The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 79 - Part 2

December 13, 2017

** There was a mistake on the translator for Part 1 of chapter 79
Previous part of Chapter 79 was also translated by Angela

Chapter 79: Meeting by chance Part 2

Just at this time, an elegantly dressed young man blocked her way, he wore the finest materials, with little accessories, a lot more simple compared to the rich people dressed in gold and silver, but his entire body emit an invisible cold jade-like radiance, catching attention in a crowd.

This person is Tuoba Yu, he was pestered by Jiu Gongzhu to see the lanterns but he never thought that he would run into Li Wei Yang here. Countless beautiful people on the street are coming and going, only this figure is particularly dazzling. But under a closer scan, even though her posture is beautiful, there is also nothing for people to distinguish as a strange characteristic from a single glance, why would he feel that Li Wei Yang is especially dazzling, this is a question that probably Tuoba Yu himself has no answer.

Both sides suddenly meeting face to face, Tuoba Yu smiled as if nothing has happened: “Xianzhu, what a coincidence.”

Li Wei Yang smiled slightly, her face was calm, not showing any surprise: “Yes, turns out Qi Dianxia is also here.”

In fact, she has already seen Tuoba Yu in the crowd earlier, she just didn’t have the intention to say hello.

In her view, the one reason she helped Tuoba Yu was she did not want to see Tuoba Zhen being pleased, not because she felt interest in their struggle for power.

However, she was now stopped by Tuoba Yu.

Jiu Gongzhu jumped out and scowled at her: “You obviously saw it, why did you help?”

Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows: “Help what?”

Jiu Gongzhu said in astonishment: “Of course helping that woman earlier, she is so pitiful, you should have helped her! How could you stand in the crowd and watch!”

Li Wei Yang asked faintly: “Did Gongzhu thought that you just helped out?”

Gongzhu was wearing a satin skirt with silver white beads, two long pearl pendant hairpins, appearing more mature than her actual age, more wealthy and powerful, hearing this, with a frown, said loudly: “Of course!”

Li Wei Yang laughed, a flash of fleer in her eyes: “You have just harmed that woman severely!”

“How can that be?! Obviously I have saved her!” Jiu Gongzhu’s face was flushed, trying hard to prove her.
Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Gongzhu, if you did not interfere with that woman, that man would just hit her a bit, let out some steam and not bother with her again, but you just had to meddle into their business, and even publicly announced that the man has violated the laws, think about it, because he is afraid that the woman would do something bad, how would he deal with her?”

Jiu Gongzhu was shocked, her face turning pale” “ could it be?”
Li Wei Yang sighed and said: “Gongzhu, think about it carefully and you will know, he is a hard-hearted person, how would he change because of a few words from you, clearly he could have left on his own, why did he take the woman along? Now… I’m afraid it bode ill rather than well for her. Although you didn’t kill Boren, Boren has died because of you1, Gongzhu, would you say that you should not have meddle in this matter?”

(1A Chinese idiom originating from a famous quote by Wang Dao, chief advisor to Emperor Yuan of the Jin Dynasty. It means even though you did not personally kill a person, you have caused the death of that person)
“I...I will send someone immediately to bring them back!” Jiu Gongzhu was just about to wave but was held by Qi Huang Zi, he smiled and said: “No need, I have just sent someone to follow them.”

Jiu Gongzhu breathe a sigh of relief, Li Wei Yang just looked at Tuoba Yu.

Tuoba Yu’s face is cold, but at this moment he gently touched Jiu Gongzhu’s head: “Jiu Mei, in the future you must not be rash like this! Otherwise next time, I will not help you deal with the aftermath!”

Jiu Gongzhu pouted, obviously unhappy, then recalling something, she started at Li Wei Yang and said: “I am a child, therefore I don’t know anything, you obviously knew, why didn’t you remind me?!”

Li Wei Yang laughed silently, Jiu Gongzhu has made a mistake yet felt that it was someone else’s mistake, ha ha, this is sheer nonsense. She pondered for a moment, her lips curving, a smile of indifference in her eyes: “Gongzhu, even though that man is heartless, what became of that woman, did she not have any responsibility in it? Having being divorced by someone, she continued to be foolish, acting like a lunatic while pestering persistently, falling to this point, who’s to blame? In my opinion, she should have thanked that man, if she can wake it from this now on and know that the other party’s indifference and cannot be relied on, at least she can live a clean life in the second half of her life, otherwise, if she is dependent on such man, it would be better for her to become a nun.”

Jiu Gongzhu did not thought that she would say these kinds of words and was taken aback temporarily.

For some unknown reason, it is as if he can feel the intense resentments and angers in the other party’s heart, Li Min De’s heart moved, his footsteps following, and said: “Let’s go.”

Jiu Gongzhu saw Li Min De and was immediately stunned, then she can clearly hear the sounds of her own heartbeats, going on as if there is a hammer pounding on her heart. She subconsciously pressed her own chest, confusion in her mind. She never has this kind of feelings before, at the first glance, she is at a loss. She breathed deeply, dispelled the blush that was steadily rising on her face and said: “You were also here!”

Last time Jiu Gongzhu was “Ba Huangzi”, today she is a pretty little girl, Li Min De did not pay the slightest attention to her, only said slightly: “Excuse me.”

Jiu Gongzhu has never received such treatment before and immediately exploded: “How could you speak to me like that, do you not recognize me?”

Li Min De looked at her face, finding himself at a complete blank.

Earlier he heard them calling her Gongzhu, Li Min De searched his knowledge, most of the present emperor’s daughters are already married, the only one who is of the same age as himself is the ninth child, Xiang Lan Gongzhu. Without saying who this person in front of him is, he would also know who it is, only….what does it have to do with him.

Jiu Gongzhu stood in front of him stubbornly, waiting resolutely for him to remember who she is, in her mind, there is absolutely no one who dare to treat her this way.

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but laugh, this Jiu Gongzhu is really interesting, innocent, capricious, but kind-hearted, curious, stubborn, she couldn’t help but think of past life Jiu Gongzhu’s matter in her mind, she couldn’t refrain from letting out a sigh. This kind of child born into the royal family, you don’t know if it is her good fortune or misfortune.

Tuoba Yu’s figure stood under the cold and white moonlight, his tall silhouette instead reducing the cold, giving a touch of warm peace, to save her from embarrassment, said: “Since we have met up, we might as well stop by Cai Yue Lou.”

Cai Yue Lou is the capital’s largest restaurant, facing the wind and admiring the moon, splendid scenery, many people want to go but they have used a lot of money and still unable to get a seat.

Jiu Gongzhu can see that Li Min De would do whatever Li Wei Yang say, immediately forgetting her earlier unhappiness,  rushed up to grab Li Wei Yang’s arm: “Let’s go together! Let’s go  together!” She spoke while her charming eyes lit up, half trying to butter up, the small beads on the gold earning swinging madly, the bracelet on her wrist also ringing, a pleasant jingle.

Li Wei Yang actually like Jiu Gongzhu, this kind of soft spot, perhaps it began from when she treated her well in her past life, perhaps it is because she already knew the other party’s ending, for some unknown reason, she did not want to refuse this child’s request.

Because she knows, Jiu Gongzhu’s naivety, will not last past a few years.

Without knowing why, there is water on Li Wei Yang’s eyes but she quickly blinked, as if she never had tears, at this moment, her eyes were very bright, as if the stars in the dark sky fell into her eyes: “Very well, let’s go together.”

Jiu Gongzhu smiled and jumped up, in her pure but small heart, she simply cannot store that much unhappiness, now she has already forgotten all about it, she ran quickly, pulling Li Wei Yang along, Li Min De and Tuoba Yu followed behind, walking slowly, not in any hurry.

“San Gongzi.” Tuoba Yu suddenly said.

Li Min De raised his eyes and looked at the other party, Tuoba Yu smiled and said: “Nothing.”

Li Min De did not ask further and quickly catched to the people in front. Tuoba Yu quietly asked the guards behind him: “Did you find anything off?”

The leader of the guards whispered: “Dianxia, Li Wei Yang’s Yatou, her martial arts skill is very high, while there is a master hidden among the guards, not only this, I feel that the surroundings seems to hide a lot of top-level people, but--Master please forgive me, my martial arts are low, I am unable to find where they are hiding.”

Tuoba Yu was certain of his guess, he could not help but frown. He has exchanged fight with Zhao Yue, that Yatou is certainly a strong character, that Li Wei Yang already has two skilled persons, this is nothing out of the ordinary, but those hiding in the darkness, who exactly are they here to protect? For some unknown reason, this time seeing Li Min De, he felt that this youth has become more calm, no, he should say he has become deeper. He has a feeling, the other party’s change, definitely has something to do with these mysterious people hiding in the darkness.

To be able to mobilize and use these highly skilled people, Li Min De’s identity, is definitely not simple. Tuoba Yu thought of this while quickly catching up with them.

Cai Yue Lou is really as the rumours say, built facing the river, moon on the west floor, the outside an appearance of luxury, the inside elegant and delicate, no one knows how much effort was put in by the owner to achieve such scene. It is known to all that inside Cai Yue Lou, there are many fun things, high stake gambling and smiling alluring beauties, therefore in the capital, Cai Yue Lou’s reputation is already widespread, a place where heroes achieve success, reasons for celebrities to be proud. Li Wei Yang look out the window and saw the dark sky and the dark river has became one, a vast blackness in this world. Only the Cai Yue Lou in this darkness was lit up at lights as if it was daytime, the shiny lights spilling onto the wavy wave, as if the wavy water has spill out countless gold pieces. No wonder so many people flocked here, it is indeed an outstanding place.

Inside Cai Yue Lou, a private room was already arranged, Li Wei Yang looked at the calligraphy painting on the walls, couldn’t help smiling and said: “This owner here is willing to spend his capital, this painting is an authentic work of Master Liu of the previous dynasty, to actually be able to see it in a restaurant and is hung so carelessly on the wall for people to admire.”

Jiu Gongzhu chuckled and said: “This, you need to ask Qi Ge!”

Li Wei Yang, hearing this, couldn’t help raising her eyebrows to look at Tuoba Yu: “That is to say, this Cai Yue Lou belongs to you?”

Tuoba Yu smiled and said: “This is originally my uncle’s property, then he didn’t want to run it anymore, so he gave it to me.”

This is the great advantage of his maternal family, Li Wei Yang smiled faintly, seems like Cai Yue Lou is not just a restaurant, it is a place to collect news, but-- Tuoba Yu has the emperor’s favour and an advantageous maternal family, in the end he still lose to Tuoba Zhen, it is really too glum…

To speak of this, Li Wei Yang knows how long Tuoba Zhen has waited for this, how much efforts ere spent, in this manner of speaking, Tuoba Yu is not vicious enough.

Li Min De lowered his head and looked at the river downstair; he suddenly said: “We have a guest.”

Li Wei Yang turned towards the river and saw that atop of a magnificent boat, person cladded in plain clothes was looking at them, tall and elegant, appearance clear, his brows raised in good spirits and a pair of eyes burning with ambitions.

Tuoba Yu laughed and said: “How come San Ge arrived?” He thought, Tuoba Zhen, do you have nothing to do that you came here?

Tuoba Zhen’s smile was full of sincerity: “I am only out to admire the moon, that I actually bump into you all, such a coincidence.”

Coincidence? Where in the world is there such thing as coincidence, Li Min De’s eyes turn cold, probably not only Tuoba Zhen, even this Qi Huangzi Tuoba Yu, is not a chance meeting. A lot of chance meetings are deliberate, except, if they were really interested, they should be launching their offense towards Li Chang Le, why did they run in front of Sanjie? Sanjie is Shu-born, is of absolute no help to them!

“Refreshing breeze and white moonlight are elegant and interesting, I don’t know if I am welcome for a drink?” Tuoba Zhen laughed loudly.

Tuoba Yu glanced at Li Wei Yang and saw that her eyes are becoming even colder, just as he was about to refuse, the ignorant and childish Jiu Gongzhu smiled and said: “Come up quickly Sange!”

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but shake her head, in Jiu Gongzhu’s eye, there is probably no evil in this world, where would she have thought that her Sange that loves and dotes on her, is a demon that eat people for lunch.

In the past life, after Tuoba Zhen eliminated Crown Prince, Wu Huangzi and Qi Huangzi these opponents in succession, he also used these means to kill the other non-threatening princes, because of this, Jiu Gongzhu has came to the palace, crying and pleading numerous times, in her naive eyes, she simply could not understand how the Sange who was always warm and close to her could change like this. Not only this, when the previous emperor was alive, he once married Jiu Gongzhu to Qi Huangzi’s mufei’s parents’ family, Luo Guo Gong house’s legitimate grandson, Zhang Feng, however Tuoba Zhen was not satisfied with this marriage. Later when he ascended to the throne, he couldn’t wait to take Zhang Feng into custody, banished him to the border, then issued an edict to force Jiu Gongzhu to remarry. Not expecting that Jiu Gongzhu’s disposition was simple and frank, her relationship with her husband was not bad, due to this, she was strongly unwilling to part with her husband, even applying to remove her title of princess, pleading Tuoba Zhen to allow her to be with Zhang Feng at the border.

Li Wei Yang look at Tuoba Zhen’s smile in front of her, clearly recalling the sneer on Tuoba Zhen’s face that time, he did not allow Jiu Gongzhu to go together with Zhang Feng to the border. First he imprisoned her, temporarily not mentioning the issue of remarrying and changed the place where Zhang Feng was banished to the barren hills and treacherous rapids of the west border, the living conditions there are extremely bad--- he is deliberately torturing to death this brother-in-law of his that he loathes. Jiu Gongzhu knew about this news in the capital, as if knives were piercing her heart, repeatedly pleaded for permission for her to go to the west border, to be “punished” together with her husband, Tuoba Zhen rashly turned his back. Later Jiu Gongzhu fell ill suddenly because of hidden resentment, soon after was on the verge of death. Before her death, she has pleaded Tuoba Zhen to have a heart and bury her with Zhang Feng together. But Tuoba Zhen buried them in tombs that are thousands of miles apart, the standards of the burial were low, not at all a princess’ treatment. Li Wei Yang at that time has felt sadness for her, even more shocked by Tuoba Zhen suddenly so cruel.

In the past, she has always thought that whatever Tuoba Zhen do is right, even if it is against Crown Prince, against Qi Huangzi, because it concern life and death, but that time, she discovered that perhaps she has never knew her own husband, she did not understand why could he be so vicious towards his sister who never threatened him.

Afterwards, when she was in the cold palace for those years, she finally figured it out, it’s because Tuoba Zhen’s heart is dark, on the surface he loves his sister, but in fact, he has always detested and loathed that she receive favours and honours, when he has ascended high, he relentlessly put those who originally look down at him under his feet, manipulating their fate at will, in hope of gaining a balance of mind.

Tuoba Zhen smiled slightly and ordered someone to anchor the boat, then lifting his long gown, jumped down from the boat, his poise natural and elegant, soon came up to the floor.

Jiu Gongzhu’s face is full of happiness: “How did Sange come here, aren’t you always obedient, how come you also snuck out.”

Tuoba Yu smiled and said: “Do you think your Sange is like you, him coming, naturally it is because there is something important to do.” Then he spoke to those outside, “Please bring Miss Zhi Yan.”

Since this Cai Yue Lou is a restaurant, naturally there are people who can play musical instruments, but it is different from the ordinary vulgar restaurant, not only are the women here excellent, they are also highly paid teachers, all are accomplished in music, chess, calligraphy and painting, but if a guest like one of these women and want to approach them, unless they have received consent, they absolutely cannot touch them, it is because this Cai Yue Lou has already stated, this is a prestigious place where wealthy aristocracy gather not some nefarious place, who dare to create trouble here will not have a good end. Therefore, not only influential men, even a lot of daughters of wealthy households hold dinner parties here.

As for Miss Zhi Yan that Qi Huangzi spoke of, she is the most outstanding among teachers who was luckily sent for.

In the process of waiting, Jiu Gongzhu suddenly looked at Li Wei Yang: “Wei Yang Jiejie, did you know, you are now also on Da Li’s beauty ranking.”

“Da Li’s beauty ranking?” Li Wei Yang felt quite novel, she has never heard of this before.

Tuoba Yu laughed and said: “The first rank on the beauty ranking, is your sister, Li Chang Le. Whereas you currently ranked ninth.”

Li Wei Yang smiled, she is clear on her own looks, that she is able to get on the beauty ranking is already surprising.

“Sanjie normally doesn’t appear in public, how did she get on the ranking?” Li Min De asked, his eyebrows raised.

Tuoba Yu glanced over at Tuoba Zhen and answered: “What San Gongzi said is correct, most of the beauties on the beauty ranking are girls from genteel families, their statuses are not low, only a few can have the luck to witness these beautiful jades, however there are always some people, who has personally seen their looks would order artists to paint them to spread them around, therefore they get into the ranking because of this, your Dajie is one, Xianzhu is also one.” The reason Li Wei Yang got into the ranking, is not because her looks is outstanding but because she is the initiator of the water painting dance.

Li Wei Yang noticed Tuoba Yu’s expression, she realized that this matter probably has something to with Tuoba Zhen, the other party seems to want to push her from behind the crowd to the front, this is not a good thing.

“Beauties like flowers and clouds, to those prestigious misses, most people only know them by names but hard to meet them. But this Miss Zhi Yan is different, not only is she a gentle and charming gorgeous beauty, she also play a tune on the pipa that struck everyone with admiration. She is from a poor family and has performed all over, she arrived in the capital three years ago, rose to fame in a short while and was sealed into the beauty ranking.”    
Li Wei Yang usually stay at home  and obviously do not know these things every well.
Tuoba Zhen spoke tirelessly: “From the moment Miss Zhi Yan started to perform, among those seeking permission for marriage to her are important peerages, scholarly people, even outstanding talents, all were sent away with a polite refusal. Therefore, this year she is already twenty five, ordinary women have already married and have children, whereas she is still wandering around outside, it really cause people to sigh.”

Look at him, as if he is really feeling sorry. Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but sneer, men are a very strange thing, they always think that the fate of women is to get married and have children, to continue to bloodline, but they are also a person, men can make contributions and have achievements, woman must earnestly complete her so-called fate? Just like that woman in the market earlier, because she can’t bear sons, she must be treated like a pig and dog, this is ridiculous.

Tuoba Yu was looking at Li Wei Yang’s expression and could not help laughing. He can see that Sange find Li Wei Yang interesting, but--- whether this interest came out of a man’s appreciation of a woman or from the value of using Li Wei Yang, it is unknown.

Miss Zhi Yan pushed open the door and entered, her hair black, rolled into floating cloud like buns, a jade flower hairpin in the buns, crystal tassels hanging above, her face fair, lips thin, the corners of her lips slightly lifted, bringing a thin smile. The entire face is meticulously beautiful, without that feistiness of a human. Standing there looking dignified, quiet and elegant.

“Miss Zhi Yan, please play a song for us.” Tuoba Yu smiled and said.

Zhi Yan lowered her head, sang while playing the instrument, her singing melodious, her enunciation clear,  like a stream slowly streaming through rocks, like light rain tapping on the roof tiles, like jade beads falling on gold plates, or Jiangnan’s plain moon, or the wind and frost north of the Great Wall, under her slim fingers,each wisp and strand entangle the heart, pores all over the body hot like a comfortable fit.

“Such qin skill, it is indeed rarely seen in the world.” Li Wei Yang thought, if Li Chang Le saw that outside there are such beautiful and romantic woman, wouldn’t her nose be put out of joint.

“What is Xianzhu thinking of?” Tuoba Yu suddenly asked.

Li Wei Yang gazed at Zhi Yan and couldn’t help saying: “I was just thinking, such beauty and beautiful song, Dianxia really knows how to enjoy.”

Tuoba Yu wouldn’t help laughing.

Li Wei Yang’s eyes fell on Li Min De who hasn’t made a sound and saw that his eyes are vaguely different, staring at that Zhi Yan. Li Wei Yang couldn't help but find it strange, could it be that they knew each other? No, even though Li Min De goes out every day, but that it due to studies, he could not have met a woman of such birth. But seeing his look, it doesn’t seems like she is a complete stranger. Li Wei Yang asked quietly: “Dianxia, this Miss Zhi Yan, where is she front?”

Tuoba Yu smiled and said: “She is from Cang Zhou.” Each person in this restaurant, he has already investigate carefully, there wouldn’t be any mistake, Only, why did Li Wei Yang suddenly ask this?

Li Wei Yang glanced at Li Min De again, the other person has already lowered his head, who knows what he is thinking.

Jiu Gongzhu became intoxicated from listening, but on one side Tuoba Zhen saw Li Wei Yang and Tuoba Yu talking privately, thinking that they have intimate words to say, he couldn’t help but frowned: “What the two of you have to say, there’s no harm in letting us hear as well.”

Li Wei Yang raised her eyes to look at him: “San Dianxia is not listening to a good song, paying attention to what we are doing?”

Tuoba Zhen couldn’t help but become knotted up in anger because of this.

He acknowledge that he is not worse than Tuoba Yu, but his birth is not as good as the other person, in the past, no one dare to show contempt so obviously, Li Wei Yang, you are good, you are really good!

Your guts is large enough!

Translator: Angela
Editor: Panisa (In Progress)

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