Legal Mavericks 盲人大律师 Drama Review

October 01, 2017

Ratings: 9/10

Only TVB drama that I finished so far this year. I've always enjoyed watching Vincent Wong's series (especially after Over Run Over) so I knew he wouldn't disappoint me. Besides Vincent, I think the other actors part of the cast also did well in their respective roles. Many praised Sisley for her role as Din姐 and believed that it is finally time for her to win the Most Improved Actress award. I couldn't agree more because it's the first series I've ever finished with her in it and she didn't annoy me a bit.

It's also the first series I've finished with Ali and Owen. I am basically a fan of all the actors who are part of the main cast after finishing this series.

What makes this series unique is the controversial topics it touches upon such as nudity as a form of art, the legality of euthanasia, animal rights, the societal reaction towards transgenders and homosexuals, etc. None of the cases (with the exception of the last one) involve the usual murder or kidnapping that you see in many lawyer series produced by TVB in the past years. Many may dismiss the cases as uninteresting but the controversy each case discusses makes one ponder upon these problems present in today's society.


Ever since he lost his eyesight, lawyer Hope Man San Hap worked hard to amplify his other four senses. His paralegal Chau Ching Mui has links to triads since her father used to be a triad leader. Judge Never Wong Lai Fan boldly contends against the conservatism of Hong Kong's judicial system.   Private investigator Gogo Kuk Yat Ha uses controversial methods to seek evidence. Together, the four crosses numerous grey boundaries to uphold justice.

The Cast:

Vincent Wong as Hope Man San Hap
Sisley Choi as Din姐 Chau Ching Mui
Ali Lee as Never Wong Lai Fan
Owen Cheung as Gogo Kuk Yat Ha
Tracy Chu as  Tai Tin Yan
Pal Sinn as Tai Dak Yan
Jack Hui as Tai Tin You

My Thoughts:

1. There is a balance between the cases, character developments, and comedic elements. I like series that stay focused and doesn't go wander into the romance territory. There is romance in here but it is not the major arc of the story --- I think bro-sis-mance is pretty predominant here.

2. My favorite cases include
- The abuse case with Jack Hui and Angel Chiang
- The euthanasia case with Vincent Wong and his father played by Law Lok Lam
- The marriage annulment case with Tracy Chu and her husband played by William Chak
- The last case which involved all the characters --- major spoiler alert: Tracy Chu dies and the case focuses on who actually killed her

3. We get to delve into the world of law through different perspectives. I don't how real it is portrayed but it was still very interesting. We have the chance to see how jurors are chosen (which also appeared in TVB's The Other Truth); we see how judges make their decision and how they have to be fair.

4. Each of the four leads' characterizations are different so it makes the team work. Vincent's Hope Man comes off as a money-hungry lawyer but deep inside, he cares for justice. He reserves himself after his girlfriend Tai Tin Yan leaves to study abroad.

His partner, Din姐 is his paralegal who helps him accept new cases. She is loud and tough yet although she harbors feelings for Hope Man and it is an open secret, she knows she and him are not meant to be.

Never Wong is portrayed as a judge that steps over boundaries. She actually takes a side when she finds out the truth. In many cases, she helps Hope Man by providing him with hints or influencing the prosecutor's stand on a case.

Gogo Kuk Yat Ha is a police-turned-investigator. After an incident several years ago, he left the police force and vowed to take down evil philanthropist and businessman Tai Dak Yan. His bromance with Hope Man is fun to watch especially since they reside together in the same apartment. While he is more carefree and dirty, Hope Man is very organized and clean --- everything has to be under control.

TVB shows continue to produce opening themes that tries not reveal spoiler alerts by incorporating scenes from the series. The opening theme does not reveal any scenes from the series and it artistically mirrors the concept behind the series.

Stephanie Ho sings the ending theme; she also sang the ending theme to Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu's Over Run Over. Both songs are equally great and both represent the love story between Vincent and Tracy's characters in both series.

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