of Love, and the second for A Chip Off The Old Block.

The theme song represents the relationship between Myolie and Ron's characters in the series.

2005: Marriage Attire (嫁衣裳) by Myolie Wu and Ron Ng

The title of the song comes from the phrase "为他人作嫁衣裳" which literally means to help another create a set of marriage attire. This saying talks about a person helping another be with the person he or she loves. In this case, Myolie is the one helping Ron and Michelle Ye's characters get together even though she secretly loves Ron. The story of the plot is based on a fable about Ron and Michelle's characters falling in love but her parents disapprove with the marriage. With the help of of the maid, they end up together. However, in this adaptation, Myolie as the maid ends up with Ron's character instead. She does not expect her love to be requited so she tries her best to help Ron and Michelle get together because she believes Ron likes Michelle and will be happy if they get to end up together.

2009: Don't Say I Didn't Mind You (咪话唔就你) by Myolie Wu and Ron Ng

2014: Is It You? (是你吗?) by Myolie Wu and Ron Ng

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