The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 80 - Part 2

December 20, 2017

Chapter 80 Part 2: Tit for Tat

The next morning, Li Weiyang was invited to He Xiang Yuan by Lao Furen.

At any point of time, nobody can have everything going smoothly for them. Even though Li Weiyang had things under her control, there were also countless problems which were targeted at her. Seeing Da Furen sitting upon the great hall despite her illness, Li Weiyang gave a respectful smile: “Muqin is here too, are you feeling better?”

Da Furen gave a small smile: “I have taken Dai Fu’s medicine, but there has been no improvement. Ah, my body has always been weak, so it is inevitable.”

Li Weiyang found it strange that Da Furen would be willing to let people see her weak side, when she usually wanted to maintain her strong façade.

In actual fact, Jiang Guo Gong Furen had invited Li Xiaoran over yesterday evening for small talk. It was a perfectly normal thing for a mother-in-law to invite her son-in-law to catch up; she had intended to use her status to pressurize him into letting Li Changle return. However, Li Xiaoran used state matters as an excuse to reject her invitation. Guo Gong Furen could not do anything more; with her status and age, did they actually expect her to come personally to beg? This incident also allowed Da Furen to realise that Li Xiaoran was no longer the meek and low ranked officer 10 years ago; perhaps, he already had intentions against the Jiangs long ago, but he is only showing his true colors now.

She had to think of another way; that is why, despite the fact that she could not walk without stumbling, she still had to grit her teeth and turn up.

“There is so many things happening at home, and I’m feeling frustrated. No matter how much medicine I take, it is not helping.”  Da Furen was direct, telling Lao Furen about her illness. “I’m afraid I need a longer time to recuperate…”

Upon hearing this, Er Furen immediately responded: “If Da Sao is unable to handle household matters, Di Mei is willing to share the burden with you…”

Er Furen was trying to take over the control of the household. Da Furen did not reveal any change in expression, just calmly said: “There is no need for that temporarily, as I have my able assistants to aid me. I do require your help in serving and taking good care of Lao Furen though...”

Er Furen’s face had an expression of dislike. Forget the fact that she refused to hand over the power, she even tried to push her filial duties to Lao Furen to her; how sly of Da Furen.

Lao Furen continued touching the prayer beads in her hands, pretending as if she did not hear anything.

Da Furen thoughtfully asked: “How was yesterday’s lantern festival?”

“Naturally, it was beautiful. It was too bad that Muqin’s ill health did not allow Muqin to come along.” Li Weiyang’s smile was calm.

Da Furen couldn’t help but sigh. “Yes, during the past lantern festivals, I would bring you sisters to attend. Your Dajie loves the lotus lanterns, and would not bear to let go of it. We have our own craftsman at home to make fine trinkets, but she loves the stall at the Western Bridge instead, like such a small child…”

She sneaked a glance at Lao Furen, who didn’t even bat an eye.

Da Furen immediately felt very much alone. She did not know since when her words had lost power at home, or perhaps, they were ignoring her on purpose.

These few months, Li Weiyang was very prosperous in the Li Residence. Da Furen could not escape just by hiding in the room; she constantly heard Xianzhu receiving many invitations to events, which enraged her. Just over a short period of three months, she was so tired out that many strands of white appeared in her hair, making her appear older.

Da Furen took out a sutra from her sleeves, flipping it open to show Lao Furen. “That silly child heard that using one’s blood to write sutras could show sincerity, so she really pricked her finger to write a copy of Fa Hua Sutra for Lao Furen…”

Lao Furen did not even take a single look. She had woken early today, and she could not stop her eyelids from closing. She interrupted: “What is your purpose in visiting me today?”

Da Furen went pale, and gritted her teeth. “Lao Furen, Changle has written a letter. She has learnt her mistake and regrets what she has done. She begs Lao Furen to forgive her and let her come back. My health is not good, and I need someone by my side to take care of me. Could you bear to see me frail with illness, with no one taking care of me, feeding me medicine?” She wiped away her tears as she spoke.

Li Weiyang couldn’t help but smile at Da Furen’s performance. There were at least twenty or thirty maidservants in Fu Rui Court, how could it be possible that there is no one to serve Da Furen? She just wanted to borrow the chance to bring Li Changle back.

Lao Furen frowned. “She was supposed to go there and reflect. It has just been three months, and she can’t take it anymore?”

Da Furen did not give up. “She has been doted on and spoilt since young, so she can’t take any hardship. Lao Furen, you’re compassionate, please let her come back, I can have one more person by my side.”

Er Furen coldly replied: “Da Sao, what are you saying, don’t you have more than one daughter? San Xiaojie Si Xiaojie Wu Xiaojie, aren’t they able to take care of you too? You said it yourself that you would treat them as your own. Since you want to find someone to take care of you, why didn’t you give them the chance?”

Er Furen had always loved to put Da Furen in a spot, so it wasn’t unexpected that she would come up with this suggestion.

Da Furen smiled reluctantly: “I did not want to make things hard on them.”

Si Yiniang quickly replied: “No trouble at all, to be able to show filial piety for Da Furen is what they should do.” She eyed Li Weiyang as she spoke, “I don’t know about Xianzhu, however--”

Of course Li Weiyang would not reject it; going to Da Furen’s house everyday would definitely aggravate her illness and cut her life by another ten years. Moreover, this was not something she could push away, because it was her duty as a daughter towards a mother, even if she was another concubine’s daughter. This request came quite suddenly though…

A flash lit up in Da Furen’s eyes, and her mouth quirked as if she was going to reject; but finally, she asked: “What does Lao Furen think?”

It was a reasonable request which Lao Furen would naturally agree to, so she nodded her head and waved as if swatting a fly. “Fine, we’ll do it this way”

On the way back to her courtyard, Li Weiyang was silent. When back in her own rooms, she selected a book and sat on her rocking chair to read.

Bai Zhi saw that she had things on her mind, but she did not dare to stray too far away, so she just stood by at the side, with an embroidery frame in hand.

After a long time, Li Weiyang continued maintaining her silence, and the pages of her book had remained unflipped.

2 hours later, she suddenly put down the book. “Bai Zhi,” There was a rare hesitation in her tone.

“Why do you think Da Furen allowed me to enter her house and attend to her?” Li Weiyang seemed like she was talking to herself, and yet also seemed like she was speaking to Bai Zhi. Her fingers involuntarily touched the pages, curling and uncurling them. This hinted that her brain was quickly processing her thoughts.
“I fear that Da Furen is unwilling, she doesn’t like to see Xiaojie. That day after Xiaojie visited her, Nubi heard that she started throwing and destroying things after we left.” Bai Zhi quietly supplied.

Li Weiyang replied with an ‘En’, and continued her silence. If Da Furen wanted to get rid of her, she need not have done so much. If so, what was she planning?

Translator: Jaslynn
Editor: Panisa (In Progress)

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