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The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 49

This chapter is translated by Chau :) An extra chapter this week - enjoy this treat!
Chapter 49: Each Person Has A Motive

Da Furen smiled and vaguely said: “Indeed, your Father certainly will not abandon his hopes. The plan will not end with one failure, it will continue but the only difference is the person who executes it. If you cannot do it, there is still Chang Xiao and Chang Xi. If they do not succeed, there is still Chang Ru of Erfang, and not to mention a bright and clever Li Wei Yang now. Whether it is the children of the wife or the concubines, it is only in name. The right to decide still remains in your father’s hands.”

Li Chang Le’s fingers quivered as a panic rose in her heart.

Da Furen noticed the effect it had on her and decided it was not necessary to frighten her anymore: “To tell you the truth, whether it is Chang Xiao, Chang Xi, or anyone else, they are only stones used to test the waters before the Li family takes action. Once they grow up, they will become much more …

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 48

This chapter is translated by Angela. Thanks :)
1绿鬓朱颜: green temple, red face: referring to a young woman, a description of her beautiful face 2借花献佛: presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers: to win favour or influence using someone else's propert 3韬光养晦: hide one’s light under a bushel- keeping a low profile _________________________________________________________________________
Chapter 48: Mother of all on earth

This warm weather was causing the flowers to release its fragrance. It is not a novelty thing. Li Wei Yang frowned, watching Mo Zhu directing people to bring in the Begonia. One look at the Chinese flowering apple, one would know that this was famous, unbloomed red Chinese flowering apple bud, a bit like rouge, while strewn about are some that have already bloomed, a dark concentration. The leaves also set it off well, light green and meticulous, just like a green temples, red face, letting people come across it unrivaled beauty.

Begonia, her favourite flower in her past li…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 47

1偷鸡不成蚀把米- unable to steal the chicken, instead lose the rice- meaning originally want to gain something but instead you lost
Nv’er = way to address oneself as the daughter Er zi = way to address oneself as the son
This chapter is translated by Angela :)
Chapter 47: Residual man sending gifts
Li Xiao Ran stood up and said: “Now we are a harmonious family. Do you know where you are wrong? Talk and let me see.”
Li Chang Le shyly said: “Nv’er’s learning is not refined, and has spoken irresponsibly.”
Li Min Feng look respectfully: “Er zi was impudent, misunderstood my good sister.”
Lao Furen gently smiled and said: “What wrong did Li Wei Yang do?”
Li Xiao Ran was stunned.
At this time, suddenly a voice said: “Sanjie has a wrong.”
Everyone was surprised and turned to look at the boy standing next to Li Wei Yang, he was wearing a red gown, a moon white jade belt on his waist, a cheerfulness on his brows, that did not reach his ey…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 46

This chapter is translated by Angela :) Who can't wait to see Li Min Feng kneel and repent? Is it going to happen?
Chapter 46 : Kneel and repent
Such a big room, in the end it was frighteningly silent.
Want to use your own power against everyone else? In Tuoba Zhen’s eyes, a trace of sneer spread across.
At this instant, Li Wei Yang looked clearly into the cold-blooded eyes of the other side, suddenly thought of the painful moments when her own legs were cut off, unexpectedly there was a feeling of suffocation. No matter when, it was just herself fighting.
“San jie would not lie!” At this time, a hand suddenly stretched over, through her sleeves pressing on her hand.
Li Wei Yang’s entire body was startled.
She turned her head, along with the arm in her hand to look. In the bright and beautiful sunshine, Li Min De’s pair of eyes shone bright like stars, steady gaze, pure, full of trust.
This little boy, forehead full of crystal-like sweats, upon hearing this news, rushed to her side at the …