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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Chinese Drama Review (法医秦明)

MY RATING: 9.5/10
Fast-paced and easy to finish - only twenty episodes. There is no romance in this drama so don't watch it if you want romance. The entire series is case-oriented so each case comes and goes within a two to three episodes span.

Each of the three leads have their own personality, which makes them click and fun to watch on screen. We learn more about them through the cases they solve but character development might still be lacking compared to other series. It is difficult to get the best of both worlds when it is only twenty episodes long, each being around thirty to forty minutes long. But to be fair, I subtracted 0.5 because of this.


Translated from Baidu

Long Fan city's police Lin Tao and forensic medical examiner Qin Ming have been friends for a long time. Qin Ming's assistant decided to quit because he couldn't stand Qin Ming's eccentric temper. As a result, Li Da Bao from the inspection division is transferred into their new team. Qin …

Memory Lost Chinese Drama Review & Thoughts 美人为馅 (Guest Review)

I only started Memory Lost after hearing my friends’ nonstop raving of the series, and fortunately, by that time, all three seasons were out.

My Rating: 8/10
The beginning started with our heroine Bai Jin Xi (YANG RONG) trespassing into a swimming pool party to solve a case. She was falsely informed by her subordinate, Zhou Xiao Zhuan, that it was a cocktail party, so she was dressed in an elegant black cocktail dress. To enter, she had to cut her dress to what the guard considered an acceptable swimsuit. In the hotel, watching the party from above, we have our hero Han Chen (Bai Yu) calmly sipping some wine and sketching the outline of a woman’s face in his book. Jin Xi found the target she was looking for and started fighting with them all the way into the hotel; she, of course, bumped into our hero. Mistaking him for one of the bad guys, she started to fight with him. *This marked the first and rather bumpy interaction between our OTP* Bai Yu escaped the scene, but not before wound…

Dramas Starting Off 2017: General and I, Love & Life & Lie, Pretty Li Hui Zhen, Guardian of Beauty

With the start of a new year, China has released many anticipated dramas for their viewers to enjoy. But what are they thinking? There are 24 hours a day - we can't spend that entire 24 hours binge-watching Chinese dramas.

So my plan? To watch the first two episodes of each drama and see which one I am most interested in.

My prediction:General and I > Pretty Li Hui Zhen > Love & Life & Lie > Guardian of Beauty

I personally like to watch historical dramas more so I placed General and I number one. I like all of the four main leads in Pretty Li Hui Zhen so I placed that second.

***Credit: Most of the summaries are from Soompi Forum

1. General and I

The first two episodes were sufficient to pique interest but insufficient to keep me watching especially with 62 episodes! I am definitely going to come back to this but the plot hasn't picked up yet so I will wait until more events happen.

It was more of an introduction so I will wait until Episode 10 is out and see wh…

Princess Wei Yang/Princess Wei Young Chinese Drama (锦绣未央): My Rant and Introduction

WILL BE UPDATED CONSTANTLY... (with photos, cast list, and more rants!)



January 7: Rest of the episodes
After Tuoba Jun married Li Changle, I didn't feel like watching on anymore. I skimmed through most of it since I knew the gist of the storyline from the long trailer filled with spoilers. Like everyone expected, Tuoba Jun had only ten more years to live because he gave the one and only potion to Wei Yang. I actually thought the writers would make the child Li Changle's because then it would follow history more closely. So I'm surprised how this show passed through the SARFT?

The sets, the costumes, the cast were all amazing but the one spot that I personally think was lacking was the storyline. Perhaps it is because it didn't follow the novel closely so nothing is new - with all the scheming and plotting against one another, it's better to watch Legend of Zhen Huan since Zh…

In Honor of Princess Weiyang's OTP Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin

First off, great news: the reel-to-real (or maybe real-to-reel, who knows...) couple has officially announced to the world that they are dating (this was like weeks ago). The way they announced it on their Weibo was lovingly sweet especially Luo Jin who put in the efforts to photoshop a photo of him and Tiffany when they were young.

Seen two and one-fourth of the series (Princess Wei Yang, Agent X, and a fourth of Diamond Lovers) they both starred in so some are not too accurate. But I thought why not have some fun and create a "reincarnation-type" story with all the dramas they've starred in.

Fun fact:
In this series, Tan Kai plays Tiffany's deceased father. But in My Sunshine and Beauty at Troubled Times, they played "a couple".

1. Princess Weiyang

Year: ~450 - 460 AD Northern Wei

Luo Jin as Tuoba Jun
Tiffany Tang as Li Wei Yang/Feng Xin 'er

In a lifetime filled with power struggle and betrayal, how will the lovers survive and rise above everyone?