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The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 38

One more new translator on board - please welcome Chau V.! She will not be translating as frequently as Angela and I will be but many thanks :)

This is an extra chapter release sponsored by Atanasia J., Katherine T., Jessica W., and Ngoc N. Thank you everyone!!!

**yatou: maid
**nubi: a way for maids to refer to oneself in the third-person
**zhuzi: master

Chapter 38: Having an ulterior motive
In the afternoon, Li Min Feng personally paid Li Wei Yang a visit.
He dismissed the mama at the door and once he reached the door, he saw a yatou wearing a light-green vested changqun resting upon the door on the west wing, speaking to another yatou.
“Zi Yan jiejie, what are you sewing right now?” the yatou curiously asked.
Zi Yan smilingly showed her embroidery work to the yatou. Li Min Feng had a very good vision so from afar he saw a pair of multicolored mandarin ducks sporting on a lotus pond filled with lotuses sewn on the handkerchief, making it look lively and invigorating.
The yatou rolled her eyes …

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 37

Here is Chapter 37!

An update regarding the survey: Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey ^_^. I've read through the responses and here's what I will be working on:

1. More information about the novel: A page listing links to the previous chapters translated by Solstar and a character page

2. Links to Previous and Next so it makes it easier to navigate and read the novel

3. A donation bar on the side with a progress bar indicating how much more it will take to reach $30. This week, $19 was donated but as a start, an additional chapter will be released to thank everyone for reading the translations and of course, the sponsors ^_^. The next additional release will be reset to 0.

Every Wednesday around 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, a new chapter would be released. An additional release will be scheduled to be published immediately after the amount has been reached. 

4. A like button for each post

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Another note: Li Zhang Le's name will be writ…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 36

Hi everyone! Here is Chapter 36!

As suggested by a reader (N.), I will take sponsorship from readers who are interested in having an extra chapter for a week. Since I will be graduating soon, a chapter will be released once a week but if some are interested in sponsoring a chapter, feel free to donate with the Paypal button on the left.

I've done some research and it seems like some charge $40, so I'll do that. You can sponsor as little as $5 but once it reaches $40, an additional chapter will be released with the scheduled chapter. I don't know if this works, but let's see what happens :)

A reader, Angela Y. has reached out to me and would love to help with the translations! Let's thank her and show your support because 200 more chapters, how long will that take to finish? Thank you so much ^_^

And one last note, I want to gauge readers' opinion, please fill out this anonymous survey (just opinion, no personal info). It involves readership user experience, thought…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 35