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Huan Zhu Ge Ge/Princess Returning Pearl (还珠格格)

Being named as a classic by many avid fans, I decided to give it a try. Conveniently, it was on YouTube and it was subbed so my sister watched the entire series with me. I skipped the first two episodes since I know they basically played out the synopsis. So I started off with episode three.

After finishing the whole series, I agree with all the fans out there. This is indeed a classic. It brought the leads to new height in their career. I don't know what to praise - The plot wasn't that brilliant but the cast was. Their acting brought the characters to life. Initially, I dislike Zhao Wei's Huan Zhe Ge Ge but I ended up rooting for her. The villains were also good. The queen's voice is formidable. Her servant Rong Momo is so despicable that it made my day when she was punished. I really enjoy how the actors can use their own voice back then in the series. Nowadays, all these ancient series are dubbed. Quite a pity!

The scriptwriter Qiong Yao, however, couldn't prod…

Mischievous Princess 2005 (刁蛮公主)

I was just browsing around for something to watch. After finished watching BBC series Sherlock, I returned back to the world of Asian dramas. So this series popped up in my search. At first, I wasn't captivated or interested since 1) I didn't know anyone from the cast and 2) I tend to dislike actors/actresses in the series who speaks zero/minimal Chinese (Choo Ja Hyun from Temptation to Go Home).

Summary of the Plot:
The first plot begins with XLX's brother Situ Jian Nan and their rival family's youngest daughter Wen Qiang. They love each other however due to the two families' rivalry in court, it seems impossible for them to end up together. Their story is like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet except I like this version more because I was never a big fan of Romeo and Juliet. Their love for one another is tested through various obstacles. Wen Chang is forced to marry Qi Guo Hou's son to form an alliance between the families. However, she rather die than marry …