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Drama Review: Vigilante in the Masks/Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (怪侠一枝梅)

Synopsis: Originally a highly-ranked imperial police in the government, Li Ge Xiao (Wallace Huo) becomes the top-wanted fugitive after being framed by corrupted official, Yan Song (Deng Li Min) and losing his wife. With the brains and highly-skilled martial arts, he is persuaded by his former colleague, Ying Wu Qiu (Edwin Siu) to come out of hiding and help the people. To succeed, he recruits thief Yan Sang Niang (Cecilia Liu), Chinese opera singer He Xiao Mei (Ma Tian Yu), and top-wanted thief Chai Hu (Shi Xing Yu) and forms the Robin Hood group Yi Zhi Mei.
Unexpectedly, Ying Wu Qiu is actually working for Yan Song now and has tricked him into stealing from the righteous Official Hai Rui (Wen Hai Bai). Besides making up for their mistakes, the group continues on quests by taking from the wealthy and corrupted and giving to the poor.
Watch here: Viki (with English subtitles) YouTube (without English subtitles)

My Rating:
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆1/29.5/10 stars

This is actually my second time watching t…

Drama Review: Wudang Rules TVB (朝拜武當)

Former undercover police Pau Kai Chung (Chin Siu Ho) escapes to the Wudang Mountains after experiencing a severe setback in life. His senior Mo Yee Shan (Yuen Qiu), whom he has known since his youth, hires him as a chef for her lodging establishment in Wudang. She also takes in the mysterious and mentally ill Ho Ching Tung (Derek Kok), who was brought to Wudang by Kai Chung.

Originally known for being a land of spiritual calmness, Wudang enters a state of chaos after a group of new Hong Kong students are taken in to learn Tai Chi. The new students include Yee Shan’s daughter Lok Yeung (Tavia Yeung); the fighter Cheung Ka Kong (Timmy Hung); son of a wealthy businesswoman Lok Yik Hin (Jonathan Cheung), Yik Hin's private female bodyguard Yeung Ching Wu (Toby Leung), model Siu Yuk (Regen Cheung), accompanied by her mother Chin Yam Yam, and rebellious student Mia Lau (Rainky Wai).

The appearance of Lok Yeung triggers a painful memory in Kai Chung. Lok Yeung’s purpose in stayi…