Women In A Family of Dao Ke (刀客家族的女人) Introduction

July 10, 2014

My Thoughts:
I've became of fan of Tong Liya ever since I've watched Jade Palace Lock Heart 宫锁心玉. Seeing her starring in this drama and with a plot focused on women's rights and privileges, I watched the trailer and I decided to give this drama a try and I'm up to episode 13. I know how it will end and it's not a happy ending but the plot and Tong Liya's (strong?) character captures my attention to watch this.

Plot Summary: 
The women of the Yu family are taught to abide the laws of the family. If they lose their innocence, they are no longer a woman of the Yu family unless they commit suicide to preserve their purity.

Shi Cai Feng becomes a victim in the Yu and Pan family's conflict when her husband gambles her and her son away. She did not commit suicide so as a result was not allowed to return to the Yu family.

Ge Da Ni is a strong and obstinate woman. She had an affair with the Yu family's Yu Hua Long. They were on the verge of marriage but she breaks up with him discovering that he is her second brother's killer. She gives birth to his daughter but raises her daughter by herself. After Yu Hua Long finds out that her father was the one who sent assassinators after him and caused his wife to miscarriage and become infertile, he threatens Da Ni to marry his 8th brother, Shi Cai Feng's husband.

Shi Cai Feng vows to seek revenge on Yu Hua Long and the Yu family by helping the Pan family. Besides family rivals, this era is a period of political struggle between the communist forces and nationalist forces. Family struggles and obstacles the nation faces elicit the power and strength of the women of the family of Dao Ke through their sacrifice and actions.

The Cast: 

The Women

Tong Li Ya as Ge Da Ni

I really liked Tong Li Ya's character from the start. She is strong and courageous. I'm only halfway into the series but I heard her character becomes really annoying afterward. Hopefully, it wouldn't be that way. She speaks whatever is in her mind and disapproves of the way the Yu family have rules for women but not the men of the Yu family.

Xu Hai Huan as Shi Cai Feng

I sympathize her character from the start. She was gambled away by her husband and because she lost her chastity, she was given the choice of suicide to preserve the reputation of the Yu women or leave the Yu family. For the sake of her son, she does not commit suicide but forcefully left and dedicated her life to avenge for the injustice done to her.

He Sai Fei as Yu Huang Shi

She is the family matriarch. She was initially a Qing dynasty princess but abandoned the luxury to be with her lover. At first, she reminded me of those difficult mother-in-laws in idol dramas because she is stubborn and very conservative. But as the series progress, she sees Tong Li Ya's character more and more like her own younger version so she becomes more understanding. She is a powerful figure who keeps the Yu family together.

Rachel Mao Xiao Tong as Ming Yue

She marries Yu Hua Long as his mistress. Being educated in the West, she, like Tong Li Ya, disapproves of the Yu family's rules but she still obliges since she's married to Yu Hua Long. She is also smart and rational.

Gao Lu as Lian Hua

As the first wife of Yu Hua Long, she is kind-hearted and gentle. Her biggest regret is not being able to conceive after a miscarriage. In fact, her character has a 180 degree change after finding out the culprit that indirectly caused her miscarriage is Tong Li Ya's father. She turns from being well-tempered and gentle to aggressive and irrational.

Bao Tian Qi as Ge Yun Xia

She is the illegitimate daughter of Ge Da Ni and Yu Hua Long. Being raised by her Communist party uncle, she grows up to be an avid Communist supporter.

The Men:

Yang Le as Yu Hua Long

He is strong, bold, and fierce so he is often seen as the male protector/warrior of the family. He loves Ge Da Ni but because of the Ge family's vengeance and numerous factors, they couldn't end up together. He forces Ge Da Ni to marry his brother after discovering that the Ge family indirectly caused his wife's miscarriage.

Guo Peng as Yu Lao Ba

He is the eighth brother of the Yu family. He is a worthless man; he gambles his wife and son away causing his wife to be separated from him and his son. His brother captures Ge Da Ni and forces her to marry him. Unlike his previous wife, she is fierce and adamant, who was able to force him to quit his gambling habits.

Ceng Hong Chang as Yu Ding Bang

He is the son of Yu Lao Ba and Shi Cao Feng. He becomes bad-tempered and cantankerous because he is separated from his mother. Initially he dislikes his new stepmother Ge Da Ni but eventually comes to accept her. However, due to new circumstances, he walks into the wrong path. He is the series' main antagonist.

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