The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 70 - Part 1

Chapter 70: Enjoying the limelight


1招蜂引蝶 : means to attract bees and butterflies, to flirt with men
皇姐: a way to address an older sister for children of the emperor


At the end of the song, everyone was still enchanted, it was as if the beautiful music was still lingering next to their ears. Li Chang Le smiled and stood up to give a bow to everyone. Everyone finally reacted and all stood up to praise her and looked at her with admiration and worship.

Li Chang Le smilingly said: “I still have to thank Fifth Prince for playing along with his flute.”

Tuoba Rui watched Li Chang Le, his facial expression carried a trace of enchantment: “I was only doing my humble best.”

“Both don’t have to be modest, this kind of music, only the heavens has it, it’s rare to hear it in the human world! Today we all seen an eye-opening scene.”

“Yes, yes, the music from the crested harp is pleasing to listen, and Li Xiaojie’s voice is amazing, very beautiful!”

Everyone spoke at once, there were even young gongzis that wanted to chant poetry to praise Li Chang Le’s beauty. Li Chang Le smiled as she looked towards Li Wei Yang, her eyes were filled with complacence. Every family’s qianjins was skilled in ordinary arts so there were nothing fancy with those. For the past six months, she spent her time learning from their in-residence artisan Lin Gu how to play the crested harp. To learn the instrument, she lacked sleep and food in order to stun everyone in a situation like this.

The second Li Wei Yang and Li Chang Le glanced at each other, Li Wei Yang’s mouth turned into an adorable smile.

Li Chang Le couldn’t spot the exasperation and shamefulness, she unconsciously frowned and was about to speak when Princess Yongning’s cold voice like freezing knives spoke: “I was wondering who it is, it is the Prime Minister’s daughter who the emperor forgave, shouldn’t a daughter of sin be reflecting at home, but you showing yourself in public, how shameful!”

After those words were spoken, everyone’s expression changed. Although Princess Yongning went through the pain of losing her husband but her personality had always been harmonious and no one had ever heard her speak in such a harsh tone.

Princess Yongning made a humph sound: “Li family’s Da Xiaojie is that skillful in playing songs, must have spent a long time practicing it. Spending all your time in this area instead of spending it learning etiquettes, no wonder you came up with an idea that caused chaos for the country and for the people.”

Everyone was frightened speechless; it was as if Li Chang Le had just been dumped cold water on and her face suddenly turned green.

Fifth Prince, seeing the beauty was being berated, he helped and said: “Li Xiaojie is merely a lady of an eminent family, to be able to think of a plan for the people is already rare, Imperial Father had promised to pardon her.”

Princess Yongning coldly laughed: “Imperial Father had always been generous and forgave her but it doesn’t mean she is really innocent, Li Xiaojie, at such a young age, she doesn’t understand the rules, that is fine, but how could Li furen not teach her decorum and propriety.”

Li Xiao Ran as the Prime Minister and Da furen were both shining no matter where they went. She had never endure this kind of humiliation, she stood speechless and almost couldn’t speak a word.

Tuoba Rui was displeased: “Huang Jie, it was only singing and playing music, how could it be related to propriety!”

Princess Yongning’s eyes showed a trace of rage: “What eternal yearning, couldn’t forget! These obscene lyrics, how could a Prime Minister’s qianjin dare sing this! You are obviously attracting bees and butterflies1, what a disgrace!”

Li Chang Le busily said: “Princess, this song was used to describe the atmosphere, other xiaojies just now also sang songs that were similar……”

Yongning’s expression was becoming more and more cold: “You dare debate with me!”

Li Chang Le feel really wronged, Yan Xiaojie who also sang a song was also frightened, she clearly sang a song not similar, although this dynasty encouraged decorum between men and women but in this type of situation, it was difficult to avoid. Back then, Princess Yongning’s fourth sister Princess Rouxin actually wrote a pair of couplets for her future prince consort to express her love. If according to the princess’ statement, wouldn’t that be obscene? Yan Xiaojie stealthily glimpsed at the princess and discovered that her rage was directed towards Li Chang Le and couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Li Chang Le wrongfully said: “Don’t dare.”

Da furen busily spoke: “Chang Le didn’t mean to offend the princess, hope the princess will pardon her!”

Tuoba Yu sighed, Li Chang Le was very careless. His mother Concubine Zhangde had once mentioned to him that Princess Yongning and the prince consort were very in love; the two listened to a musician play on a crested harp from the Western Regions and fell in love so they summoned the musician to teach them. But after the prince consort died, the princess was upset at the sight of the harp so she smashed it into pieces and didn’t want to see this type of instrument ever again. It was just that this was a secret within the palace so only two to three people knew of this and no one dared to spread it. Who would had known that Li Chang Le actually played this instrument, which was like stabbing knives into the princess’ heart?

Tuoba Yu’s eyes circled around Li Chang Le’s face and he suddenly smiled. This beautiful woman didn’t know the inside story but --- he looked towards Li Wei Yang and felt that she definitely knew something or, all of this was planned by her.

Lao furen saw the princess’ countenance changing. Even though she thought the princess’ words went too far but she didn’t intend to speak for Li Chang Le --- she stood up and said: “Did you not hear the princess’ words! Leave!”

Li Chang Le was angry to the point of becoming crazy, she didn’t know what she did wrong that made the princess this furious, it was still fine a moment ago --- Da furen watching this, secretly complained, and busily approached to pull her in.

Princess Yongning’s cold eyes fell onto Li Chang Le and followed her like a shadow.

Fifth Prince Tuoba Rui wanted to help speak for Li Chang Le but seeing that his Huang Jie had fury in her expression and that he shouldn’t make the situation even worse, he lowered his head.

Li Min Feng anxiously watched and was on the urge of running out to defend his sister but in the end, he didn’t had the audacity.

Li Min De wanted to smile yet he only curled his lips into a shallow smile. He was the person that clearly knew about this. San jie deliberately gave the artisan a hundred pieces of gold to expose himself in front of Li Chang Le. San jie calculated that Li Chang Le would definitely ask to learn the skill so that she could shine in front of the public. Since Princess Yongning held many banquets, this fire would eventually burn on Li Chang Le’s body. But --- how did San jie know the princess’ secret?

After this incident, no one dared to praise Li Chang Le. First, she pissed off the emperor and now she infuriated the princess, this beautiful woman’s future was over. Who would dare marry a woman that offended the imperial family? Although she had a solid background and an exceptional appearance but if they married her and when the emperor thought of her wrongs, the person who married her would also be doomed.

Da furen almost crumbled the teacup in her hands, thinking over this, she still couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong, everything was perfect --- how did it turn into this!

Li Chang Le drastically turned around and stared at Li Wei Yang like a venomous snake. She felt that this incident had something to do with Li Wei Yang, must be! But what connection, she, herself didn’t know!

Li Wei Yang leisurely smiled, she couldn’t blame Da furen and her daughter’s resentment. Princess Yongning’s couple pleasure, how could be told to an outsider? Not only these outsiders but even the Emperor didn’t know about this. And for her to know of this, she had to thank Tuoba Zhen. He racked his brains to inquire about each person’s secrets for his own use, and thanked to him, Li Wei Yang knew everything that she wasn’t allow to know.

Tuoba Zhen saw this scene and couldn’t help but shook his head, this Li Chang Le was on a track of bad luck. She actually chose the crested harp, this was Huang Jie’s injury, she actually dared use it, really didn’t want her life! Of course, at that moment, he didn’t link this incident with Li Wei Yang.

The whole scene froze, after Princess Yongning was done being angry, seeing the scene, she frowned.

Tuoba Rui grinned and said: “Huang Jie, there is one more Xiaojie that hasn’t performed yet.” He had already decided, since Da Xiaojie was scolded, then why not pull Li Wei Yang into the waters too!

Da furen coldly looked at Li Wei Yang: “Yes, Wei Yang should also perform for everyone.”

Just now, the princess was infuriated, who dared go up! Everyone used an expression of delight in light of one’s misfortune to look at Li Wei Yang.

Lao furen frowned, even though Wei Yang was clever, but with after what the others performed, what else could she put forth? Moreover, the princess was upset, if --- she began to speak: “Princess, Wei Yang grew up in the countryside, she is not skilled in literature and arts, it would only dirty your eyes.”

Princess Yongning had just scolded the Li family’s Da Xiaojie, she felt apologetic towards Lao furen since in the end, Lao furen was noble and respectful. The words she just spoke didn’t really consider Lao furen’s reputation, she said: “Doesn’t matter, no one will blame her, let her perform in front of everybody.”

Yongning had thought it over, although she heard Li Wei Yang grew up in the countryside, they had a momo there that taught etiquettes, even ordinary qianjin still had to learn something, how could they not learn anything, however, she didn’t think about Li Wei Yang couldn’t even fill her stomach, how could you even learn literature and arts?

Li Wei Yang blinked and then stood up: “Wei Yang obey.”

Being skilled in literature and arts had to be nurtured at a young age. Every qianjin that was seated here, not one, was not an expert in this area. Because of this shortcoming, the Li Wei Yang in the previous life was mocked by countless people. It was only that it was too late for her, to learn these skills would had been too difficult for her to perfect. So she chose to learn dancing; within the three years that she was married to Tuoba Zhen, she actually learned many dance moves to make him happy. Of course --- compared to qianjins that learned how to dance at a young age, she was still not as good. Even if she put in more efforts, it was impossible to make up for those years she lost.

So, she couldn’t take an ordinary path, she must be creative, Li Wei Yang smiled.

Princess Yongning looked at Li Wei Yang and only thought that this girl was different from the other girls. She was like the water in the well under the moon, clear yet deep. Her eyes had something cold in them that made others unable to understand her.

“I have to borrow two things from you, hope the princess will allow.” Li Wei Yang’s voice was very gentle and proper, giving off a normal vibe.

Princess Yongning nodded and said: “Go ahead.”

Listening to the princess’ order, the female official followed Li Wei Yang to prepare. Passing by the corridor until everyone couldn’t see anything, Li Wei Yang lightly smiled and said: “I ask that gugu would help me prepare these things.”

Hearing her words, the female official revealed an uncertain expression but she immediately ordered people to prepare them.

At the banquet

Gao Min coldly laughed: “Humph, deliberately making things mysterious, it’s simply a dance, what kind of tricks can she play.”

Li Chang Le had on a livid face, she wanted to tore Li Wei Yang into pieces, she couldn’t wait to see her humiliate herself.

Tuoba Zhen raised his wine cup, he said: “Seventh brother, cheers.”

Tuoba Yu lightly smiled: “Thank you.”

Fifth Prince who was sitting on the side was looking at Li Chang Le whose countenance was pale, even when Eighth Prince was speaking to him, he couldn’t hear anything. The mischievous Eighth Prince seeing that his brother didn’t pay attention to him, he became restless and wanted to jump up to find others to play with. His eyes suddenly saw Li Min De, a young boy similar to his age and he hurriedly rush over to speak with him. However, whatever he said, Li Min De showed a respectful expression, which made him enraged.

After a while, seeing Li Min De’s beautiful appearance, Eighth Prince stared at him and couldn’t help but said: “Don’t tell me you are a young girl.”

Li Min De calmly looked down: “Eighth Prince, Min De is a man.”

Eighth Prince raised his face, his face filled with suspicions.

At this moment in front of the crowd, servants carried in a four-sided screen with white paper, Wei Guo furen laughed: “What kind of trick is she playing, isn’t she going to dance? She wants to draw in front of the crowd?”

In Princess Yongning’s eyes, curiosity flashed across.

Everyone was in discussion.

It was as if Li Wei Yang didn’t hear anything, she changed into the white dancing clothes that the princess prepared for her and walked into the screen. Because the screen was very big, everyone could only see her slender shadow but couldn’t see her face, making them very curious.

The entire garden was quiet, quiet to the point that it seemed like there was not one person there.

With the start of the music, she flung her sleeves and started moving, following the music. Her body turned, her sleeves flew up, the hairpin on her head swung back and forth.The flower moved as the wind blew, following her movements as she continued to dance. The crowd was unable to see her face and was only able to see her slender shadow like rosy clouds that were broken apart that fell onto the grounds.

Everyone was surprised since they had never seen this type of dance. They actually thought the dances that they had seen clearly were average but watching just the beautiful shadow from the screen, they found it very fascinating.

The princess smiled: “What a clever child.”

Li Chang Le lightly chuckled, humph, Li Wei Yang really had tricks, she knew her dance moves were average and even used shadow dance as a way to perform, using novelty to wash away her ordinary dance skills.

Right at this moment, Eighth Prince suddenly jumped up and widened his eyes and said: “Look!”

Everyone watched with curiosity and realized the white screen had a mark on it. Then, three blooming flowers appeared, following the music. What made the people surprised was following Li Wei Yang’s hand movements, the flowers drawn looked like they had just awoken from a slumber.

She danced like the clouds in the sky, like fog turning into teardrops.

She danced like birds flying from a huge forest,like escaping from imprisonment.

Eighth Prince slowly stood up, his small face was filled with excitement, he crazily applauded: “Good, good! This is really good! Aiya, it’s better than those who performed earlier!”

Everyone was shocked, they couldn’t describe this performance. It wasn’t unrivaled and her drawing skills weren’t exquisite but it was combining the two together that made it enchanting. Each dance movement coordinated with the blossoming of a flower, each rhythm matched with the drawing perfectly, flowers bloomed and danced, Li Wei Yang, what an ingenious thought!

Princess Yongning was fixed her eyes on her, even though she smiled in the end, she lightly nodded and said: “This child, is very smart.”
After the music ended, the four-sided screen had blossomed fresh flowers drawn on it to recreate the current scene of fresh flowers. Li Wei Yang lightly breathed out and slowly walked out from the screen. Everyone, at this time, finally noticed that her sleeves were soaked with ink but she acted as if it wasn’t so and laughingly bowed in front of the princess.

Princess Yongning lightly smiled and said: “It’s great that you’re able to have this thought, no wonder Imperial Father likes you. What kind of dance is this?”

Li Wei Yang righteous eyes blinked and smiled: “Reporting to the princess, this is ink water dance.”

Ink water dance, Princess Yongning nodded: “Very appropriate.” Saying this, she waved her hand to signal the female official to carry the tray over. Li Wei Yang took ahold of it and it was a tray of jewelry and purses. Li Wei Yang thanked her with a face of smiles and returned to her seat. She saw Li Chang Le’s face filled with resentment looking at her, Li Wei Yang didn’t care at all and sweetly smiled at her and sat down.

Fifth Prince was tongue-tied and almost couldn’t utter a word.

Third Prince Tuoba Zhen actually smiled, he knew Li Wei Yang would definitely not disappoint, this person was no doubt smarter than Li Chang Le. Speaking of dance moves, Li Wei Yang couldn’t rival ministry of affairs’ daughter Li Xiaojie; speaking of calligraphy, she couldn’t be compared to female scholar Xue Ningyan. Since she couldn’t compete with them directly, she could only use her wits. Her performance today combined an ordinary dance with painting, which certainly shocked everyone and exceeded what Li Chang Le performed before, Li Wei Yang could be considered famous overnight!

Tuoba Yu continued to toast with the people by his side, the smile on his face deepened.

Da furen made a pattered sound, the nail on her left pinky finger split in half, this light sound, no one was able to notice. Because of this moment, Da furen face was full of reliefs and acted as if she felt honored as she received other furens’ congratulations.

“Aiya, your family’s Xianzhu, not only is she adorable and smart, her dance moves are great, her calligraphy is great, this type of exquisite dance, I have never seen this before!”

“Yes, yes, it’s all owing to Li furen’s proper guidance!”

“How extraordinary, such a young age, not even a slight bit stage fright, really an eye-opening dance!”

Da furen’s smile froze on her face, her hand in her sleeve made a blood mark, Li Wei Yang, this little bitch, you actually shone in the limelight, really make others couldn’t bear it!

Translator: Erica
Editor: Panisa


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