Drama Review: Safe Guards 2006 (鐵血保镖)

May 25, 2014


Steven Ma as Sheung Chi
Elaine Yiu as Lei Cheung Fung
Wayne Lai as Sheung Chung
Evergreen Mak as Fau Yeung Hung
Ben Wong as Sheung Hau
Kara Hui as Gu Ching

The Wui Yau Safety Service is very renowned during the mid Qing Dynasty. It earns respects from officials, businessmen and triadds across the country. Although it appears to be a strong company, its business is dying. The new head SHEUNG CHI (MA CHUN WAI, STEVEN), decides to reform it. 

CHI is the adopted son of the family. His background and aggressive reform cause disputes at Wui Yau. Eventually, he has to split the family with his brothers SHEUNG CHUNG (LAI YIU CHEUNG WAYNE), SHEUNG HAU (WONG CHI YIN), and his uncle SHEUNG CHING PANG (LAU KONG). Luckily, a female escort, LEI CHEUNG FUNG (YIU, ELAINE), at Wui Yau supports him. 

Life is never easy. PANG has become an official after he leaves Wui Yau and he tries at all costs to force Wui Yau to close down. Meanwhile , the Qing government decides to build a railway. Freighters can also been seen everywhere, too. Safely Services have very little room to survive. CHI's younger brother, SHEUNG YEE (LAI LOK YI), comes back from studying abroad. He analyses the situation and suggests CHI shifting the family business from land logistics service to shipping. They work hard hand in hand. Finally, they are granted a shipping patent from the government. Wui Yau's flag, which was once seen everywhere on the road, is now flaunting in the sea. 

Source: New TVB Forum

My Rating:

 10/10 stars -
After re-watching this again, I enjoyed this drama even more. I think compared to most TVB dramas nowadays, this was a gem. It wasn't a grand production or anything but it had a great script and an awesome cast. I also like Steven's singing so the theme was nice to listen to. Overall, great script, awesome cast chemistry, and superb acting especially from Steven Ma - it's not surprising that he won Favorite Character for his role but he should have won Best Actor as well!

Why I Watched It:
Actually, I have watched this when it first began airing. I have a vague memory of the drama. The only parts I remembered was the beginning when Elaine Yiu was hiding from a group of bandits. Why did I remember her? Her crying scenes were just painful to watch. But I've re-watched this drama since 1)the quality of TVB dramas nowadays are going downhill and 2)I really enjoyed the recent dramas produced by the producer Lee Tim Sing. It's just sad. 

Cast Performance:
Everyone's performance was superb on this second watch. I remember when I first watched it, I disliked Elaine Yiu and Suet Nei's acting so much that I cringed watching series with them in it. However, Elaine improved drastically throughout the years. I actually identified the way she acts out Cheung Fung but her crying skills might not have been that mature due to her acting experience.

Most of the actors in this drama have risen slowly throughout the past few years such as Wayne Lai, Evergreen Mak, and Ben Wong, all having won the Best Supporting Actor award. Wayne has actually risen up to become one of TVB's top siusan (brother) and has already lead in numerous good-quality dramas.

Overall, an excellent drama that I will eventually rewatch in the future. Most dramas produced by the same producer have a similar feeling to this drama. I mean if you watch his other dramas, you can see the similarity in the genre and way the story will play out.

Final Verdict: Awesome storytelling and excellent actors - really strong acting from both the veterans and the young actors, mini-stories/issues make the series entertaining, the ending was just perfect! I believe this is one of TVB best series. Big fan of TVB's 2006 dramas.

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