The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 72 - Part 1

October 25, 2017

Chapter 72: Midnight Ambush

The guard was about to call for help when he felt everything from his mouth to his face burning and throbbing painfully as if flames had spread to the rest of him, unable to make a sound.
“Li Wei Yang, what have you done?” Tuoba Yu suddenly turned to her.
Li Wei Yang smiled, revealing her dimples. However, at the same time, she had a cold, unforgiving air that did not suit someone her age: “Qi Dianxia, you have seen for yourself, this poisonous caterpillar crawled out of the prayer beads!”
Tuoba Yu was stunned. After that, as if realizing something, he quickly waved his hand, signaling the guards from afar to come: “He was not careful and was bitten by a poisonous caterpillar, help him out.”
Earlier, the guards had stood quite far away, so they did not see what happened exactly. Now, seeing Qi Huangzi’s unpleasant expressions, they quickly understood and carried the guard away.
“The prayer beads are toxic.” Tuoba Yu’s words were those of confirmation.
Li Wei Yang did not respond, she held a cup full of flower petals, slowly took two sips, she could taste a clear, crisp and fragrant aftertaste of the tea, which also had sweet, honey tones. After that, she indifferently said: “This is a Miao Jiang poisonous caterpillar. Normally, it would not come out. It is a pity that it is fond of sweets, and for that reason, luring it out is not difficult.”
“Just that and it is lured out, the enemy is as simple as that?”
The corners of Li Wei Yang’s mouth lifted slightly: “The lifespan of the poisonous caterpillar inside the prayer beads is rather short, so when it reaches adulthood, there is no way to lead it out. The opposition had not intended to use the prayer beads at this moment because it is not the right time and place yet. However, since I intervened in others’ affairs, they had no choice and could not wait until it matures. When I put it like this, Dianxia should understand.”
Crashing waves and strong winds stirred within Tuoba Yu’s heart, unable to keep his calm. It was dusk now. The faded light streaked through the clouds and shone against his face, revealing a handsome, graceful face like that of one in a painting: “Hearing you say this, you seem to have a good understanding of this type of poison.”
Li Wei Yang’s eyebrows rose as she smiled coldly: “I cannot say it is much, but I know enough to understand that if Dianxia had held onto the prayer beads for a year, then your lifespan would have been shortened by 10-20 years.”
Li Wei Yang did not want to know this much. It was a pity that she had been with Tuoba Zhen, pitted in the center of Da Li’s power struggle. Naturally, she had the opportunity to come across some of the most critical information. Moreover, these news were in details. It had been more or less out of Tuoba Zhen’s respect for her… Even so, he was still an individual, although he was cautious with her, when dealing with the enemy, he still had to reveal quite a bit in order to gain her support.
If he had kept the prayer beads with him… The thought of it made Tuoba Yu pale as cold sweat ran down his back. He thought about it, then suddenly smiled. Earlier, Li Wei Yang felt his smile had a spring breeze, warm and stirring others’ hearts. Now, it was completely different. She felt rather uncomfortable and furrowed her brows together: “If Dianxia is grieving for the guard, then think of it as that I was out-of-line.”
Having said so, she was about to turn and leave.
Suddenly, Tuoba Yu stood in front of her, stopping her, his eyes clear: “No, I want to thank you. If you had not intervened today, I would have been fooled by this scheme.”
“Dianxia does not blame me for harming that guard?” Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows.
Tuoba Yu smiled slightly: “He may have been by my side for many years, but there is no guarantee that he was someone trustworthy.”
Then that would have to do for now. Li Wei Yang nodded. Perhaps her efforts were not wasted after all.
“The person behind this, could it be someone who was in this hall?” Tuoba Yu suddenly spoke up.
Li Wei Yang blinked and said: “What does Dianxia think?”
Tuoba Yu had a forced smile: “That Taizi wants me dead?”
Li Wei Yang shook her head. She had on a blank smile and mirthless expressions: “You see, I only fear that if something were to happen, Dianxia will certainly blame the innocent Taizi.”
The corners of Tuoba Yu’s mouth shifted into a subtle sneer: “Tuoba Zhen.”
Li Wei Yang smiled distantly, like the jujube in full bloom at the end of autumn, making others become soft-hearted: “Qi Dianxia has yet to reach the point of naivety.”
Tuoba Yu’s expressions grew solemn: “He must be full of wishful thinking!” Everything, from taking Taizi’s name and authority, had been done to make others think that it was Taizi’s doing. Tuoba Zhen was certainly someone who was difficult to oppose!
The corners of Li Wei Yang’s mouth lifted, her smile growing evident: “Since Dianxia is aware, then one should be cautious for the best.”
The side of Tuoba Yu’s face reflected his kempt appearance, but his words vaguely held a dry humor: “Actually, I want to know how you know all these things and why you are helping me.”
Li Wei Yang could not tell him the truth, but she did not want to deceive him either, so she remained silent.
“Li Wei Yang,” Tuoba Yu understood and knew she did not want to say, so he did not pry. His lips curved into a faint smile: “On a normal day, do you often smile at others like this?”
“Ha?” Li Wei Yang was slightly stunned. Recognizing the ridicule in his words, her face became stony, “Dianxia, do not misunderstand my good intentions.”
She was not a young, naive girl. No one should ever think they could say as they please, and still think that they would be able to choose her response.
Tuoba Yu laughed and said: “Fortunately, I met you today, if not, something would have happened this time.” He turned away, suddenly changing the topic, “Have you familiarized yourself with this place yet?”
Li Wei Yang felt strange and continued to stare at him without saying anything.
“Life in the countryside is tedious, but compared to the Capital, it is much more peaceful. This place has many struggles within one another, but you still have to get used to it,” He said lightly.
Li Wei Yang was surprised, but Tuoba Yu only smiled wryly as if he had not spoken those words.
Li Wei Yang subconsciously glanced off into the distance. People had gathered along the flower bushes, looking over in this direction. Li Wei Yang’s heart grew cold again. There were many eyes in this place, it would be troublesome if others were to think that she and Qi Dianxia were discussing something in secret.
As if reading her mind, Tuoba Yu suddenly spoke up.
“Li Wei Yang,” He looked to her, dark as a shadow at night, like an obsidian crystal: “As for Liu Yue, I will find a way to resolve this, and the guards will not utter a word.”
Li Wei Yang adjusted her clothes and performed a ceremonial greeting: “I thank Dianxia.”
Tuoba Yu smiled thinly and suddenly took a step closer before Li Wei Yang could react.
“Conflict in the Capital is not what you would imagine,” Tuoba Yu softly whispered into her ear, “Do not be as reckless as you were today.”
Li Wei Yang subconsciously trembled, her gaze downcast and focused on the green grass: “Yes. I thank Dianxia.” She turned around, recollecting her disarrayed state of mind and quickly left.
Once she left the Pavilion and was out of sight, Li Wei Yang let out a sigh of relief.
Bai Zhi was surprised to see her: “Xiaojie, Nubi thought Xiaojie was not worried at all!”
Li Wei Yang broke into a smile: “How could I not be worried, my heart is still racing! You see how cold he is, no different from a glacier, speaking with him is like wasting my breath.”
Mo Zhu came closer and said: “Xiaojie, when Nubi stood watch outside, not long after Xiaojie went in, two Yatous came and said they wanted to invite Xiaojie to the front. Nubi said Xiaojie had been walking for a while and felt tired, so Xiaojie had stopped here to rest for a bit…”
“Did they take your word for it?” Li Wei Yang asked.
“It seemed like it,” Mo Zhu laughed, “They pestered Nubi with just about everything, but in the end, they could not approach the Pavilion. Even if they suspected something, they could not hear what Xiaojie and Qi Dianxia were saying, so Xiaojie, you can rest assured.”
Li Wei Yang smiled: “I did not think you could also be as clever.”
Mo Zhu replied: “Having followed Xiaojie for so long, even a blockhead would become clever.”
Li Wei Yang suddenly laughed aloud as she said: “Is that San Gongzi?”
Bai Zhi’s eyes widened as she looked at where Li Wei Yang was pointing at. She saw Li Min De’s silhouette briefly streak past the flower bush.
Stunned, Bai Zhi exclaimed: “It seems to be!”
Something occurred to Li Wei Yang as she hurriedly asked Bai Zhi: “Aside from Min De, did you see a servant in gray garments?”
Bai Zhi was startled and said: “No, Nubi only saw San Gongzi.”
So Bai Zhi did not see that tall person wearing gray. Beside her, Mo Zhu said: “Just now, Nubi saw San Gongzi standing with someone in gray.”

Li Wei Yang pressed Mo Zhu for details: “Did you recognize that person?”
Mo Zhu shook her head: “At the moment, Nubi was still worrying about Xiaojie’s orders and did not notice at all. Besides, that person’s clothes were those of a common guard, so Nubi did not pay special attention to him.”
Bai Zhu frowned: “What Xiaojie is saying is—— ”
Li Wei Yang smiled as she said: “Recently, I felt that Min De has been a bit strange, but I could not figure out why. Now, it seems I have a couple clues, but I should not be hasty.”
Li Wei Yang had intended to go over when she heard a voice behind her: “Xianzhu, wait.”
She looked back and saw Tuoba Zhen standing behind the artificial rock, smiling as he walked out. Beside him was also “Ba Huangzi”, or rather, Jiu Gongzhu, examining her surroundings.
Jiu Gongzhu smiled and said: “Earlier, Xianzhu was speaking with Qi ge for some time, what were you discussing?”
This place was over a hundred meters away from the Pavilion, not to mention, surrounded by Tuoba Yu’s guards. Li Wei Yang was not worried they might hear something and smiled clearly: “Qi Dianxia told me a secret.”
Jiu Gongzhu smiled brightly and ran over: “Tell me, I like hearing secrets the most.”
Li Wei Yang gently coughed and said: “Qi Dianxia said Jiu Gongzhu secretly snuck of out the palace, masquerading as Ba Huangzi and going everywhere, giving Qi Dianxia quite a headache. Dianxia does not know how to answer to Bixia. Truthfully speaking, Dianxia fears Jiu Gongzhu will be punished, but if he were to lie to Bixia, he would feel guilty——”
“What? Qi ge even told Xianzhu about this? Qi ge is too much! I have to find Qi ge!” Jiu Gongzhu’s small face was flushed red. Furious, she momentarily forgot to ask Li Wei Yang for details, and ran over to the Pavilion.
Tuoba Zhen smiled clearly: “Xianzhu is truly clever, grasping Jiumei’s weakness, you were able to send her away with a couple words.”
Earlier, Yongning Gongzhu invited him over for tea. Tuoba Yu had kept that Yatou here to press for details, so they had gone ahead. However, Tuoba Yu did not come, leading him to grow suspicious. Right when Jiu Gongzhu demanded to go outside, he immediately used it as an excuse to lead Jiu Gongzhu here. Who would have thought he would see Li Wei Yang and Tuoba Yu in the Pavilion, conversing with each other almost happily. The sight made his heart clench, making him uncomfortable, very uncomfortable!
Li Wei Yang kept declining his proposals, yet she smiled brightly at Qi Huangzi, making him feel as if she held him in contempt, and in this lifetime, he resented that feeling the most!
His gaze fell on Li Wei Yang’s unfazed expression. Tuoba Zhen coldly said: “Li Wei Yang, it seems you have placed your hopes in the wrong place!”
Li Wei Yang smiled in response: “San Dianxia, Wei Yang believes in her own eyes.”
Tuoba Zhen’s expressions suddenly became hostile, cold and detached, as he stood before her, staring intently at Li Wei Yang, whose face had yet to change. Behind her, however, Bai Zhi felt a strange coldness grappled her heart. On any other days, she followed Xiaojie and came across quite a few people, such as Da Xiaojie and her superficial goodwill or Da Furen and her cruelty and wickedness, but this was the first time she felt fear from the bottom of her heart.
Just when Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu felt as if they were faced with great animosity, Tuoba Zhen let out a smile, his smile was amiable and warm but it had ulterior motives. Li Wei Yang blankly stared at him. Compared to the frightening side of him that he did not bother to hide, this unpredictability was like the deep, dark forest that inspired fear in others, because one could never guess what he wanted, like they would never know what good fortune they would receive from this monster!
Tuoba Zhen did not say a word, firmly holding onto Li Wei Yang’s hand as he pulled her along. Furious, Li Wei Yang said: “What are you doing?”
Tuoba Zhen smiled indifferently: “Come to watch the chess game where this victory or defeat of ours will be decided.”
Who would have expected Li Wei Yang to coldly brush his hand away: “No need to drag me, I can go myself!”
Tuoba Zhen narrowed his eyes as Li Wei Yang walked past him and scoffed coldly before following after her.
Li Wei Yang returned to the Pavilion and saw Jiu Gongzhu holding onto Tuoba Yu’s arm, going back and forth, pestering him to talk to her. Tuoba Yu was surprised to see Li Wei Yang return.
Li Wei Yang grimaced as she sat down: “I was invited to watch a chess game.”
Tuoba Yu glanced at the chess pieces on the table, he did not think Tuoba Zhen would still care about their unfinished game. “Since that is the case, please make your move, San ge.”
Tuoba Zhen smiled vaguely and sat down, continuing to pick up the chess pieces. Li Wei Yang promptly ignored him, eying the black and white pieces killing ceaselessly in a restless struggle. Neither side had a clear advantage, as of now, it was difficult to determine who the victor would be.
Li Wei Yang did not excel in the arts women were expected to like painting, poetry, dance, and music -- except chess -- Tuoba Zhen liked chess the most. To win his favor, she had spent a lot of time and effort. Just to keep him happy, she spent most of her time and effort on how to let him win while losing in a perfectly plausible way. Now, sitting here and seeing him play with someone else, she truly did not know if she wanted to laugh or cry. Ah, the irony...
Tuoba Zhen commanded the white pieces and Tuoba Yu the black pieces, spread out on the chessboard like a battlefield, like two armies locked in fierce combat.
Li Wei Yang clearly recognized that their strategies were almost equal to one another. For that reason, they battled fiercely, accepting sacrifices as something that was necessary for triump, like that the proxy battle continued, but they still kept the endgame in mind.
Tuoba Zhen’s gaze seemed to be frozen on the board, the piece between his fingers had yet to be lowered.
Jiu Gongzhu leaned towards Li Wei Yang, tilting her head: “Xianzhu, who do you think will win?”
Li Wei Yang calmly responded: “The chances are about the same, both play excellently. There is still a long battle left before the victor can be determined.”
She may have said this, but in her heart, she understood these chess pieces reflected one’s true character when playing. Tuoba Zhen excelled at scheming, taking care of things quietly in the background, and was cautious in every aspect. His only flaw was perhaps over-thinking, combined with paranoia and caution. And Tuoba Yu, he was apathetic and certainly intelligent, but others could easily take advantage of his carelessness. If he were to meet an opponent like Tuoba Zhen, then the slightest mistake could cost him everything.
Like Li Wei Yang had predicted, the two struggled for quite a while. Even when Jiu Gongzhu had laid down on the sleeping platform, a victor had yet to emerge. Half a shichen had passed.
A bit later, Lao Furen sent someone over: “Xianzhu, it is time to return.”
Tuoba Zhen calmly said: “Tell Lao Furen of your household that Xianzhu is here to oversee the game for Qidi and me. Once it is over, I will personally escort her home!”
He had no intention of letting her go! Li Wei Yang frowned: “Jiu Gongzhu here can take over!”
Tuoba Yu looked up and glanced over at Li Wei Yang: “Jiumei is only a xiao haizi. She is also sleeping rather soundly, we should not disturb her. We will have to trouble Xianzhu this time.”
Li Wei Yang stood and took the chess piece in Tuoba Yu’s hand and firmly planted it on the chessboard.
Tuoba Zhen’s face was quickly drained of color. Li Wei Yang turned to look at him with a cheerful smile. She was radiant and amiable, but her smile had a different type of allure that made Tuoba Zhen’s heart stir and race.
Amongst the black and white pieces on the chessboard, a victor had been decided.
Because someone had nudged her, Jiu Gongzhu suddenly sat up, saw the chessboard and immediately shouted: “Ah, Qi ge won!”
Tuoba Zhen coldly stared at LI Wei Yang. Li Wei Yang could not hide the impatience in her eyes: “The game has ended. At this time, I must return.”
Tuoba Yu turned and peered past the flower gardens. Indeed, most of the guests had left. He laughed softly: “Thank you Xianzhu for your assistance today, so I could win against San ge. We will meet again.”
LI Wei Yang nodded and led Bai Zhi and Mo Zhu away, departing immediately.
She found only Li Min De waiting for her in front of the horse carriage: “Earlier, someone had informed us that Nan An Hou Furen has paid a visit to the residence. Lao Furen could not wait any longer and left beforehand. Da Furen and Da Xiaojie have also returned. I heard Wu Huangzi noticed that it was late and feared the roads would be difficult to travel and personally escorted them home.”

Li Chang Le was the one at a loss and certainly did not have the face to stay around and wait. Wu Huangzi liked to play the role of the messenger, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Li Wei Yang nodded: “Let's go then.”

Translator: Chau
Editor: Panisa

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