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The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 86 - Part 2

Chapter 86: Constant Vigilance Part 2

Li Xiaoran had ordered that no one speak of that night’s incident, but among the servants, a rumor started spreading that Da Furen was seriously ill, due to fright from the spirits haunting her courtyard. Originally, this type of supernatural explanation would be fodder for much gossip, and would also be a perfect cover-up for the truth. With so many Yatous and Mamas around, those who knew the truth did not dare to speak out, and those who didn’t know had to make blind guesses, adding fuel to the fire.
When Li Min De told Li Weiyang about this, she was feeding her pet birds. She turned around to look at him. “What? They’re saying that Da Furen has been possessed?”
“Yes, they’re saying that Da Bomu is constantly paranoid, hiding in her rooms every day and refusing to come out.” Li Min De did not know to laugh or cry, returning Li Weiyang’s gaze. “She has been talking to herself, requesting for a priest to perform exorcism. She refused to see the phys…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 86 - Part 1

Chapter 86: Constant Vigilance

Da Furen laughed coldly. “If I had known this day would come, I should have let Laoye drown you from the very start, rather than allow you to play tricks like this!”
Lao Furen’s reply was not any warmer. “You have the time to criticize others, but forget about teaching your own daughter and son. One could add poison into her Fuqin’s soup, and another dares to harm his own Fuqin; they should die a thousand times over for these sins!
Da Furen gritted her teeth and hardened her resolve; she must save her children, even if it meant sacrificing Du Mama! She raised her voice: “Du Mama, do you know what you have done wrong?!”
Du Mama was shocked to the core, as she did not understand why Da Furen suddenly said this.
Da Furen replied: “Du Mama, I merely wanted to betroth your youngest daughter to Housekeeper Zeng’s son, this is would benefit both parties. Housekeeper Zeng has done much for us; his son had his leg broken when he was younger while trying to protect Da …