Current Dramas: Month of January

January 26, 2014

My update on dramas:

In a Good Way

I'm still ardently following In a Good Way. I would definitely recommend this even though it is not done airing. So far, all the episodes that were released are superb and excellent. I really love the character developments and the storyline.

Trick Season 2

Having finished Season 1 during my winter break, I decided to start Season 2 since the first one was just that good. I also learned several magic tricks that I can do without becoming a Houdini. In fact, I have decided to order these special deck of bicycle cards just to do one of the trick. 

New Three Kingdom

I started watching the first 20 minutes of the first episode. Pretty interesting. It reminds me of the male version of Legend of Zhen Huan. I think I will enjoy this TV series watching how the characters outsmart each other with strategies that have been passed on for generations after generations.

Sherlock Season 3

Planning to watch it during my February winter break so I can watch it all in one sitting. It has three episodes only so I guess I can save it for later. 

There are so many dramas that I am anticipating from Mainland China this year:

  • Da Mo Yao with Cecilia Liu, Hu Ge, and Eddie Peng
  • The Long Ballad with Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong
  • Young Detective Dee with Bosco Wong, Ruby Lin, and Yuan Hong
  • Cruel Romance with Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen, and Kimi Qiao
  • The Lady and the Liar with Hawick Lau, Tang Yan, Yang Rong
  • The Four with Zhang Han, Janine Chang
  • Bu Bu Jing Qing with Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu(Second installment to Startling with Each Step -> though not a big fan but it was pretty watchable)
And from TVB:
  • So far only Property Protector (or now currently renamed Storm in a Cocoon) because of Tavia Yeung

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