Qin Xiang Lian 秦香莲 [Drama Review]

December 24, 2014


Chen Shi Mei (Benny Chan) was originally born into a wealthy family but because of Qin Xiang Lian's (Yuan Shan Shan) father, his father dies and he and his mother (Liu Xue Hua) end up impoverished. Ironically, he falls in love with Qin Xiang Lian. His mother doesn't accept their relationship and they go through numerous ups and downs before they can actually be together. Chen Shi Mei journeys to the Imperial City to take the civil service exam. He successfully becomes an official and the emperor (Kenny Kwan) bestows the princess (Coffee Lu) to him although he's already married. Qin Xiang Lian decides to journey to the capital with her two children after her mother-in-law passes away to look for Chen Shi Mei. But she ends up finding out that her husband remarried and became the prince consort, the emperor's brother-in-law.  

My Rating:

 7/10 stars
I thought this would be boring but the story moved quickly and I enjoyed watching the obstacles the couple had to go through to be together. But as it moves towards the end, I began to lose interest because I knew how the series will end. Who doesn't know what end up happening in the story of Chen Shi Mei, which his name is notoriously used today to describe men who abandon their wife for a new lover.


Yuan Shan Shan as Qin Xiang Lian

Benny Chan as Chen Shi Mei

Liu Xue Hua as Chen Mu

Coffee Lu as Zhao Zhao

Kenny Kwan as Zhao Zhen

Chen Sha Li as Empress

Kou Zhen Hai as King Yan Ling

Bai Yong Sheng as King Xiang Yang

My Thoughts:

After watching Palace II and In Love With Power, I am starting to like Yuan Shan Shan as an actress. She is definitely not spectacular looking compared to many other actresses but her acting is improving. So scanning through the list of series she starred in, I encountered Qin Xiang Lian. I was unfamiliar with the name until I googled it and her husband Chen Shi Mei (played by Benny Chan) popped up. I recognized her husband's name as the man who abandoned his wife and children for power and wealth. His name in today's culture is constantly used synonymously with men who commits adultery. 

The beginning was quite intriguing. I actually enjoyed it. I thought it would just be a dull story. However, I thought wrongly. Small events create a dramatic effect throughout the series. I watched up to Episode 22. Shi Mei has finally received recognition. So I guess his role is gradually arriving towards today's connotation of his name. But I am starting to feel tired of the plot (Maybe it's because of watching quite a number of episodes today). I hope the last ten episodes will pick up its speed. Now I do wish for a happy ending. I might change my mind though depending on how cruel he will become towards his family.

I really enjoy series that are not that recognized or popular (underrated series). To me, popular series gained their recognition mainly because they are hyped by the production companies.


I really like the opening theme - the melodramatic music fits the drama really well.

Opening Theme: 红颜有罪 

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