My April-May Drama Updates

May 25, 2014

Even though I didn't have time to update my blog for my second semester, I did followed a few series closely.

Palace Lock Lian Cheng aka Gong III

I've chased this drama every day when it started airing because of the quality and the cast. The acting was great and the story was well-written. I had a week-long break when this aired so I had the time to watch the episodes on the day they were released. When my school started again, I continued for awhile until I've lost interest because of the deteriorating quality. The story just went bizarre and crazy. At some point, I just don't understand where the story is going anymore. The start deserved its high viewership but as it nears its end, I just didn't have any motivation to go on. I did finish it which was surprising even to myself. I think the producer Yu Zheng knows how to keep its audience attracted but fails to keep sense in its plot.

I'm actually helping to sub this drama on Viki. I'm glad to contribute :)

My rating: 7.5/10, I've became a fan of Yuan Shan Shan after Gong II until many fans of the first installment of the Gong trilogy, Palace Lock Heart and I have to say she's improving on her acting. The other female leads were also great. Yang Rong can act any roles so I'm glad she finally got her first lead role in this upcoming drama 情定三生 with my other favorite actress Zhang Meng. The other actress, Shirley Dai is really pretty and I think her facial expressions were on point. The male leads were also great especially the second male lead because I have become interested in his upcoming dramas after this drama.

Perfect Couple
This was the other drama that was airing simultaneously at some point with Gong III. Being a major fan of Wallace Huo and Tang Yan, I couldn't miss out on this drama. The first twenty episodes were hilarious. I died laughing because the humor was just the main selling point of this romantic comedy. But after the first half was over, the second half began the melodramatic part which became awfully draggy and angsty. I couldn't finish the drama when I had like ten episodes or so left. I fast-forwarded so many parts because it has became stupid. I even fast-forwarded the last episode. I wished the drama would have ended at the mid-20s episode.

My rating: 6/10, the drama lost points for its second half but its first half was awesome. The heroine becomes so stupid towards the end that I can't help criticizing the inconsistency of her character with other commenters. She knows martial arts and she's smart in the beginning but towards the end, I don't know what happened. And Wallace Huo's character was acting stupid towards the end when he found out the truth. I guess after one half is focused on comedy, the second part must "balance" out and focus on real drama. Sigh.

Battle of Changsha
I'm still watching this for the acting and the romance between the leads. I don't really like war genres as it's depressing. However, I know the main leads do have their happily-ever-after so I'm still continuing with this. Coincidentally, Wallace Huo is also in this and I enjoy this a bit better than his first production Perfect Couple. I like dramas with a bright mood and beautiful costumes and this drama is the exact opposite. The mood is really dark, the lighting is somewhat gloomy. So I watch it only if I have the mood. I'm more than halfway done so I will be finished with this soon, hopefully.

It Started With A Kiss (Taiwanese Version)
Currently on Episode 16, I believe. So far, it is super funny and it does get addicting at some parts. For me, I get addicted when the current plot is of my interest and if the previews appeal to me. As opposed to Battle of Changsha, this is my brighten-my-mood drama. Ariel Lin does not look really pretty in this drama but she is adorable. I started watching the first episode few months ago but stopped. After watching Lan Ling Wang, I'm okay with Ariel Lin. Joe Cheng is just really hot! I did some research on the manga that this drama is supposed to be based off and he definitely fits the lead in the manga especially with his looks. He actually reminds me of Lego Lee in In A Good Way. Some resemblance, in my opinion.

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