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Current Dramas: Month of January

My update on dramas:

In a Good Way I'm still ardently following In a Good Way. I would definitely recommend this even though it is not done airing. So far, all the episodes that were released are superb and excellent. I really love the character developments and the storyline.

Trick Season 2 Having finished Season 1 during my winter break, I decided to start Season 2 since the first one was just that good. I also learned several magic tricks that I can do without becoming a Houdini. In fact, I have decided to order these special deck of bicycle cards just to do one of the trick. 
New Three Kingdom I started watching the first 20 minutes of the first episode. Pretty interesting. It reminds me of the male version of Legend of Zhen Huan. I think I will enjoy this TV series watching how the characters outsmart each other with strategies that have been passed on for generations after generations.
Sherlock Season 3 Planning to watch it during my February winter break so I can watch it a…

Trick 2 Episode 3-5

Trick Season 2: Episode 3-5

Main Cast:

Nakama Yukie as Yamada Naoko
Abe Hiroshi as Ueda Jiro

Gin Pun Chou as Suzuki YoshikoIto Toshihito as OsabeMasu Takeshi as Shimizu
The case of the fortuneteller spans a whole three episode. At some point, it was getting a bit draggy but it quickly picks up as it introduces new murders and mysterious impossibilities. The case ends with a shocking revelation with the man Mr. Osabe, who holds a bag of yams throughout the three episodes, being the main "antagonist" of the story; he actually outsmarted the other two known antagonists.

His motive: To avenge his dead fiancee.

His plan: To take advantage of one of the seven deadly sin, Greed, to trigger the fortuneteller Mrs.
Suzuki Yoshiko to murder Mr. Shimizu since he betrays her. To prove her "powers", she plays a game with Yamada and Osabe volunteers to join. There are three glasses of water and only one of them contains the poison. One of the spectators will move the glasses ar…

Drama Review: Beauties at Crossfire/Feng Huo Jia Ren (烽火佳人)

Link to watch: Youtube

Translated Summary -  The story sets in the 20th century. Born into the imperial family, Tung Yu Wan (Shu Chang) is forced/arranged by her parents to marry the real estate tycoon Du Rui Dai's son Du Yun Tang (Sammul Chan). She endures hardship and obstacles in the complicated Du Family Household to become Shanghai's prominent female tycoon. Her husband Yun Tang, who seems ignorant and unconcerned about the family's matters, becomes Yu Wan's partner. Zhou Ting Shen (Qiao Zhen Yu), Shanghai's King Shen Zhi Pei (Tan Kai)'s top-notch assassin, joins the communist force. Yu Wan's childhood encounter Lai Shao Feng (Li Zhi Nam) takes over the identity of the Li Family's kidnapped son, marries his sister Li Xue Mei to Shen Zhi Pei, and ally himself with the Japanese. Experiencing military power struggles, business competitions, and party conflicts, Tung Yu Wan triumphs in this era of chaos and power battle. She donates all her as…

Current Dramas Updates (Jan 2014)

During this month-long winter vacation, I've nothing better to do then watch dramas. I've recently finished watching Beauties at Crossfire (Chinese Title: Feng Huo Jia Ren). Currently, I am watching TVB's Coffee Cat Mama, Japan's Trick, Taiwan's In a Good Way and Deja Vu and Mainland China's Shining Days.

Well, I haven't been watching all the episodes in Shining Days since it's mainly my parents that are watching it. Once in awhile, some scenes caught my attention. When I went home from college for the break, I realized my whole family has been watching this drama. Coincidentally, I've watched the beginning largely due to its impressive trailer. The child actress that plays the young Yu Fei is incredible. I cried just by watching the trailer because of the child's magnificent acting skills (and probably emotional storyline too). After watching past the childhood parts, I kind of gave up. However, my family, particularly my dad, continued on with…