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The Legend of Fragrance (活色天香) Episode 1 Recap

Li Yi Feng plays a sweet, rich young master, while William Chan takes on the cold, heroic, investigator. On the ladies’ side, Tang Yan embodies the spirit of a sweet, strong willed Chinese Woman, in contrast to the nobly charming young mistress of Shu Chang. Moreover, the two ladies often find their interests in conflict with each other. Aside from that, the two families will battle over producing the best incenses in the area.

Source: Dramawiki

The Cast:
Tiffany Tang as Le Yan
Li Ya Feng as Ning Chi Yuan
William Chan as An Yi Chen
Shu Chang as Xia Ya Hui Zi
Zhang Zhi Xiao as Ning Hao Tian
Sierra Lee as Ning Pei Shan
Huang Ming as Wen Shi Xuan
Lu Xing Yu as An Qiu Sheng
Yang Ming Na as Bai Song Xian

~ Episode 1 ~

The series starts off showing a scene of younger versions of the main cast. A little girl named Ruo Huan is introduced to Chi Yuan and his sister Pei Shan as their new sister. CY likes RH instantly and even gives her a necklace while PY cries running away saying she d…