The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 78 - Part 2

December 06, 2017

Chapter 78: Urging the Evil Spirits

1外祖母 – maternal grandmother
2国公 - An important minister credited with assistance in establishing the country, therefore the word ‘国’ in the title; similar to a duke.

Li Xue Hall

“Min De’s handwriting has surpassed mine.” Li Weiyang said, her lips quirking up at the corners slightly; a smile like spring’s breeze.

Li Min De did not take her comment to heart: “Sanjie likes calligraphy? If you like it, I can always invite Laoshi—”

There were increasingly more people at Li Min De’s side now; without even asking, Li Weiyang naturally knew that his status was extremely special, to have attracted individuals who shouldn’t have reason to appear in Da Li. He never spoke about it, and she did not pry. However, there was indeed something that she had been very curious about. She set down the Xuan calligraphy paper in her hands, and softly uttered: “Da Furen’s courtyard..”

Li Min De paused slightly. He replied casually: “Oh, Sanjie is referring to the news about Aunt’s serious illness.”

Li Weiyang glanced at him. She had no idea when it began; when Weiyang was not looking, Li Min De’s eyes changed. It held a glint of frost, his cold gaze resembling ice frozen for eternity, the corners of his gently curving eyes carrying a horrible loneliness. The androgynous beauty of his childhood years was long gone, leaving him with icy attractiveness.

The sun was shining directly at him, so he had to narrow his eyes and peer at her under his lashes; this angle was extremely flattering with his features. People glancing at him from nearby could not help but feel their hearts beat faster.

“Sanjie, why are you looking at me like this?”

“I just have a feeling that this matter is linked to you.” Li Weiyang replied smilingly.

A flash of hostility appeared in Li Min De’s eyes, which quickly transformed into an innocent expression: “Sanjie, I am but a person without any support, how can I have such power to disturb Da Furen?”

“Don’t pretend anymore, I can guess.” Li Weiyang smiled and replied softly.

Li Min De returned the smile, but did not say a word.

Li Weiyang knew that he was unwilling to give any details but did not try to force him; she already has the answer that she had hoped for. She smiled and walked out.

The moment Li Weiyang was gone, Li Min De immediately questioned a man behind him: “How did she discover it, what have you done?”

That person knelt down fearfully: “Young Master, this matter was extremely discreet, Xianzhu will not be able to find out anything.”

“Sanjie is a smart person.” Li Min De’s expression was gentle and focused when describing Li Weiyang, but as he suddenly twisted around, his words were filled with an intent to kill: “Make my orders known; make a temporary stop to it.”


Li Min De tilted his head and stared at him with a frosty expression. “Is there a problem?” He softly demanded.

Under the scrutiny of that pair of hostile eyes, that person fearfully lowered his head.

Ever since San Furen had passed away, Li Min De had utterly changed. Other than Li Weiyang, there was almost nothing that he cared about. The mysterious person sighed inwardly; he knew that he could not convince Li Min De, but after much hesitation he still decided to try: “Actually, Young Master does not need to make the problem so complicated, we could just kill her off..”

Li Min De’s face did not show any change: “Kill her? Then it would be easy to discover my truth identity. Morever, she does not deserve a quick and merciful death.”

“Young Master, after the previous attempt at assassination, it is no longer safe here. Perhaps you should return back to our country..”

“Do not mention this matter anymore.” Li Min De softly touched the Xuan calligraphy paper that Li Weiyang had been holding, and dismissed that person without even turning his head.

I cannot, and will not, be separated from her.

I really want to stay.

Stay by her side..

Da Furen’s illness was worsening, and it was only right that Li Weiyang should personally pay her a visit.

However, the moment she stepped into the house, Du Mama looked at her with extreme caution in her eyes. Li Weiyang looked around; everywhere was wallpapered with paper amulets, and a bowl of blessed water was on the table. Da Furen was pale as a sheet, lying on her bed, wearing a headband across her forehead.

“Why has San Xiaojie come here?” Du Mama hurriedly came forward to greet her.

Li Weiyang smiled gently: “I went to Lao Furen in the morning to pay my respects, and she mentioned that Muqin is sick. As her daughter, it is only natural that I visit her.”

From the bed, Da Furen suddenly forced her eyes open. Although she had lost much weight, her eyes remained infinitely sharp, never losing her aura of power.

Li Weiyang glanced at her and smiled: “Muqin, are you feeling better?”

As if! Firstly, Da Xiaojie was forced to stay up in the mountains to repent, then Da Furen fell sick due to anger, and now the hauntings in the courtyard; her sickness had aggravated. Worst of all, Laoye knew of her illness, but did not even pay her a visit! Now, seeing that a healthy and glowing Li Weiyang, it was as if Da Furen’s heart had been pierced by a sharp knife, with blood still dripping fresh.

“I’m fine.” Da Furen suppressed the fiery hate in her gut, and smiled forcibly. “Thank you for your concern.”

Li Weiyang could detect her insincerity. “I heard that Dajie has been reflecting and improving herself in the temple hall; she’s become wiser than before.”

Da Furen’s face turned a shade of green; Li Changle had written countless letters, begging and crying to return to the Li Residence, but no matter how much she pleaded, Li Xiaoran refused to give in. Her gorgeous daughter, forced to stay in the desolated mountains for three months..

“Your Dajie is sincerely regretful, she says she was only young and innocent, and did not know how to weigh the severity of her mistakes. Owing to the fact that you both are sisters, I hope you would help her beg for mercy from Lao Furen, and let her come back sooner.”

“Aiya, Muqin you must understand, Fuqin let Dajie reflect and repent there. If her actions are unable to please Fuqin, even Lao Furen would not be able to promise anything. Muqin should advise Dajie to change for the better.” Li Weiyang stood up after finishing. “Please rest well Muqin, I will come back more frequently during the day to visit you.”

Da Furen did not understand what she meant by this.

Li Weiyang sighed: “Weiyang does not dare to come to Muqin’s residence at night.”

“Why?” Da Furen was puzzled.

Li Weiyang looked around as if she was searching for something, and smiled as she faced her: “I heard that this house is unclean, Muqin has been frightened till she became ill. I am timid by nature, so how would I dare to come?”

“Li Weiyang!” Da Furen shouted, staring at her angrily, as if she would clamber up from her sickbed. She took a breath and said coldly: “I’m blessed with a long life, things like ghosts and monsters would not be able to harm me. Do not speak of such nonsense again! It is unbecoming of you!”

“Muqin is right; so long as one does not do bad deeds, he will not fear a knock on the door in the dead of the night. Muqin is kind and compassionate, those ghosts will definitely have no reason to haunt you.” Li Weiyang smiled.

Da Furen watched her leave, and with all the anger that she had been trying to suppress for so long, her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

“Furen! Furen ah!” Du Mama shouted.

There was a flurry of action in Fu Duan Court; Du Mama hurriedly ran for the physician, and invited Da Shaoye Li Min Feng. As Li Min Feng entered, he saw Da Furen lying weakly on her bed.

“Muqin!” He walked quickly towards the bed and saw Da Furen’s eyelids slowly fluttering open. “Are you feeling better?”

“I’m alright.” Da Furen said with much struggle, and sighed heavily.

Li Min Feng was frustrated and angry: “Did that little slut visit you?”

“Yes Da Shaoye, today San Xiaojie said some things that were quite eerie in nature, which caused Furen to faint in anger.” Du Mama said softly.

A hot fury filled Li Min Feng: “That little slut!” He lowered his head: “Muqin, please have some medicine first. You must get well soon, and not fall prey to her tricks! She caused Meimei to be sent away, and now she’s angering you; I’ll definitely find ways to defeat her!”

Upon hearing this, Da Furen’s face changed: “What are you up to this time! I have long told you, this yatou is evil to the core! I previously tried to burn her alive, but she actually had a yatou from nowhere with strong martial arts skills. The issue with Jiu Yiniang also backfired on me, causing me to lose your father’s love and harmed your Meimei instead. If I cannot deal with her, you are all the more not her match. Stay far far away from her, did you hear me! I cannot drag you into this!”

Li Min Feng was rendered speechless. He hated Li Weiyang to the core, but with her current status as a second grade Xianzhu, aided by a highly skilled guard, he had no way to deal with her.

“This cannot continue!” Da Furen huffed. “Bring me my brush and paper!”

Li Min Feng was baffled: “Muqin, you’re feeling unwell, why would you want to write at this moment?”

“Don’t say another word, bring it to me!”

An uncomprehending Li Min Feng ordered a servant to fetch the brush and paper. He watched as Da Furen wrote down a few words carefully with shaking hands.

“Muqin is writing to Wai Zumu1 now?” Li Min Feng said, stunned.

Li Min Feng’s Wai Zumu is the Lao Furen in Jiang Guo Gong2’s household.

Da Furen nodded: “I am requesting for Muqin’s help to inform Father and my brothers of my problems and invite them back to the capital.” Jiang Lao Furen is the daughter of Da Li’s great general Lin Xin; she is not only knowledgeable and smart, but has a strong personality and is able to make quick decisions. Standing out three times as good as the average man, she played an important role in assisting Jiang Guo Gong’s career. Jiang Guo Gong has the important task of guarding the South Border; due to her old age, Jiang Lao Furen did not follow him there, and remained in Duke’s household. Under normal circumstances, Da Furen would not want to disturb her Muqin, because Jiang Lao Furen’s health has not been ideal recently.. But right now, Da Furen felt that without her family’s support, Li Changle would have to stay in such poor and lonely conditions for all her life.

Li Min Feng’s heart was secretly panicking when he saw Da Furen shaking uncontrollably after writing just a few words; since when did Muqin become so seriously ill? “Muqin, do whatever you have to do tomorrow, just rest for today.” He said in a low tone.

Da Furen knew she could not continue writing any longer. She threw down her brush and instructed Du Mama: “Order servants to come in and help me change.”

“What?” Li Min Feng was stunned. “Where are you going now?”

“Rather than send a letter, it’ll be more effective if I make a trip down personally.” Da Furen replied coldly.

Visit Jiang Guo Gong’s mansion now? Li Min Feng was shocked. Da Furen was already so weak, yet she still wanted to ride in the carriage, isn’t that seeking her own grave?

He hurriedly tried to dissuade her, but no matter what he said, Da Furen refused to give in. If Li Weiyang had not shown up, she might have been able to tolerate it, but Li Weiyang’s words that clearly hinted that Li Xiaoran may never intend to allow Li Changle to return! How can she let this happen! She must definitely find a way to let Changle come back to the Li Residence!

Despite her best struggle to get up on her feet, Da Furen suddenly spit out a mouthful of bright red blood..
Translator: Jaslynn
Editor: Panisa (In Progress)

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