The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 93 - Part 1

March 07, 2018

Chapter 93: A Dishonor to Her Mother's Funeral

Words from translator: Moderate warning for moderately explicit details ahead.

She looked to Li Xiao Ran and found that he seemed reluctant.
The love and affection returned to Li Xiao Ran’s face: “Silly child, I was a bit harsh with my words. You cannot do something so foolish like this, if you had died, wouldn’t I, someone with white hair, have to send off a young one with black hair.” He said with pain and sorrow evident in his eyes.
“Fuqin, do not say that. It’s my fault, it’s all my fault… I do not have anything to ask other than to occasionally talk with Lao Furen about everyday things and have the chance to talk and play chess with Fuqin… That will be enough.” Li Chang Le seemed to be guilty and remorseful, and if anything, even more vulnerable and pitiful.
“It is good that you know you were wrong. We are all one family, living together in harmony is most important. Remember not to do such naive things. You must take care of yourself and get better.” Li Xiao Ran said, not mentioning anything about sending her back.
Li Wei Yang chuckled under her breath… One must know that Da Furen had just passed away, and what little fatherly affection Li Xiao Ran had, had been brought out today. Li Chang Le’s intellect seemed to have improved a bit after her time at the temple.
Tuoba Rui stood nearby, glaring at her as if afraid she would harm Li Chang Le.
The physician that had examined her began to prepare a prescription and said: “Da Xiaojie’s condition is no longer life-threatening. She was only depressed and disoriented. She must rest well and leave her mind at peace.”
Lao Furen saw the situation and added: “Send the Yatous here. Take good care of Chang Le.” She was used to such charades in noble households and could see through Li Chang Le’s act. Although in Li Xiao Ran’s presence, coupled with Tuoba Rui’s adamant protection, she could not say anything more.
The next two days, Li Chang Le’s behavior closely followed etiquette, she became kind and generous, a stark contrast to her past temperament. Lao Furen remained indifferent, having neither good nor ill sentiments towards her. Li Chang Le begrudged this but did not outwardly express her frustration.
Looking out the window, Li Wei Yang saw Li Chang Le personally bringing tea to Lao Furen, seemingly anxious and afraid. She turned back and smiled: “Did you see that?”
Li Min De indifferently said: “She is attentive and probably up to no good.”
Li Wei Yang nodded: “Fuqin’s attitude towards her has drastically changed. This is not a good sign.”
Li Min De’s gaze fell on Lao Furen’s apathetic face in the distance: “I am not worried about Da Bofu but Lao Furen. If even Lao Furen felt Li Chang Le has genuinely changed for the better, then everything we have done will go to waste.”
Li Wei Yang smiled wistfully: “Da Xiaojie has always had the advantage, being a child of the official wife. She only needs to lower her head and admit to her mistakes, and everyone will forgive her. If I made that many mistakes, I would have soon lost my life.”
“So - we must strike first before she can think of something else.” Li Min De proposed.
Li Wei Yang nodded: “The funeral ceremony tomorrow is an auspicious day…”
Bai Zhi, who had been standing behind them, heard this and looked strangely at Li Wei Yang, unsure of what Xiaojie meant by this. Li Min De only smiled in response, adding to Bai Zhi’s confusion. These days she could not keep up these two Zhuzi’s thinking. Xiaojie herself was one thing, but even San shaoye became difficult to understand.
In the evening, Li Chang Le returned to her room. Her face was remorseful and sad, but the moment she returned, her face turned into one of anger.
“That old woman, no matter what I do, she is indifferent. Her heart doesn’t soften at all!” She angrily grumbled.
Terrified, Tan Xiang quickly said: “Don’t worry, Xiaojie, Lao Furen is just angry at the moment. Her indifference will quickly change like Laoye.”
Li Chang Le sneered: “How could it be that easy? Li Wei Yang, that wretched Yatou has put in so much time and thought to win that old woman’s favor, but either way, as long as I have Fuqin’s trust, I still have a chance.”
Tan Xiang said: “What does Xiaojie intend to do next?”
Li Chang Le said: “Come here.” Tan Xiang leaned over, Li Chang Le whispered a few words to her, and Tan Xiang’s face changed: “Xiaojie, this is not a good idea. Xiaojie knows there is a Yatou skilled in martial arts by San Xiaojie’s side. Nubi will be quickly discovered if Nubi spies on San Xiaojie.”
Li Chang Le was almost blinded by fury. She did not plan to let Tan Xiang go like this, but Muqin died and Dage was driven out of the residence. If she rashly sent someone to spy, they may be discovered by Li Wei Yang. Only Tan Xiang with her cautious personality could be her eyes and ears: “No need to fear. That Yatou only knows some cat scratching martial arts. I am telling you do watch Li Wei Yang’s movements from afar, like who she meets, what she is doing, not telling you to closely follow her. You won’t be discovered.”
“But—” Tan Xiang remembered Zhao Yue’s hostility and felt uneasy.
“But nothing! Nothing is impossible, I don’t think Li Wei Yang is invulnerable. I only need to find her weakness and use it to strike a direct blow to her!”
“Xiaojie, San Xiaojie is too cunning. I’m afraid it won’t be so easy.” Tan Xiang anxiously said, far from being reassured.
Li Chang Le scoffed coldly: “Cunning? Haven’t I used her before? Did she expect me to attempt suicide while Wu Huangzi was here? I don’t have to go back to the temple now, and that must infuriate her to death! I want to use this victory to press on rather than to wait for her to recollect herself, then it would be difficult to act!”
Tan Xiang looked at Li Chang Le’s beautiful face: “Is Xiaojie really going to marry Wu Dianxia?”
“Nonsense! You think I’d think so highly of him? If he was useless to me, then I would not even bother to look at him!” Li Chang Le’s voice was cold and cruel, completely different from her weak and pitiful facade yesterday. She looked up at Tan Xiang: “From today onwards, closely follow Li Wei Yang’s every move and report back to me!”
Frightened by the look in her eyes, Tan Xiang quickly said: “Yes.”
The next day, the Emperor sent an Imperial edict over. This was to appease Li Xiao Ran. Soon enough, the niang niang in the palace sent their regards as Huangzi came to visit one after another. This notion consolidated Li Xiao Ran’s position and authority.
Tuoba Zhen left Wu Xian Fei’s palace and changed into normal clothes, red with gold embroidery and took some guards with him to the Li residence. Li Xiao Ran went out to greet him and invited him into the main hall for tea.
“Where is everyone?” Tuoba Zhen asked.
“Wu Dianxia came three days ago. Taizi Dianxia also sent over gifts.” Li Xiao Ran began.
Tuoba Zhen smiled, although there was a bit of ridicule in his smile. Tuoba Rui diligently ran over here, perhaps because of that Da Xiaojie.
The two exchanged a few words before someone outside reported: “Laoye, Hui Guogong sent gifts for the ceremony.”
Li Xiao Ran nodded, then stood up and said: “San Dianxia, it is very busy in the residence. I must go and receive the newly arrived guests. It is quiet here, San Dianxia, please stay and enjoy the tea. I will return in a bit.”
Tuoba Zhen saw how busy the entire residence was for himself and nodded. He waited until Li Xiao Ran had gone outside before sitting back down to drink the tea. A while later, he got up to look around the hall. There was a pot of begonias on a low table near the window. The jasper pot emphasized how precious the begonias were. Tuoba Zhen approached them, lifting a begonia up to closer examine.
This was a precious pot of begonias, gently swaying to the breeze. The drooping petals were like a curtain of hair hiding the face of a lady, leaving a lasting impression. Its purple sepals were like an outer robe. The begonias were red and bent downwards like young women who have had their first taste of wine, jade-like skin flushed red, delicate and fragile. The color was more alluring than the flush of peaches. Traditional begonias had no fragrance. Only carefully cultivated begonias had a faint fragrance. It was rare to find such begonias, even in the palace. Tuoba Zhen suddenly thought of something, and his face grew solemn.
In the palace, every Huangzi was extraordinary in their own ways, but they fell short of Qi Huangzi and his keen intellect, who was cold yet handsome. The Emperor also respected his Mufei. Naturally, everyone sought to curry favor with him. Tuoba Zhen paid no mind to it because he would eventually claim their attention and everything else soon enough, but Li Wei Yang, was she infatuated by Tuoba Yu’s appearance too?

Tuoba Zhen would not believe it. On the surface, Li Wei Yang was respectful and compliant, but with the Imperial family, she was neither indifferent nor sincere and kept her distance. Others may fall for her gentle and amiable appearance, not seeing her true character, but Tuoba Zhen sensed she was detached in her actions, pretending perhaps, so he was willing to say his first intuition had not been wrong. So why did Li Wei Yang treat Tuoba Yu differently, the reason he thought of… It made him even more indignant.
Perhaps it was human nature to take for granted the things that come easily, not cherishing them, and the things they cannot have will make them uncomfortable and even more determined to obtain them at any cost. He could not stand the fact that in Li Wei Yang’s eyes, he could not compare to Tuoba Yu. His fist clenched, causing the crumpled petals to fall to the ground. Tuoba Zhen sneered, Li Wei Yang, just you wait, I would rather destroy what I cannot have than to let someone else have it!
Just then, a soft touch brushed over his shoulders. Tuoba Zhen froze then suddenly turned around and was met with a sight that caused him to stiffen.
A xiao meiren stood before him, her garments slightly undone, exposing an alluring, pale neck. Her eyes had the charm of autumn, and her lips were slightly curved up. She seemed to be in a daze, perhaps a bit disoriented, as she took his hand into hers. A bead of sweat slowly rolled down along pale jade skin, falling onto her layered garments. Tuoba Zhen looked down at the unnamed place where it had fallen, his heart felt as if it was suspended in midair, helplessly pounding for the longest time.
If it were any other day, Tuoba Zhen would not have fallen for it. For some reason, the potted begonias began to let out an intense fragrance, making hallucinations appear before his eyes. He saw the beauty in front of him turn into someone who even without saying much could still make him clench his teeth. He resented that person, and she was unforgettable for that very reason. He felt the young woman before him and the person in his heart become one, his heart raced, rising and falling like crashing waves in a storm.
The covert guards waiting outside saw this and looked at one another but did not dare to act. Although Zhuzi acted with an unwavering resolve, when faced with a beauty who could make empires and cities fall, who would not be tempted? Tuoba Zhen’s face had not changed. Nothing seemed unusual, so they stood by, not daring to interrupt their Master.
Tuoba Zhen pulled the young woman closer, a trembling finger touching the lips he had dreamt of for so long. He subconsciously began to lose control. His hand slid into the folds of her garments and encountered a comforting warmth, soft and smooth like jade. Her face was a bit flushed, she bit her lip coquettishly, panting as if unable to hold back.
Although Tuoba Zhen’s body was crying out in protest, he still had a shred of reason. He knew he had fallen into a trap and fiercely shook his head to try and clear his mind. Stunned, he hoarsely asked the young woman in his arms: “Who are you?”
“Dianxia—” Her tone of voice was intimate like that of a lover, the sharp inhale and prolonged tremor in her voice added to its seductive charm.
This voice made Tuoba Zhen’s heart stir. He forcefully bit down on his tongue. The throbbing pain allowed him to recollect his senses.
“Dianxia… I feel very uncomfortable, help me…” The hot breath that escaped her lips ghosted across his face, she weakly called out to him, “Save… Save me…”
The fragrance of begonias loomed overhead, its captivating allure invading Tuoba Zhen’s senses. “Wei Yang—” He softly called out, he could not wait to ravage the young woman before him to vent his frustrations. His grip tightened as if wanting to leave behind red marks on her body. She groaned in protest, her eyes fluttering open as a hazy pink tinged her face. Tuoba Zhen inhaled deeply and enveloped her in a tight embrace. She obediently fell into his arms like a doll, soft as cotton with an overwhelming, enchanting fragrance. The two bodies were pressed together, lips and tongues constantly entangled, reluctant to let go.
Tuoba Zhen caressed her face, his eyes slightly bloodshot: “I genuinely like you and respect you! I am willing to share everything I have with you, I will give you everything!” He was simultaneously undressing her as he mumbled this, biting her with a rabid fervor, desperate to leave behind marks. His hands began to make its way all the way down.
“I… I am… Chang Le… Chang Le…” The young woman’s voice suddenly grew louder. Tuoba Zhen felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his entire body stiffened. Then, he heard the door opening.
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