The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 68 - Part 1

October 04, 2017

Chapter 68: Meeting on a narrow path

1天衣无缝: literal meaning is a heaven robe with no seams; used to describe something to be flawless, with no trace of evidence

2Wu di: Fifth (younger) brother

3San ge: Third (older) brother


At this moment, a desperate knocking sound was heard on the outside, Li Wei Yang frowned, “Who is it?”

“Xiaojie, it is Mo Zhu.” Mo Zhu whispered. The desperateness in her voice made Li Wei Yang felt an inexpressible omen.


Once Mo Zhu entered and saw Li Min De, her expression revealed surprise and tears immediately formed in her eyes as she said: “Xiaojie, San furen ……. San Furen can’t anymore ……”

A pain struck in Li Wei Yang’s heart and she unconsciously looked towards him. This young boy’s expression at this moment did not show a speck of abnormality. It was as if he didn’t just heard news about the danger of his adopted mother’s illness and instead it was something that was none of his business. But his hands were actually shaking really hard, the movements within his eyes were indubitably the pain that was difficult to veil.

He was a child after all …… Li Wei Yang tightly held onto his hand.

Li Min De looked towards her and immediately smiled, he said: “I have to return now.”

“I will go with you.” Li Wei Yang sighed as she gently said.

In San furen’s room, a piece of fine red thread was seen slipping out from the drapes. Lao furen specifically invited an imperial physician over to check her pulse. The old physician’s beard had already passed his chest; his eyes were slightly closed, his mouth was quietly chanting something. Even though Li Wei Yang had seen San furen’s ill countenance in the day but seeing her again she had feelings of palpitation. San furen, who was originally gentle and beautiful, had become emaciated like a thin shadow. She was lying in heavy layers of blanket, her breathing extremely rapid. It seemed like if she missed a breath, her life would have ended.  
At this point, Lao furen was not sitting far away as she anxiously looked towards the physician. Da furen and Er furen were both standing on the sides. Lao furen had already lost a son, she had experienced the pain of witnessing that; now her daughter in-law was also leaving her, thinking of this made others felt uneasy. The servants by San furen’s side all had the urge to cry but none dared to cry at this moment since San furen hadn’t passed away yet after all. If they cried now, it meant they were anticipating her death.

Da furen’s complexion was normal yet Li Wei Yang was still able to decipher her true inner ­emotions.

Seeing this, Li Wei Yang felt as if a large rock was crushing on her.

Once Da furen saw Li Min De, she frowned and said: “Your mother’s illness is very serious, how could you not be by her side?”

Everyone gazed at Li Min De with an unpredictable expression.

He, on the other hand, didn’t look at others and walked towards the bedside.

Giving the person lying on the bed a glimpse, his heart was sinking very deep. Thinking of San furen’s full and rounded figure and how she always had a gentle expression shining with splendor; he felt that this wasn’t his mother in a trance. But this trance quickly vanished and it felt like a knife was piercing through his heart.

“Mother, your son is here.” Li Min De’s lips pressed near her ears and then he gently cried. San furen’s eyes swiftly opened and her eyes were no longer as turbid as it were few days ago. Not only were it clear and sparkling, but they were also sober.

Li Wei Yang watched on the side and she couldn’t help but sighed.

“Wei Yang,”  She suddenly heard San furen’s faint voice calling her over. Li Wei Yang walked towards the drapes and San furen reached out all of a sudden and held onto her wrist.

Her hand was thin and cold, Li Wei Yang was slightly startled but a short while after, she could feel a calming force transferred from her palm. When lowering her head to look at her face, she realized her eyes released a never before seen sparkling radiance. This was a form of despair or even an appeal for sympathy.

“Wei Yang.” Her throat was hoarse and her voice was trembling: “You are a child who regard promises highly ……” Speaking up to here, she paused and her gaze seemed to show that she had thousands of words to say but in the end, she didn’t utter a single word. She only revealed a bitter smile with a speck of mercy and love and her voice was fragile like silk.

Li Wei Yang looked at her, she nodded and said: “I swear to the Heavens, what I promised you, I will never go back on my words.”

In the end, San furen gave Li Min De a glimpse and smiled. Her hand slid off from Li Wei Yang’s wrist, and lightly landed on top of the satin blanket.

Lao furen closed her eyes and silently cried. The yatous and mamas that held back their grief finally mournfully cried out. Li Wei Yang didn’t let out a drop of tear. It wasn’t because she didn’t feel distressed enough but she just couldn’t cry out. It felt like something was stuffed in her chest that it made it difficult for her to breathe. Besides the pain of losing an important friend, it felt as if something within her heart had collapsed. It seemed like her spirit lost its pillar. She realized now that San furen to her wasn’t merely just an ally.

Da furen greatly sighed. Her sad gesture of wiping her tears couldn’t conceal the upward movements of the corners of her mouth. She was crying openly when she felt some kind of pain stabbing at her like needles. Looking to her side, she found Li Min De furiously staring at her. Other than rage, his eyes were also filled with vengeance.

Da furen immediately became aware that her misdeeds were all known to this child. She coldly smiled and paid no attention as she moved her head to one side and continued to feign wiping her tears with her handkerchief. Even though it seemed like she didn’t care but in her heart, she felt increasing palpitations and because of this, she became anxious: This plan was arranged flawlessly1, how could a child know? There would be endless trouble to come!

At this point, the people outside had already started moving. News of San furen’s death had awakened everyone all at once.

San furen had always kept things simple before her death so for her funeral ceremony Lao furen complied with her decision to not make it too extravagant. Therefore, the length of the funeral service wasn’t long yet many nobilities and officials came to pay their last respects to her because of her status. Da furen took up the matter of managing the funeral arrangements. Everything was well-organized, dignified, which made everyone thought of her as virtuous and generous as well as fair yet they didn’t know she was the mastermind behind San furen’s death.

The people who suspected this was only Li Wei Yang and Li Min De. After this, Li Wei Yang intentionally sent people to investigate into this matter but time had passed so she could only get only a word or two out of it. Thinking about this, she knew since Da furen dared to do this, she must have all the evidence eradicated.
Li Wei Yang felt remorseful; if it wasn’t because San furen helped her out continuously, Da furen perhaps wouldn’t have acted this quickly. Now, she was clear that the next person Da furen would plot against would be herself. However, Li Wei Yang couldn’t be compared to San furen; her experience from her previous lifetime made her able to see through these schemes used to harm others in addition to her being particularly cautious, Da furen couldn’t find the appropriate time to act.

Because San furen had passed away, everyone was lacking excitement in the upcoming New Year’s and not much joy could be seen on everyone’s face. Moreover, Da Xiaojie was still not summoned by Lao Ye because of what happened last time and she had been hiding in her room everyday without stepping out. Da furen felt depressed and had been severely punishing yatous for demerits.

Along with the passing of the natural disaster, the Emperor pacified chaos within the disaster-stricken areas and calmed his people. A bunch of officials were executed, and as the New Year passed by, more people began to visit the Li family. Prime Minister Li held the power of filling vacant positions and so the Li family’s doors were visited so frequently that it seemed like they would break.

Under the Crown Prince’s implication, Tuoba Zhen personally went to visit the Li family but he didn’t expect to bump into Fifth Prince Tuoba Rui.
A layer of calm smile floated on Tuoba Zhen’s face: “Wu di2 how do you have the time to visit today?”

Tuoba Rui’s eyes circled over Tuoba Zhen’s face, he learnedly smiled: “San ge3, you came for the Crown Prince, I came for Li family’s Da Xiaojie. We are not of the same path.”

For Li Chang Le? It seemed like the Fifth Prince had his mind on Da Xiaojie. Tuoba Zhen stealthily thought about what happened last time; the Crown Prince and both of them were heavily scolded by the Emperor and that was because they all fell for Li Wei Yang’s scheme. Moreover, this time Li Chang Le was in huge trouble, causing everyone to know, from high officials to commoners, none held any pleasant feelings towards her. If it wasn’t for her father who held a well-dignified position, she would had been paraded across the streets. As for himself seeking her hand in marriage, he was already hesitant but this Fifth Prince still rushed forth. It seemed like he was under the obsession of lust and beauty.

Tuoba Zhen coldly smiled, nothing was as important as the throne: “Wu di, please, you first.”

The two walked in together and was directed into the garden. Da gongzi Li Min Feng’s face was filled with laughter as he went forth to welcome them, he said: “Today, both of you actually come. This is a rare sight.”

He and Tuoba Zhen exchanged a glance. Tuoba Zhen then smilingly said: “Isn’t it? This is really a coincidence.”

Li Min Feng gently smiled: “It isn’t only the two of you. Today there are many guests, please follow me.”

In the garden, there was a pavilion and in it was a padded mattress with two burners placed on top of it as the coal was burning hotly. Inside the pavilion, Gao Jin rocked in his chair with a hand holding onto a peach while he ate it soundly.

Gao Min, garbed by splendor, was sitting. Her brows were long and fine, her complexion was creamy, and her wide forehead showed her beauty. Seeing Tuoba Zhen, bliss immediately appeared on her face. She realized that because of her status, she shouldn’t be too eager and walked up to bow. She turned and saw Gao Jin was still rocking in his chair, she quickly reminded him: “Er ge!”

Gao Jin looked and saw that the two princes had both came. He wasn’t fearful at all and happily greeted them as his hands still held onto a peach that he hadn’t finished eating yet.

Even though Fifth Prince had accepted their greetings, his glances had already flew towards the other girl sitting in the pavilion.

Li Chang Le was wearing clean white-colored garbs, her long brows seemed to have been formed by the meeting of mountains, her gentle eyes like water, her petal-like lips …… all simply appeared in front of his eyes. Fifth Prince was completely astonished. He didn’t know where he was but only felt his endless charm and admiration was provoked just because of a woman’s beauty. He subconsciously asked: “Long time no see, Da Xiaojie had become rather thin.”

Li Chang Le lightly shook her head and her lashes were soaked with dews. Her face of unspeakable words made it seem like she had suffered endlessly.

After Li Min Feng arranged the seats for everyone in the pavilion, he sighed and said: “A demoness appears in our family, causing my sister to be treated unfairly. It has been difficult for us to sleep and eat. It’s very depressing.”
Fifth Prince Tuoba Rui frowned: “The demoness you are talking about ---“

Tuoba Zhen looked down to sip his tea as if he didn’t hear anything.

Gao Min coldly humphed: “Isn’t it that little ---“ without finishing her words, she suddenly was aware that her tone was too crude. She gently coughed and said, “That Li Wei Yang.”

Tuoba Rui arched his brows: “You are referring to Anping Xianzhu?”

Gao Jin, who was eating a peach on the side, laughed: “What Anping Xianzhu, she is only an unfledged yatou who dared to interfere in the affairs of state with only a few words.” After being beaten last time, he had to stay in for two whole months. He felt a bit of dread and a bit of resentment towards Li Wei Yang in his heart.

Hearing them talk about the past matter, Tuoba Zhen looked at Li Chang Le and he couldn’t help but shook his head. She had beauty yet she was lacking brain. It seemed like he had to take more time to consider the matter of seeking her hand in marriage.

Li Min Feng sighed: “Now we have a disaster, Lao furen doesn’t even pay attention to us. Even Father became angry recently; he doesn’t even want to see my sister, causing her to wash her face in tears. How could she not be slim?”

Seeing the beauty had gotten into trouble, Fifth Prince said: “How can we blame Da Xiaojie for this? It’s obviously the fault of the people who implemented the plan. They ruined such a wonderful plan.”

Li Chang Le used her handkerchief to hide the corners of her eyes as she whispered: “Da ge, there’s no need to expose our family mischief in front of the two princes. No matter how ridiculous Mei mei is, we are still a family. She is young so she doesn’t understand ……”

Fifth Prince sighed and said: “Anping Xianzhu in the end has grown up in the village so she doesn’t understand relationships and etiquettes. Da Xiaojie has been treated unfairly. Don’t worry, I will let Mother put in a good word for you in front of the Empress and the Emperor. Don’t be affected because of this.”

Li Chang Le’s beautiful eyes gazed at Fifth Prince and then lowered her eyes, she said: “Thank you Fifth Prince.”

Right at this moment, Gao Jin, who was focusing on eating his peach, coldly coughed: “Look, look, who’s coming.”

Everyone looked up, the distant lake was cold, red plums blossomed on the opposite bank as they met with the iced grounds, causing them to become absent-minded.

“How could this little thing remain in the Li family?” Gao Jin asked with surprise.

“Humph, that young boy, he has started acting weird……” Li Min Feng coldly smiled and said: “After San shen died, he became San meimei’s follow bug. Wherever she goes, he will be there. If I had a say, Father shouldn’t let that thing stay. He is not related to the Li family, how could he continue San shu’s generation line?”

“Da ge, San di was added in the family book after all.” Li Chang Le calmly reminded him.

Li Min Feng didn’t like the young boy who was even prettier than girls ever since he was young. He coldly smiled: “Even if he was added to the family book, we can still remove him. Our family can’t accept someone with an unidentified background and disrupt our bloodlines.”

Tuoba Zhen lightly smiled: “Under Anping Xianzhu’s protection, I’m afraid even if Li Xiong wants to kick him out, it wouldn’t be easy.”

Gao Jin laughed: “Force him to cause trouble, wouldn’t that be easier?”

Li Chang Le calmly smiled and said: “I don’t understand what Biao ge means.”

Gao Jin’s smile had a trace of sinister: “You will understand soon.” Saying this, he rocked back and forth in his chair and threw his half-eaten peach out and faraway it pounced on Li Min De’s head, “Hey, you, come here!”

Landing on Li Min De’s body, the peach then rolled down and landed on the ground. Li Min De’s beautiful white face momentarily had a dirty mark left behind.

He gently turned his head and then stared at the people in the pavilion.

“Hey, pick up that peach ……” Gao Jin was rocking in his chair, “This is a rare thing. I award you to try it ..."

All the yatous and mama dropped their heads as they hid their smiles in taking pleasures on other people’s misfortunes.

Li Min De stared at the peach. He dropped his head, light flashed across his eyes but soon vanished afterwards.

He promised his mother that no matter what happened, he would hold it in. It was only then could he continue to stay in the Li family.

He reached out to pick up the mashed peach. Li Min Feng’s lips exposed a trace of a cold smile. It seemed like he didn’t notice the peach was dirty, Li Min De used his hand to wipe it and then opened his mouth to give it a bite.

Everyone was shocked, even Third Prince Tuoba Zhen. He squinted, was it because this child was too young that he didn’t understand these mockeries? Or was it because he was able to tolerate things that many couldn’t?

“Is it tasty?”

“It is delicious. Thank you, Biao ge.” Li Min De’s long hair on his forehead covered his crystal-lit eyes, he lifted his head and exposed a warm smile.
The sunlight drew out the outline of his body, which was slim and small.

Some astonishingly exhaled while others uttered shock and was quickly muffled by others ……
“San Shaoye actually ate it! Oh my, it was very disgusting! He was very low; how could he eat this! He was simply a stray dog, his master was gone, so he naturally wagged his tails at others!”

“Xiaojie ---“ Bai Zhi worriedly watched this scene. She couldn’t believe people these people actually bullied a young boy like this. San Shaoye had always been proud, how could he hold back against this torment?

Li Wei Yang was watching from afar and frowned. Once she saw Li Min De’s behavior, she was stunned and soon she felt pity rise up in her heart.

The young boy that was standing there was still handsome yet had become thinner and thinner that he could no longer return to his past arrogance.

Min De ……

Losing his only guardian all of a sudden, he had lost his position in the Li family. He had nowhere to go so he couldn’t not withstand these humiliations and feigned ignorance.

A pair of shimmering eyes, because of societal cruelties, was covered with dust and refrains.

Gao Min humphed and said: “You’ve grown up in the Li family and had been taught proper etiquettes …… pah, how could you act in such a degrading manner, this really make us lose face!”

“Ha, he’s only a dog.” Gao Jin laughed out loudly, he jumped down and within a step or two reached Li Min De. He looked down at him with a face filled with disdain and defiance.

Li Min De’s expression was extremely tranquil.

Gao Jin deliberately wanted to provoke his anger, he coldly said: “What? Do you not agree with what I said?”

Gao Min couldn’t help but burst out laughing.
Tuoba Zhen gently smiled, this youngster was interesting.

Li Wei Yang looked from afar, her eyes carried a trace of acid. She couldn’t help but think: What is Min De thinking about now? When he decided to use this attitude to confront those who bully him, humiliate him, and torment him, how could he restrain himself from all of this?

She didn’t know why but she felt upset over what this young boy had to endure.

Good heavens, why did a youngster have to endure such humiliation? Why did you have to crush his pride complete? Such a bloody pain even she couldn’t had endure, so how could a youngster like him?

Li Min De suddenly smiled, his pitch dark eyes looked like a puddle of dead water and now his smile made others unable to look away. He raised his brows and leisurely said: “I, of course, agree.”

Gao Jin was astounded that he stood still: “What did you say?”

Li Min De respectfully said: “What Biao ge did was right, I have nothing to say.”

Gao Jin touched his nose and was suddenly angry, he stared at him: “You better not play any tricks.”

Li Min De couldn’t help but clenched his hand within his sleeves yet the smile on his face stayed: “Biao ge, I am a person of low status, I can never be compared with you, how would I dare to play any tricks.”

Seeing him act like this, Gao Jin coldly laughed and then suddenly grabbed a pitch of wine from a yatou’s hand and poured it straight onto Li Min De’s head.

The wine drenched the youngster’s hair, his eyes were also soaked with wine as they became unrestrainedly cold. Within a moment, his expression returned back to normal and Gao Jin lifted the pitcher high to smash it on Li Min De’s head.

Translator: Erica
Editor: Panisa

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