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Drama Review: Lady Sour TVB (醋娘子)

I haven't watched TVB dramas for a long time - I've watched one or two episodes of a new series time to time when my parents watch them but this is the only drama recently that I've actually begun watching from the start and have been catching its new episode every day.


Myolie Wu as Cho Ching
Ron Ng as Kai Chun
Him Law as Chin Tung
Eliza Sam as San Cha
Gigi Wong as Cho Cho Bi Yue
Koo Ming Wah as Chin Jong
Alice Chan as Chin Sheung
Jade Leung as Kai Sho
Derek Kwok as Fu Sam Yan
Koni Lui as Nang Choi Ji


Cho Ching (Myolie Wu) and her mother Cho Cho Bi Yue (Gigi Wong) travels around as beautifying conmen in search for her father Cho Dai Kung. They decided to return to their town when Cho Ching falls in love with Chin Tung (Him Law). She successfully marries into the Chin family but

Seeing her husband's close relationship with personal servant San Cha (Eliza Sam), Cho Ching becomes jealous and attempts to matchmake San Cha and her buddy Kai Chun (Ron Ng). How…

Drama Review: Qin Xiang Lian (秦香莲)


Chen Shi Mei (Benny Chan) was originally born into a wealthy family but because of Qin Xiang Lian's (Yuan Shan Shan) father, his father dies and he and his mother (Liu Xue Hua) end up impoverished. Ironically, he falls in love with Qin Xiang Lian. His mother doesn't accept their relationship and they go through numerous ups and downs before they can actually be together. Chen Shi Mei journeys to the Imperial City to take the civil service exam. He successfully becomes an official and the emperor (Kenny Kwan) bestows the princess (Coffee Lu) to him although he's already married. Qin Xiang Lian decides to journey to the capital with her two children after her mother-in-law passes away to look for Chen Shi Mei. But she ends up finding out that her husband remarried and became the prince consort, the emperor's brother-in-law.   My Rating:☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7/10 stars
I thought this would be boring but the story moved quickly and I enjoyed watching the obstacles the couple had…

Drama Review: Boss and Me (Shan Shan, Come and Eat)

I finished this drama awhile ago and began writing a review right away after its finale but never got to finish until now.

I think this has become my favorite Chinese drama of all time (seems like I say this for quite a few dramas but realized it is usually not true when a new one comes along LOL). This compared to Loving, Never Forgetting, I would choose this over that because this is a pretty relaxing drama to enjoy. The whole series was too hilarious - I laughed so many times that I have the urge to re-watch the whole thing right after I finished! After watching the whole series,  I did search and watch some of the behind-the-scenes clips.

Based off Gu Man's popular internet novel, the story tells of a kind-hearted young girl named Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying) who works at a big conglomerate. However one of her weaknesses is eating, she loves to eat, and so upon discovering this, her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han) decides to intentionally fatten her up; she just so happens…