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The Wife's Lies (妻子的谎言) Episodes 1-5 Recap

Adapted from Korean drama My Daughter Seo Young, The Wife's Lies tells the story of a girl named Li Xiaxi who lives a tough life due to her father's constant gambling habit. After her mother dies from a heart condition, she blames her father for her mother's death and holds a grudge towards him. She takes on a position as tutor for the Jiang's family youngest son Jiang Yiming to support her and her brother's education but eventually falls in love with their eldest son Jiang Yibin. They finally get married after his parents' approval but she lies that she is an orphan, that both her parents have died because she didn't have the courage to tell them about her father. On the other hand, her brother Li Dongxu becomes entangled in a love triangle with the Jiang family's only daughter Jiang Yishan and Sun Jianuan. Xiaxi's lies spin out of control when her father becomes her husband's savior and when Dongxu finds out about Yishan's identi…