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The Soul Ferry 灵魂摆渡 Season 1 & 2 Chinese Drama Review

Review: 10/10
The quality of web dramas has been steadily improving in the past few years. After Princess Agents ended, I needed to find something that would get rid memories of this disappointing series. I went on Douban (a Chinese entertainment review website) and found this series --- I remembered my suite mate watching this a year ago and so I started it.

I never watch horror movies, so I was reluctant to watch this when my suite mate first told me about it. But after watching the first episode of season 1, I realized even though it was about ghosts and souls, it focused more on topics like humanity, meaning of life, sins, and regrets.

There were a few episodes that gave me the creeps especially this one episode that I found disturbing yet intriguing at the same time. However, most of the episodes were touching and thought-provoking to watch.

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 105 - Part 1

Chapter 105: The Destruction of Dajie’s Beauty

As Yin Tian Zhao motioned for the Emperor to enter the inner hall, Zhou Tian Shou lifted his head and frowned as he watched; what was this old man up to this time?! What a waste that the Emperor was inside, if not he could have eavesdropped! He could not help but worry if the old priest was going to slander him. The thought frightened him; he flashed a glance at the eunuch, and strode out from the Emperor’s bedchambers. He might be unable to hear the conversation for himself, but he’ll definitely have a way to find out! Hmph, the Emperor would tell Consort Lian everything nowadays anyway!
Within the inner halls of the Imperial Bedchamber, Yin Tian Zhao was fiddling with his star chart, visibly not in a hurry to speak.
“Esteemed Priest, for the future of Dali, you have been meticulously tracing the stars day and night; it is truly impressive. However, your words just now seem to hint that there is something wrong. Is there something in the he…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 104 - Part 2

Chapter 104: Mystical Physician at Midnight
Notes: Gu mu (姑母) – aunt from the father’ side; Da Gu Mu (大姑母) eldest paternal aunt, Er Gu Mu (二姑母) second paternal aunt

The guard’s arrogant expression was wiped off his face, he uncertainly stared at Li Wei Yang. If looks could kill, Li Wei Yang embodied that. Her murderous expression terrified him. Not daring to look at Wei Yang again, he directed his words to the less scary of the two, Li Min De. 
“Sir, I’ve already told you, he isn’t in! This is the truth, I wouldn't lie to you… If you don’t believe me, you can enter the premises and check!”
Li Wei Yang grinded her teeth, “Zhao Yue, go in and search! Don’t think about etiquette at this critical juncture! Think about the life we are about to lose!”
Zhao Yue rapidly went into the house. Not before long, he bounded out, dejectedly shaking his head.
Li Wei Yang frowned. 
The guard said,” See! See! I’ve already told you my master is not at home! You should come another day!”
“Another day?! Anothe…