Drama Review: Boss and Me (Shan Shan, Come and Eat)

December 03, 2014

I finished this drama awhile ago and began writing a review right away after its finale but never got to finish until now.

I think this has become my favorite Chinese drama of all time (seems like I say this for quite a few dramas but realized it is usually not true when a new one comes along LOL). This compared to Loving, Never Forgetting, I would choose this over that because this is a pretty relaxing drama to enjoy. The whole series was too hilarious - I laughed so many times that I have the urge to re-watch the whole thing right after I finished! After watching the whole series,  I did search and watch some of the behind-the-scenes clips.

Based off Gu Man's popular internet novel, the story tells of a kind-hearted young girl named Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying) who works at a big conglomerate. However one of her weaknesses is eating, she loves to eat, and so upon discovering this, her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han) decides to intentionally fatten her up; she just so happens to share the same blood type as his sister, and thus has the motive of making her the blood donor. Hence comedy ensues as she melts his heart with her exceptional appetite and her cute charm.

Source: Dramawiki

My Rating:

☆ 10/10 stars
I actually had high expectations for this series because I really enjoyed listening to the radio drama and reading the beginning of the Chinese novel. I like both the main actress and actor - Zhao Liying from Legend of Lu Zhen and Zhang Han from SOP Queen. The songs in the series are lyrical music to the ears. The cast's original voice is used which is another plus. This is a cute comedy which you can relaxingly enjoy because there isn't anything too dramatic or any despicable characters. I'm liking Zhao Liying more and more as an actress! 

The Cast:

Zhao Liying as Xue Shan Shan

I've first heard about when she was filming Legend of Luzhen but the first drama I saw with her playing a prominent part was Cuo Dian Yuan Yang which I liked a lot as well. I've began watching all her dramas ever seen. I saw Legend of Mermaid but didn't really like that one as the plot progress so I skipped to the ending. Secret of a Wife with Hawick Lau seems interesting but 50 episodes seem too much to motivate me to start it.

In here, she perfectly fits the role of Shan Shan. I'm so glad her real voice is kept in the series because it made the character feel more "real". I don't think anyone can portray Shan Shan as well as she did.

Zhang Han as Feng Teng

I like his portrayal of Feng Teng. His scenes with Shan Shan couldn't make me stop laughing. Even if it wasn't funny, I would still smile because they are just so adorable together. He's smarter than Shan Shan so she usually can't win him in a debate.

Huang Ming as Zheng Qi

His character Zheng Qi is really charismatic. I first saw him in Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo and Tang Yan. I didn't like his character that much in there but really liked him in here.

Lvy Li as Yuan Li Shu

She plays Yuan Li Shu who has a long-time crush on Feng Teng. She is the "other woman" but I didn't find her despicable because I guess it was because Feng Teng's character is well-written - I like how he will not allow any misunderstandings to arise, he is not like those male characters who feel bad to reject a girl or is not clever enough to understand the girl is trying to break him up.

I felt her development with Zheng Qi to be too abrupt especially a wedding before Shan Shan and Feng Teng. But I guess they've known each other since they were young so they don't really need to go through a process of knowing each other anymore.

Zhang Yang Guo Er as Feng Yue

I think she is a really pretty actress. I realized she is actually the host of this game show I was watching on TV the other day. I'm so glad she is not one of those sisters who try to break up her brother and the girl he loves. I mean she and Li Shu are best friends. She does try to create opportunities for Li Shu and Feng Teng to spend time together but she is never hostile towards Shan Shan and treats her as if she was her close friend too.

Bai Ke Li as Yan Qing

His character seems to serve the purpose of encouraging Shan Shan that it will work out between her and Feng Teng. He thought of giving up his own relationship with Feng Yue before but he didn't in the end. He is the male version of Shan Shan but not as simple-minded as Shan Shan is.

Annie Shi as Xue Liu Liu

I thought she would turn evil or something because she seems unfriendly from the start like she has an ulterior motive or something. But I think the actress was going towards portraying the Liu Liu maybe as a strong woman since the character is portrayed as intelligent and diligent. She is more of the foil of Shan Shan's character.

Wang Ding as Lu Shuang Yi

I mostly remember her as the character who always drank those colorful drinks throughout the entire drama. There was so much product placement of the RIO drink that I actually googled it to see what's so special about it.

But otherwise, she is always optimistic and cheerful and also acts as the other conscience of Shan Shan.

What I liked about this series:
1. The storyline - When I learned about the filming of this series, I found out that it was based on a popular internet novel. After doing a simple search, I found this site that had the entire novel translated into English. I read a few translated chapters and I liked it. The radio drama made me even more excited! The personality of the main characters creates an unlimited amount of hilarious scenes throughout the drama.

2. The cast - The whole cast looked and acted superbly. I think the original voices of the actors were something I liked a lot because it sounds more natural and their voices fit their characters especially for Shan Shan. I really like Zhang Han's voice too - I remember the only time I heard his own voice was in Sheng Nv De Dai Jia with Joe Chen.

3. The style - I heard that the director hired a styling team from Korea for this series so everything from the clothing to their hairstyle looks pleasing to the eyes. Koreans really do have some upbeat fashion statement.

4. Happy ending - The happy ending was pretty much expected but I didn't know what kind of happy ending would it be, a wedding, a glimpse into their married life, or even a view of them and their kids? It ended with Feng Teng formally proposing to Shan Shan on the rooftop which I'm glad was included. But I wished their wedding ceremony was the actual ending.

5. The growth of Shan Shan - I can actually witness the progress of her growth throughout the series. Towards the latter half of the series, she began to view things in a different perspective and attempt

6. No despicable characters - At first, I didn't like Li Shu but seeing how her relationship doesn't drag on with Feng Teng and how Feng Teng is clear about everything, I didn't mind watching her. Feng Teng wouldn't allow any misunderstandings to form between him and Shan Shan and Shan Shan is also someone who would ask instead of guess though she does do a lot of that and imagining but she will eventually ask Feng Teng.

Re-watching the series now, I'm keeping track of my favorite scenes.

My favorite scenes:
Mostly scenes with Zhao Liying and Zhang Han from the beginning

1. Feng Teng and Shan Shan eats "together": Even though they are separated by a piece of glass, it is cute to watch how Feng Teng enjoys eating with Shan Shan. She also has a cute special dance which he also copies her in one scene.

2. Feng Teng invites Shan Shan to Feng Yue's feast celebrating the first month of her baby. Since Feng Teng denies that he has feelings for Shan Shan, Zheng Qi personally hands the invitation to her and asks her to be his partner instead. Feng Teng makes up an excuse that there are some documents he had to review with Zheng Qi so that he can go pick up Shan Shan as well. It was hilarious when Zheng Qi gives Feng Teng a victory gesture and then Feng Teng does the same in return when he instructs Shan Shan to enter with him and sit by his side. Feng Yue also reveals to Shan Shan that Feng Teng originally planned to write her a check for her help but Feng Yue thought it would be an insult to her. Shan Shan is thinking she rather be insulted than eat pork liver everyday.

3. Shan Shan tries to evade from her being Feng Teng's food picker by suggesting that she will take the CPA exam but that actually gave Feng Teng an excuse for making her stay at his office during lunch time so that she can study. On Saturdays, she also had to go in to take a practice test. To "help" her pass them, Feng Teng uses her year-end bonus as a motivation.

4. Feng Teng decides to go vacation with the finance department. Similar to the novel, Shan Shan purposely arrives late hoping they would leave without her but the boss outsmarted her and delayed the meeting time an hour late but didn't notify her. When she gets injured while trying to catch up with Feng Teng and Li Shu, he finds her and tells her that he will never just stand there again because he saw her cry once but didn't do anything about it.

5. Shan Shan "steals" Feng Teng's fireworks during the New Year's countdown.

The Music:
I also happen to enjoy the opening theme sung by our main lead Hans Zhang and the ending theme.

Opening Theme: Promise of the Wind (風之諾言) by Hans Zhang

Ending Theme: Involuntary (身不由己) by Angel He

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  1. hi! can you share the website that has the novel translated in english? Thank you!

    1. Here you go, hope you will like it: https://hui3r.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/come-and-eat-shan-shan-gu-man-chapter-1-part-1/


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