Drama Review: Loving, Never Forgetting (恋恋不忘)

July 20, 2014

Five years ago, Wu Tong (Tong Liya) had a one-night stand with Li Zhong Mou (Jerry Yan) resulting in her giving birth to their son Tong Tong. She never thought of telling Li Zhong Mou about Tong Tong's existence but an accident gave her no choice but to inform him that he has a 4-years old son. After he discovers that he actually has a son, he goes into a custody battle with Wu Tong. His girlfriend Zhang Man Di (Jing Feng) recommends lawyer Xiang Jun (Denny Huang) to Wu Tong so that she can win the custody of her son. Unexpectedly, Wu Tong loses the fight and Li Zhong Mou wins the custody of their son. But through his interactions with Wu Tong, he understands her more and is moved by her actions so they finally get married. However, their relationship is interfered by Xiang Jun whose hatred is the product of the conflict between Li's mother and Xiang's father.

My Thoughts:
I was so glad when I heard this series was airing soon especially in the summer because I can catch it every day once it aired. This has officially become my favorite drama (this year) because of its happy ending (a super happy ending although it may be a bit unrealistic to some viewers).

My Rating: 

 9.5/10 stars 
Interesting premise, good chemistry between the main leads, the adorable child star, no particular extreme antagonist in the drama, and last but not least the happy ending! The insert song - 我懂了 by Jin Sha is pretty good. 
(-0.5) for weird child actor's dubbed voice and too forgiving ending 

The cast:

Tong Li Ya as Wu Tong

Tong Liya plays a single mother. She admires Jerry's character and gives birth to his son without letting him know. She only tells him when Tong Tong is in danger and needs a blood transfusion to save his life. She loses the custody of Tong Tong but because of Tong Tong she and Li Zhong Mou have the chance to interact and understand one another.  I like her outfits and styles in here. I really wish she can gain some weight, she is too skinny! Unlike other actresses, she doesn't need too much makeup because she is a natural beauty!

Jerry Yan as Li Zhong Mou

Li Zhong Mou is a ruthless and cold businessman. When he finds out that he has a son, he fights over his custody because as a child without a father figure when he was young, he doesn't want his son to go through a childhood like his. His icy exterior is ultimately "melted" by Tong Tong and Tong Liya's interference in his life. Jerry can really portray these cold and ruthless characters well because he has the right facial features. He doesn't really have to do anything and he already emits this "cold" aura. That is why I love it when I see him smile genuinely in the drama especially his scenes with Tong Liya and the child actor Tong Tong. His smiles are rare to spot in the drama.

Wang Yin Tong as Wu Tong Tong

The little kid is too adorable! But I just wished they kept his original voice because the voice-dubber was trying too hard to sound like a kid. Maybe I'm wrong but the voice sounds a lot like an adult's voice. I like the child actor in Autumn Concerto more because it was his original voice and it felt more natural. 

Lu Xing as Lin Jian Dong

Lu Xing portrays the assistant of Jerry's character. Initially, I didn't like his character since he was really rude to Wu Tong in the beginning. But from his scenes with Li Zhong Mou and Liang Yu Qi, I began to enjoy watching his character. 

I want to ask what happened to him? Did he deliberately gain weight for this drama or the above photo is overly PS? I didn't even recognize him until I saw the photo above. He was the second lead in Mischievous Princess alongside Alec Su and Jang Nara.

Jing Feng as Zhang Man Di 

Zhang Man Di is Li Zhong Mou's celebrity girlfriend. She devises a plan to urge Zhong Mou to marry her but her plan backfires and he breaks up with her instead. I like her character. Unlike the annoying and scheming typical "other woman", she actually helps Jerry find Tong Liya towards the end. She is intelligent, classy, and sophisticated.

Denny Huang as Xiang Jun

Xiang Jun first appears as a lawyer who helps Wu Tong fight over her son's custody. As the story goes on, it is revealed that he is actually Li Zhong Mou's half-brother. The conflicts from their parents' generation cause enmity between the brothers. Basically, there is no "the most evil" character in this drama. But if there is, he would be considered the one. He finally understands his wrongs towards the end though it might be sort of abrupt. However, I think he changed because he didn't really want to hurt Tong Liya from the start but he had to use her to get his revenge since it was the only way to truly hurt his half-brother. 

Veronique You as Liang Yu Qi

 Liang Yu Qi is the spoiled daughter of a powerful businessman. She has a crush on Xiang Jun since she was young. When he went overseas to study, she followed along but he avoided her ever since. She finally understands in the end that he doesn't like her. Sometimes her character can get annoying but most of the time she is a fun lovable character especially her scenes with Lu Xing when she calls her "uncle" for his age. I just wished she sported a different hairstyle in this series because I think she looks really pretty in real life with her long hairdo. I personally like to sport a short hairdo but I don't think this particular short one is right for her face shape and neck length.

I wanted to watch this series because:
1. The story - Hearing it was going to be similar to Autumn Concerto which I really liked, I was excited about to watch this. The premise is similar to the latter half of Autumn Concerto but it added more drama by including family struggles and vengeance into the story.

2. The cast - The two leads are so beautiful! Jerry Yan plays cold and arrogant characters well due to his facial features. Tong Li Ya is just really pretty but she should gain more weight, she looked super skinny in some scenes. 

3. The characters - No particular character is really evil. Jerry's half-brother in the series Xiang Jun is considered the ultimate villain but he is actually not a bad person, he is just insecure and affected by his mother's death.

4. The happy ending - I knew there would be a happy ending from a still I've seen on a blogger post. A sucker for happy endings, I knew I would like this even though there would be some angsty parts. 

5. The number of episodes - Thank goodness it's only 34 episodes! Chinese dramas tend to have 50 or more episodes, e.g. Zhao Liying and Hawick Lau's Secret of a Wife, Temptation to Go Home, Shining Days. Since it was only 34 episodes, I didn't have to forward parts even parts where I wanted to see what would happen since I knew it wouldn't be that draggy.

The Music:
Out of the opening, ending, and insert songs, I liked the insert song that most by Jin Sha.

Opening Theme: 叶枯过 by Matilda Tao

Ending Theme: Only One of Me (有一个我) by Jerry Yan

Insert Song: What To Do? (这么办?) by Zhu Jie

Insert Song: I Understand (我懂了) by Jin Sha

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  1. I like this drama so much,and Jerry's acting is so good and natural... no wonder he's the most succesful and talented of all the f4 members... the ending was kind of rush,but I still like it..hope to see the lead couple again in another drama together..they have a lot of chemistry!

    1. Hi beca, nice to meet you! :) I also liked this drama a lot, the ending a bit abrupt! I do hope to see them as the lead couple again but it's rare to see them as a couple again soon in cdramas or it would take awhile :( do you often watch cdramas?

  2. Hey, I have just finished watching this drama and somewhat I found the drama is interesting. The main actresses are such a beauty and I really like Lu Xing a lot, especially when he played the hideous-gangster-but-then-become-a-very-kindhearted-uncle part! But, during the drama there was a song that caught my ears, the song is fully in English and played in eps 12 or before, it was played every time Jerry and Wu Tong were arguing inside the car, Jerry would turn on his radio and automatically played that song. I have try to Google it but I found nothing. Anyway, the song sounds like this: "Well, I don't care for all the times you made me cry. You were never that fair for all the times you have said goodbye." I hope I am able to know what the song's title is. Thank you!

    1. Hi! It's great to hear that you like the drama. The song is called I Don't Care by David. B and here is a link: YouTube

  3. Thank you so much for your recommendation, loved Autumn Concerto to bits and has been waiting for another similar drama and surprisingly by another F4. This is a wonderful drama and beautiful castings, Jerry definitely mature a lot in term of appearance and acting. Overall I still prefer AC over this drama especially those lovely songs by Della. It is still highly recommended!

    1. I also like Autumn Concerto a bit more because it made me teared up. The emotional scenes and the music played during these scenes definitely made it memorable. Both are good-quality dramas except one is much more lengthier.

  4. I have a question. Why isn't Jerry's original voice used here? This might be the only thing thats keeping me from watching. Thanks so much :)

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! The main reason Jerry's original voice wasn't used in the series was because he has a Taiwanese accent so in order for the quality to be consistent, Jerry was voiced by a voice actor. But I think nowadays many Chinese productions are beginning to use the original voice and even keep the voice of a non-Chinese actor.

  5. I very like this drama. Jarry yan's acting is amazing. For the long time i not watch mandarin drama after meteor garden n twins. Episode of this drama just 34 so, that make me interest for watching because usually mandarin drama have 50 eps or more. I realy2 like this drama n i wait other drama of jerry yan . He not lost with new actor of korea. For many version of F4 i just like meteor garden.

    1. Thank you for your comment ^_^
      This was one of the first Mainland Chinese dramas that I thoroughly enjoyed watching and one of the main reason, as you mentioned, is because of its length. There is an upcoming drama called Be With You starring Wilber Pan and Xu Lu, which has a similar vibe. Definitely try it out when it starts airing!

    2. Hi, Zuan Cicik, you can go & watch Jerry Yan's other 2 dramas that are equally good. My Best Ex-Boyfriend & Starlit. Have fun watching!!

  6. Hi, Yes, I totally agree that the lead couple Jerry Yan & Tong Li-ya should make many more dramas together. They are absolutely suited together, & you can see the natural chemistry they have on-stage. I have watched & re-watched this drama 5 times., and am still re-watching it. This is the BEST drama of all Jerry's dramas. Ending too abrupt, but luckily well ended. It is still a very good drama. Watch out for Jerry's charisma throughout the show. Wow! he really blows you out of this world... Happy Watching!

  7. it was killing. the chemistry between lead roles was sizzling. i cant get enough of them. i am absolutely speechless.


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