The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 80 - Part 1

December 16, 2017

Chapter 80 Part 1: Tit for Tat 

The beautiful melody ended; Yan Zhi stood up, bowed and left silently.
Li Min De suddenly stood up: “Third Sister, I have forgotten my cloak, I’ll go out and get it.”

His cloak was obviously in the carriage, so how could he have forgotten? Li Wei Yang was curious; she wanted to know who Yan Zhi was, and why did she attract Li Min De’s attention?

She did not reveal any change in expression in front of the two princes, but gently smiled: “Go ahead.”

Ninth Princess jumped up: “I’ll go with you!”

Unexpectedly, she gave out a shrill scream at the next moment. Li Wei Yang said apologetically: “I am so sorry Princess, I did not do it on purpose.”

Li Wei Yang had spilt her teacup onto Ninth Princess’s beautiful skirts.

Ninth Princess pouted her lips; her lips were so pouted that one could balance an oil lamp from it. “You are so clumsy!” She was oblivious to the fact that Li Wei Yang did this on purpose to prevent her from following Li Min De.

She left the room to change into new attire. Aside from the servants, the only three left in the room had weird expressions on their faces.

Tuoba Zhen suddenly laughed and said: “The three of us seem to have a special affinity.”

Indeed, it was affinity, but an accursed affinity.  Li Wei Yang laughed coldly and turned to look at the river. “What’s that?” she suddenly asked.

Tuoba Yu followed the direction of her gaze: “Oh, that’s Jade Peak Pagoda, built on an island at the heart of the river. It is especially beautiful at night. If you’d like, we could visit the island another day to take a look.”

Li Wei Yang had a small smile on her lips, and muttered in thought: “It is a good location.” Her words had another hidden meaning in it.

Tuoba Zhen’s eyes flashed and he stilled for a moment in surprise. He asked blandly: “What do you mean by that?”

She looked at him and replied with a smile: “The terrain is good. This river is formed by the merging of the mountain stream and Hu Po Lake. If one were to cut a long canal at lowest point the watershed where the two meets, he could split the river into two and obtain easy control of ship navigation and irrigation of crops. You see, isn’t it a good place?”

Tuoba Zhen’s face changed. He did not know how Li Wei Yang found out, but this was his original plan, which he did not get the chance to start yet. If he executed it, he would gain complete control over the two rivers’ transportation; his wealth would increase immeasurably, far better than Tuoba Yu and the others. He was however, unable to think of a plan to obtain this land without alerting others of his scheme. He definitely could not allow anyone else to make the first move. In shock, he immediately replied: “If this idea could work, why hadn’t anyone done it so many years past?” Xianzhu shouldn’t think unrealistically, this is merely empty talk.”

Li Wei Yang had a small smile upon her lips: “Third Highness, should know best if it is just my wishful thinking. In the past, there was the famous Xian Yuan Yan; the river was split into inner and outer sections, and the flow of the waters was controlled. For this river, splitting it could not only prevent flooding, enable trades and irrigation, there is still the massive and gorgeous Dong Jiang Bridge spanning the banks. These should not have been possible by human hands and yet they exist, so what else could be impossible!”

Tuoba Zhen’s smile, which was originally on his face, had completely disappeared.
He suddenly felt coldness all over.

Li Wei Yang met his eyes, and it was as if she understood what he was thinking, like she even knew of the next step in his plan. Having seen a gaze like this, it was as if he was doused in a sheet of cold water.

Tuoba Yu deftly detected the tense atmosphere between the both of them, and just when he was about to speak, someone outside spoke: “Ninth Princess says that her stomach hurt, and ran out from the window!”

This playful girl! Tuoba Yu didn’t think of anything else; he stood up quickly and said: “Xianzhu, please remain here, I’ll go out to look for her.”

Li Wei Yang gave a small smile: “Your Highness, Ninth Princess must have gone to the carriage to look for my San Di.”

Tuoba Yu hesitated; he was not worried that Tuoba Zhen would have the guts do anything, as this place was his territory after all. Just... was it really safe to leave Li Wei Yang here? “Pay attention to any movement in the room!” he ordered the guards outside the door in a low voice.

Tuoba Yu quickly went downstairs, and it was only Li Wei Yang and Tuoba Zhen in the room now. Li Wei Yang stood up; she had no interest in sharing a table with such a person.

Tuoba Zhen suddenly said: “Xianzhu, have you ever heard of this story?”

Li Wei Yang turned to face him, her eyebrows quirking up. Tuoba Zhen poured himself a cup of wine: “In the previous dynasty, there was a strong ruler who led his army personally in the fight at the Southern Border. Sadly, after repeated attacks and struggling to maintain the rear, many of his people tried to convince him to retreat. Still, he insisted. The monarch paced up and down in front of his tent, and wrote two words “Ji Lei1” in the sand. No one understood what it meant, except for a smart man who immediately packed up and wanted to leave. His comrades asked him why, and he replied: “The two words means that the food is tasteless, but it seems like a pity to give up. The Emperor is starting to consider giving up, but he has yet to make a confirmed move. Since he definitely will retreat, we should start off early. The others realized that he had a point, and so started preparations as well. The emperor found out and was shocked. What do you think he did to the smart man?”
鸡肋1 – Literally chicken ribs; used to describe something as tasteless.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “I do not know what the ruler would have done, but I do know if it was you, Third Highness, you would definitely kill those people who are able to speculate your intentions.”

Tuoba Zhen did not even blink. “You are right. On the battleground, even before an order is issued by the commander, the smart man tried to be clever and thus affected the morale of the army. As a leader of the troops, only by killing the man would he be able to demonstrate an example. Therefore, one should be smart, but not too smart. One should not try to display her cleverness in front of others, to prevent herself from getting killed. It would not be worth it.”

Li Wei Yang replied coldly: “Sorry, I do not have time to remain here to listen to Your Highness’s stories.”

Tuoba Zhen downed a cup of wine, a flash of coldness glinting in his eyes: “Li Wei Yang, I was not telling a story, I am recounting an actual event in history.  History does tend to repeat itself; if you were the smart man, do you think I would kill you?”

In the moment, Li Wei Yang saw the intention to kill in Tuoba Zhen’s eyes.

Tuoba Zhen would definitely be panicking, because it was always his plan to cut the canal in the future. Now that the Seventh Prince has found out, he would not be able to carry it out. Li Wei Yang knew of the huge impact her revelation would have on Tuoba Zhen, but she did it anyway. Moreover, she did it right in his face, just to make him angry.

Li Wei Yang felt like she was grabbing the scruff of a tiger's neck – filled with a sense of achievement. Of course, it was a dangerous thing to do; a single misstep and she could end up hurting herself.

She smiled gently, her clear eyes dancing alight with sparks, and suddenly took two steps forward. Her hands were folded on the table, and she faced Tuoba Zhen directly: “Third Highness, I’d advise you not to make any moves without careful consideration, especially if you are thinking of killing me or harming the people by my side. You definitely will regret making decision.”

Tuoba Zhen’s voice froze like an iceberg: “Li Wei Yang! Do you really not care for anything at all?!”

Li Wei Yang’s lips curled: “Wrong, I care about much things, especially my own life. So please do not scare me, Third Highness, because I cannot stand to be frightened; if I were to accidentally blurt out things I shouldn’t mention, I’m afraid that Third Highness would lose his head together with my own cheap existence!” She released her grip, and turned around to leave.

Tuoba Zhen totally could not believe it, he could not believe that Li Wei Yang actually had anything on him. He felt that she was just threatening him, scaring him, or perhaps it was only a small spark of intelligence that just happened to let her guess his plans with the river. He therefore, did not take this threat to mind, and shot forward to block the door; her own exit route: “Li Wei Yang! Stand there!”

Tuoba Zhen stared at Li Wei Yang intently, as if his gaze filled with hatred would tear her apart.
Bai Zhi, who was in the room, was stunned with shock. Her far off position did not allow her to hear their exchange, but seeing Third Highness’s unusual behavior, an endless fear surged in her heart. Zhao Yue, who was standing at the sidelines, had her hand ready on her sword’s pommel.

Li Wei Yang looked back at him coldly. Tuoba Zhen did not know why, but her expression caused him to have a moment’s difficulty in breathing.

He gritted his teeth: “You dare leave without my permission?!”

Li Wei Yang smiled and stretched out her slim fingers to brush off a spot of wine stain on Tuoba Zhen’s chest: “Third Highness, you have your sunshine path, while I have my wooden bridge to cross. Remember to stay far away from me, don’t follow me around all day like a lost puppy. I hated you ever since Day One. Remember that!” She gently tapped his shoulder and sashayed out of the room, discarding him like a piece of smelly cloth.

Tuoba Zhen was left standing there. A cold wind blew towards him, and he felt a shiver from his head to his feet. Just now, he clearly saw how bone chillingly cold Li Wei Yang’s gaze was; it did not seem human, but as if she was a wronged spirit who had crawled out of hell to demand for his life!

As she walked past a room, Li Wei Yang did not go downstairs; she suddenly pushed open the adjoining door, smiling: “Seventh Highness, did it feel good to eavesdrop?”

The man who said that he was searching for Ninth Princess was sitting there the whole time, smiling without a trace of guilt. He raised his cup in salute: “Xianzhu has guts!”

Li Wei Yang laughed coolly: “Zhao Yue, keep watch outside. Kill any busybodies who dare to step in!”

“Understood.” Zhao Yue and Bai Zhi stepped back.

Li Wei Yang and Tuoba Yu were the only ones in the room.

Tuoba Yu raised his eyebrows and gave a small smile: “How did Xianzhu guess that I was next door?”

“The guards will naturally be the ones looking for our runaway princess. Moreover, since you know that Tuoba Zhen is up to no good, you wouldn’t simply leave me to deal with him alone, isn’t it?” Li Wei Yang replied coldly.

“Xianzhu knows me well indeed.”

“Too bad that I was wrong about you!” Li Wei Yang retorted. “I had thought that after the previous incident, even if we cannot not trust each other fully, at the very least we are still allies. Yet now you’re doing such sneaky things!”

A flush of red appeared on Tuoba Yu’s cool face; he couldn’t help but admit that he still could not believe in Li Wei Yang with all his heart. “I did not mean this.”

Li Wei Yang suppressed her anger. Actually, it was not unreasonable of Tuoba Yu to not trust her. In this fight between the princes, it wouldn’t be impossible if Li Wei Yang was actually a supporter of Tuoba Zhen, and her actions towards Tuoba Yu was all an act to gain his trust! From her previous life as his bitter rival, Li Wei Yang knew that Tuoba Yu was not as naïve as that.

Hence, she softened her displeasure and said in a low voice: “I know it will not be easy to gain Your Highness’ trust, therefore I have already prepared a great number of gifts to prove my sincerity to you.”

“For example?” Tuoba Yu was suddenly very interested in what she had to say.

“On the surface, Third Prince is loving towards his brothers and respectful of the Emperor, but in actual fact, he has an ambitious heart. He has not only secret ties with court officials, but connections with people from the underworld. From his large web of elites serving in his household, there is an honorable mention of his four generals, three wise men, and two ladies.

The four generals are Li Jing, Mu Yang, Zhou Heng, and Lu Lu; they are knowledgeable in the art of war, especially Li Jing, who has the title of ‘Heavenly dragon above the skies’ amongst the soldiers, after he fought and killed 506 men in a battle at the South border thirteen years ago. Once a grand commander who led thousands of cavalries into battle, he was however, kicked out after causing delay in the army due to his drunken state eight years ago. Tuoba Zhen later helped him to create a false identity to re-enter the army, where he is now a general.

Mu Yang appears to be a weak scholar, with only a minor role as a censor in the Imperial Palace, but at the young age of sixteen, he had already taken on the role of sub-leader in a secret society.

Zhou Heng was originally a family of court officials who served the previous Emperor; however, his entire clan of 109 members was beheaded due to a trap set by their enemies.  As a newborn, he managed to escape death and grew up in the wild. Tuoba Zhen took him in, and also under a false name, inserted him into the royal guards, responsible for the personal safety of the Emperor. He rose through the ranks and is now a sub-commander of the Northern branch of the imperial guard.

Lu Lu comes from a commoner background, but he has good connections due to his skills in communication. He is also cruel without a doubt and loyal to the core; that is why he is situated in the spy camp, specializing in silent assassinations.”

Li Wei Yang gave a small grin as she recounted. Tuoba Yu inhaled deeply, folding his hands behind his back. He fidgeted, brought his hands to his sides, and changed position yet again, bringing his hands into his sleeves. He was obviously discomforted, as he did not know all the facts she had just said.

There were some secrets that only Tuoba Zhen knew, that no one else should know about.

Yet Li Wei Yang had all this information. She continued: “The three wise men are Gao Cheng, Jing Neng, and Sun Song. Gao Cheng excels at plotting, and is an aide in the Crown Prince’s household. Jing Neng is knowledgeable in the etiquette and practices of emperors; he is the Crown Prince’s teacher. Sun Song has the gift of the gab; at this moment, he might not seem like much use, but at the crucial moment, his silver tongue is bound to help his master win the hearts of the officials and people.

As for the two ladies, well... one has already won the heart of the Emperor as his new favorite, while the other is now placed in Fifth Prince’s home…”

Tuoba Yu stood up, with a face full of extreme shock. “Do you know what you are saying?”

Li Wei Yang smiled: “I know you do not believe that Tuoba Zhen has such power, but it is true that over the years, he has been making use of the Crown Prince’s wealth, the Empress’ power, together with Virtuous Consort Wu’s family background, to do things for his own benefit. His acting skills are definitely good, so good that the Empress and her son have been deceived by him for so many years.”

Tuoba Yu’s intuition told him strongly that everything she had said was true; these pieces of information would not have come out of thin air so easily. However, he still felt that she might have been reading too much into it – after all, every single prince would definitely have their own spies installed in their respective rival’s palace. Tuoba Zhen --- he did not think that he could really be this scary.

Li Wei Yang knew that he would have doubts; that he would not realize how dangerous this group of individuals could be. “They are just the cornerstone of an iceberg. Those who can be bribed will be bribed, if not, he would try to convince them. If these two methods do not work, he’d kill them off. I know that every prince has their own power and spies; those can simply be bought with money. However, loyalty cannot be measured with cold hard cash. I dare say that nobody else has the same amount of willpower and patience that Tuoba Zhen has. Not everyone loves money; if you fail to buy someone over, would you be able to forgo your sleep and ride for seven days straight to find your target’s desired treasure as a gift it to him? Would you be willing to pay respects at someone else’s ancestral tomb on his behalf every Qing Ming festival without fail, just to convince him to join you? Are you able to demonstrate your sincerity to those uncouth hooligans from the pugilistic world? To achieve his aim, he will stop at nothing and fear nothing. Qi Your Highness, you are unable to do this, because you are of high birth, you do not need to say anything and yet swarms of people will offer their help to you. However, will they be unconditionally loyal, and die for you if necessary? Just based on this alone, be it you, the Crown Prince, or Fifth Prince, there is no way you all can compare with Tuoba Zhen.”

Tuoba Yu felt shiver down his spine, as if he was strung up from the roof. He originally thought that Tuoba Zhen could not resist the temptation of ambition during the process of assisting the Crown Prince. Who knew that he had plotted from the start to use the Crown Prince and the Empress as his chess pieces? No wonder he is able to be perfectly filial to the Empress and obedient to the Crown Prince; he is utterly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Tuoba Yu sat silently. After a while, he spoke. “I believe you. I would also like to know; how many people know about this?”

“Other than the enraged Third Highness who left in a huff, no one else but me and you.” said Li Wei Yang with a smile upon her face.

Some of these people have not been used to their full potential as of yet, but at the most crucial moment, these seemingly small characters would become the key to Tuoba Zhen’s quest for the throne.

Tuoba Yu took a deep breath: “Will you mention this to anyone else?”

Li Wei Yang understood his underlying message, so she shook her head. “Not a fourth person shall know about this.”

Upon hearing this, Tuoba Yu let out a sigh of relief. He did not know how Li Wei Yang managed to get the information. Everyone has their own secrets; so long as the content is true, who cares how she found out? Most importantly, she could not reveal these gambling chips to others.

He subconsciously sighed again. “Other than this place, I have another eighteen establishments to obtain news for me. Over the years, I have obtained a vast amount of detailed information. But based on what you have told me, out of the seventy scrolls of info regarding Tuoba Zhen, only two of them would be reliable. The rest would be misleading clues that Tuoba Zhen had purposely planted. This person, his motives are extremely frightening.”

Li Wei Yang could only smile. Tuoba Yu might be second to none based on his insight and power of deduction, but in terms of patience in amassing information and paying attention to details in plots, he could not hold a candle to Tuoba Zhen. This was nothing out of the ordinary; no one, including Tuoba Yu, would pay much attention to a prince who did not pose as a threat. He had wasted much effort on others and had neglected Tuoba Zhen. Tuoba Zhen, on the contrary, would not leave any stone unturned; however careful Tuoba Yu might be, however big or powerful his backer Duke Luo is, there was bound to be traceable information he could use against him.

“No one is infallible; there must be someone who is bound to make you negligent. They are too cunning and cruel, like a snake hiding in the dark, taking a bite out of you when you’re not alert. So long as you have a hold on him, you have nothing to fear.”

“I know all these people you have mentioned, but I have taken them as figures who are unimportant, and some of them are even my good friends. I have come to realize that I have committed a grave mistake; much thanks to your advice. I will remember this debt; if you ever find yourself in need, I will do my utmost best to help you.” Tuoba Yu said calmly, as if he was just having a casual and unimportant conversation.

Li Wei Yang looked into those piercing eyes, and she knew that it was a solemn promise. She sank into silence, smiled gently and said: “Thank you.”

“What you have said to Third Brother today...” he softened the hard look in his eyes, and slowly continued, “It was not to agitate him, but to obtain my trust.”

Li Wei Yang did not give any reply in denial or confirmation, she just smiled, and glanced at him after a long while. Suddenly, she realized that he was watching her silently, with a hint of gentleness hidden in the depths of his eyes.

He did not know since when did his interest in her transform into a strange sort of liking. Tuoba Yu’s eyes took her in deeply, and he sighed: “You…” He seemed to have wanted to say something, but from the corner of his eyes, he realized that it was raining outside. “I’ll send you to your carriage.”

It was still bright and sunny when they’d left the mansion, and now the pitter patter of heavy rain descended upon them. The people who had been admiring the lanterns were all searching for cover. As Li Wei Yang stood at the entrance of the inn, Bai Zhi spoke up: “Miss, there is an umbrella in the carriage, your maidservant will get it for you.”

“Here.” Tuoba Yu had already ordered someone to bring an umbrella to him.

Bai Zhi stepped forward to receive it, but Tuoba Yu smiled and stepped away. “Allow me.”

The rain trickled from the umbrella to his cheek; Tuoba Yu lowered his head, his voice, mixing with the raindrops, drifted to Li Wei Yang’s ears: “Xianzhu should enjoy a good rest tonight, after you’ve reached home.”

His side profile appeared extra clear and handsome in the rain. Li Wei Yang smiled. “I do hope so.”

Li Min De was waiting in front of the carriage. It had been a full two hours since he had left, and he had not bothered to return. Li Wei Yang did not question him, and boarded the carriage.

Tuoba Yu gave Li Min De a smile, which he returned coldly, and quickly stepped into the carriage.

The carriage headed back towards the Li Residence. Through the curtains, Li Wei Yang could see the tall silhouette still remaining in the rain. She did not understand why he did not use the umbrella, and he seemed to be gazing at the carriage, deep in thought…

Li Wei Yang paused, and let the curtains fall. Beside her, Li Min De spoke: “Third Sister --”

She turned to look at him. “What’s the matter?”

“You’re not going to ask me where I’ve been?”

Li Wei Yang lifted her hands to softly brush away the thin layer of rain on his shoulders. “You went to see Yan Zhi?”

Li Min De was stunned and could not utter a word in reply.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “You did not eat anything during the feast just now. I’ve ordered someone to bring food and wine here. Bai Zhi.”

Bai Zhi immediately responded to her name. She opened the purple sandalwood lunchbox, laying out the dishes one by one. Li Wei Yang took one look at Li Min De’s pale face and said, “It is cold at night when it rains, why didn’t you at least put on another layer of clothes? Never mind, have some Osmanthus wine, it’ll help to get rid of the chills.”

Li Min De froze. Li Wei Yang observed him; this youth had a clear and defined facial structure, blended with a soft beauty and strong willpower. A combination of these two should have been conflicting, yet on his face, it was enrapturing. Her eyes were filled with smiles: “Come over, quickly!”

He came to her, but held on the chopsticks without touching the food.

“What are you thinking of?” She reached over and flicked his forehead with her finger; Li Min De clutched his forehead at the sudden pain.
“Drifting off again… It looks like you are defying me on purpose!”

“I was not –” He opened his mouth to explain.

Li Wei Yang suddenly laughed, and although it was gone in a flash, he was captivated by it.

“Do not say things like ‘sorry I cannot tell you the truth’, although I do not like trickery…” She sighed. “Whatever the case, you need only know one thing: I will not blame you, even though you refuse to tell me the truth…”

Li Min De’s pupils narrowed, and a flash of gratitude appeared in the depths of his eyes, only to be replaced by sorrow.

Li Wei Yang saw the changes in his expression clearly, and involuntarily, a surge of heartache welled up in her. She also felt a sense of distance, which made her feel sad. This child who had depended on her, was he growing up? It was getting harder and harder to understand his feelings now.

However, at the next moment, Li Min De suddenly laid his head on her shoulders.

“What’s the matter?” Li Wei Yang wondered, surprised.

Li Min De did not reply her, and continued to rest on her shoulders. His eyes were smarting on the verge of tears; every time he thought of the fact that he would have to leave her in the end, his heart felt twisted up in pain.

“You said that you’ve grown up, you’ll definitely have your own secrets. You should be happy that I did not probe, because it means that I trust you.” Li Wei Yang pulled him up and stuffed the chopsticks back into his hands, and personally fed him a slice of sweet and sour fish: “Eat.”

The Osmanthus wine did not have a high alcohol content, and Li Wei Yang enjoyed its sweet taste. There were outsiders at dinner just now, and she did not think it wise to drink too much. Right now, with only Li Min De present, she could slowly savor the wine. As she drank the Osmanthus wine, she felt warmth filling her entire body.

As she looked at the thin ribbons of rain falling to the ground outside the window, Li Wei Yang thought of Tuoba Zhen’s furious state. She couldn’t help but laugh, and downed her wine in one gulp.

Li Min De paused and turned to look at her.

“Third Sister?” He had never seen her drink, let alone with such a strange expression at this timing.

Li Wei Yang paused and recovered her senses. “I won’t get drunk, don’t worry. It’s just a small cup.” she smiled and said.

Li Min De eyed the cup in her hands. “Didn’t you already drink three cups?”

He took her cup from her hands and set it on the table, but as quick as lightning, she grabbed his cup and drank it dry.

“Third Sister?!”

“Hmm?” Li Wei Yang smiled gently, a lock of black hair framing her clear face. Under the candle lights in the carriage, her eyes were like smoke, clear and understated, and her expression had a hint of impatience. “Since when did become so naggy, Mr. Caretaker!”

Li Min De lowered his head, embarrassed. He saw that she still held the wine cup in her slim fingers, and her eyes, though filled with a tipsiness like crushed jade, remained staring at him clearly.

Li Wei Yang leaned back in her seat as if drunk, resting slightly on him.

The rich floral smell of Osmanthus, combined with the clear scent on her body, made a strange fragrance that permeated from his nose, to his limbs, and to the bottom of his heart.

He suddenly wanted this moment to last forever, but a voice resonated in his head, reminding him not to be greedy, not to sink into this warmth... your existence will only drag her down, and even cause her immeasurable dangers. This is not a place where you should remain, and you will never be able to pay the price if you lose her completely...

Li Min De dropped his head and suddenly reached out for the pitcher of Osmanthus wine in front of him. Using the glass cup that Li Wei Yang had just used, he downed a cup, but to him, the taste was completely different from what he had drank beforehand.

Zhao Yue was guarding the carriage outside, and within it, Bai Zhi was carefully selecting a candle wick. In truth, her heart had a strange feeling within it. Third Young Master seemed to be different from the past. He was a smart and clever boy, full of innocence, but now, especially when he was silent, she did not dare to speak to him. Somehow, he seemed to be radiating power and nobility, which was an aura he lacked in the past. His eyes were also constantly darting about, showing a looming indifference and coldness that usually was present in adults. Did Third Furen’s death really cause such a drastic change in him?

“Min De?” Li Wei Yang sounded as she really was drunk; she tilted her head, like she was looking at a stranger, and called his name. Her hands reached up and pinched his cheeks.


“Smile, I like to see you smile!” She had regained her fierce demeanor.

Looking at his red stained cheeks and his eyes like summer waters, Li Wei Yang could not hold herself back from squeezing his cheeks repeatedly.

“Third Sister, you are really drunk!” It was as if she had been swapped with someone else! Li Min De was speechless, and his face resembled a bun after all that pinching.

Li Wei Yang murmured: “Wine can make you forget your depression and drown your sorrows. Min De, you should also have some. You’re being so naggy at such a young age, imagine how horrible you’d be when you grow older!”

She felt as if the whole world was shaking, and tried to open her eyes, only to see Li Min De as red faced as a tomato. She released her hands and adjusted her body to find a more comfortable position to rest in.

Seeing her sleeping face, Li Min De suddenly broke into a smile. He lowered his voice: “This is good, so long as you are happy, anything goes.”

Tonight, he felt that Li Wei Yang’s feelings were in a terrible turmoil. Although he did not know why, he felt that he would be willing do anything, just to earn a smile from her.

Translator: Jaslynn
Editor: Erie
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      But that's exactly why it's not such a big deal for Wei Yang. "What, you're probably a lost prince of a neighbouring kingdom, hidden away because someone was trying to kill you or your parents? Big deal. I was reborn into my own life."

      She's smart. She could make a sharp, educated guess that would be very close to the truth of what he actually is, and it's nothing she needed to worry about. Is he a threat? Definitely no. Would he be one more person who's on her side and has her back? Yes. They do have a bond that began with her saving his life. So, is his secret actually important for her to know precisely? No. So yeah, I don't think his secret is that big of a deal either.

      As for the Seventh Prince, well. He's intrigued by her intelligence and perceptiveness, but they've merely been convenient allies so far. She hadn't seen all his sides and neither had he seen all her sides. She's definitely more honest with Min De, because they had to survive Li household together from the bottom. I'm not saying that she couldn't end up with the Tuoba Yu, it's just that he still has some ways to go before he's anywhere in the Li Min De's ballpark right now.

    3. Late to comment but no. You're not alone. I don't necessarily ship her with anyone, but I can foresee this time around both princes will fall for her. TY in a more romantic way, TBZ in a sociopath way.

      I cannot say why, but I don't like LMD. I pity the original LMD whom is being hinted to have already died. He surely died that day in the lake and the LMD now is some transmigrated sould that probably was someone close to LWY in her previous round at this life.

      Then, there's the real origin of the real/former LMD, which has been hinted it's a prince from a neighbour country that had to be hidden away.

      The whole way the story is told is tricky. Is like the author wants us to focus on the facts about LMD hiding that "real" identity from the LMD-body, so LWY suspects a few things about it and purposely ignores those because she doesn't think it's meant to harm her. However, there's that other shade on LMD's true soul identity which I dont trust. He's apparently protective of her but, for some reason, what I feel from reading his lines and behavior, he is too clingy, jealous and possessive and I don't quite like that. Something is off with him whether he's the true ML or he's not.

  6. Thanks for the chapter! I squealed when LWY made that declaration. 'I hated you ever since Day One.' Giant slap to Tuoba Zhen's face. XD

  7. Knew it seems the romance is shit


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