The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 90 - Part 1

February 20, 2018

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Chapter 90: Praying Mantis stalks the cicada

Fun To Know Chinese Phrases: 
九五至尊: 9-5 represents the emperor, since in ancient times 9 represented honor (being the highest odd, or 'yang', number) while 5 signified mediation and harmony since it is in the middle amongst the 'yang' numbers. When put together, 9 and 5 signify 'harmonic honor'.

掌上明珠: pearl in the palm: similar meaning toapple of someones eye

Afterward, he suddenly stood up and placed a sword against the neck of the person entering. Zhuo Er's face paled: “Your Highness …. your maidservant forgot to take back the tea tray…”

She had just received a jade pendant from Tuoba Zhen, so she was too ecstatic that she had forgotten to take the tray back. If she returned without it, of course, she didn't know how to explain this to the house steward. Seeing that Tuoba Zhen had relaxed, Zhuo Er breathed out a sigh of relief. His Highness seemed to like her, therefore he wouldn’t do anything to her. However, in the next moment, with a sweep of his hand, her head had fallen off. Her expression still showed shock, making the scene extremely gruesome.

“Take her away,” Tuoba Zhen glanced at the bloody floor and felt only disgust.

A reckless woman actually wanted to compare herself to Li Wei Yang. Li Wei Yang did not attract his attention merely because of her beauty, what he liked was her distinctive personality and cleverness. Even for her domineering fierceness, there was still a distinct flavor to it. In comparison, Zhou Er only had the shape but without her mind nor her personality, she was just like a doll. Tuoba Zhen’s gaze landed on the face that had already lost its vitality. She resembled Li Wei Yang, his gaze, like the slow sharpening tip of a sword, gradually turned into a sharp edge. Right at this moment, he developed an unexplained animosity towards Li Wei Yang. What he hated her most was that she dared to look at other men. He became more conscious of the importance of power. He secretly decided in his heart that when he ascended to the throne, even if he had to turn the world over, it must be to his satisfaction.

When Li Wei Yang saw Madame Wei, she was sitting in a daze before Gao Min’s bed. Then when she turned around, she could see that her usual dignified, domineering, imposing manner had disappeared completely. Her cheekbones that appeared high seemed gaunt at this time and both cheeks also showed signs of slight sadness. That pair of eyes that had always made Li Wei Yang feel uncomfortable with her arrogance, was swollen from crying and the chaos in her pupil made it seem even larger. Unsure of whether it was due to too much energy spent griefing, her hair seemed to have grown more strands of white hair and fitted her sullen face, it made her entire person seem even more dejected.

Li Wei Yang sighed.

This mother and daughter pair only had themselves to blame. She had already verified that it was the two of them who sowed discord in front of Virtuous Consort Zhang, which stirred Virtuous Consort Zhang into taking actions to get rid of her. If they did not use such despicable means to harm her, then they wouldn’t have fallen to this point.

Gao Min’s entire backbone had been broken, even if she was forced to survived, she could only live the rest of her life on a bed this lifetime. A beautiful future had been ruined like this, for a proud and arrogant Gao Min, it was more unbearable than death.

Sun Yan Jun, who came with Li Wei Yang, pushed her slightly, indicating that she should stand behind her and then follow her in, she spoke words of consolation: “Madame Wei, I know that you are very sad over Miss Gao’s accident, but you must also cherish your own body!”

Madame Wei was in a trance. Hearing her say this, she wiped a tear. As if waking up from a dream, she murmured: “Poor Min Er.” Then suddenly she raised her head, staring fixatedly at Li Wei Yang, she said angrily: “Why are you here?!”

In her eyes, Li Wei Yang was the enemy who harmed her daughter, she couldn’t wait to pounce and tear her up, but seeing Zhao Yue with her cold expression, as she held her sword behind Li Wei Yang, Madame Wei subconsciously stopped in her pace.

Li Wei Yang said lightly: “Aunt, restrain your grief.”

Hearing those words, Madame Wei immediately showed anger and said bitterly: “Li Wei Yang, if it wasn’t for you wanting to compete with Min Er, how could she have fallen to this point, all of this is because of you…”

Sun Yan Jun looked at Madame Wei with sympathy. In her opinion, this incident really doesn’t have much to do with Li Wei Yang, if it wasn’t for Gao Min who was being overly aggressive, Li Wei Yang wouldn’t have competed with her. Besides, someone getting injured was an accident. Just as she was about to say something, Li Wei Yang said gently: “Miss Sun, I have a few words that I want to speak with Aunt alone, would you mind giving us time alone.”

Sun Yan Jun was a decent and understanding girl, she thought Li Wei Yang wanted to apologize to Madame Wei, therefore she smiled and said: “Very well, I will go out first, later I will look for you.” Having witnessed the plentiful facades of officials’ daughters, and being born of military lineage, she greatly admired the frankness, intelligence, and courage of Li Wei Yang, and was determined to befriend her.

Finishing, Sun Yan Jun left the tent.

Madame Wei suddenly felt a moment of bleakness, her eldest son was dead, her younger son was a good-for-nothing, her daughter was left with only half a life, her husband blamed her for inciting her daughter into always seeking to prevail over others, perhaps at this moment, he even hated her. Her methods of treating the servants were mean even under normal circumstances, aside from her own older sister, there was no one in the family that she could speak to. In this warm night, facing Li Wei Yang, she suddenly felt a bone-piercing chill. Because she truly felt that she had now become a loner.

“Are you here to laugh at me?” Seeing Li Wei Yang, Madame Wei’s dismal mood felt like frost on snow.

“Aunt, why would I laugh at you? Now that Cousin has become like this, I am also sad for her.” Not only was she not upset, but she also felt that Gao Min had brought it upon herself, now, she needed to continue: “I understand how you are feeling, but there is one thing that I must tell you, what happened that day was not an accident.”

Madame Wei suddenly raised her head, her face changing drastically: “What did you say!”

Li Wei Yang sighed and said: “I originally did not want to mention this incident, because saying it would implicate many people, but if I don’t say it, I would feel uneasy.”

“You hid it and didn’t mention it because you can’t say it? Or did you feel that I am incapable, and cannot inquire about this incident?” Madame Wei could feel something was off and stared fixedly at Li Wei Yang’s eyes, her gaze gradually sharpening.

Li Wei Yang with a hesitant look, opened her mouth to speak, but still hesitated for a moment: “I also know that this incident cannot be hidden from you… but if I tell this to you,  I’m afraid that this will affect your relationship with Virtuous Consort Zhang … since it will cause this kind of consequence, even if I die, I cannot atone for that sin… but if I don’t tell you, I am also afraid that you will be kept in the dark forever…”

Hearing this, Madame Wei’s face suddenly changed, her voice also trembling, grasping the armrest of the sandalwood chair as if she wanted to stand up. Her sleeves glided across the tabletop, viciously bringing down the teacups: “What did you say? Have something to do with Virtuous Consort Zhang? What are you … trying to say?”

Li Wei Yang sighed and said: “Palace affairs are complicated, Virtuous Consort Zhang seems kind and generous on the surface, but in reality, she is a narrow-minded person! I heard that you have constantly said bad things about me before to her. Therefore, I was afraid, I asked Seventh Prince to explain on my behalf, but Seventh Prince came back only to tell me, Virtuous Consort Zhang felt that you are trying to sow discords into their mother and son relationship, and thus becoming angry with your actions. Aunt, you do know, my Second Uncle from Duke Jiang’s family has an illegitimate daughter that has entered the Crown Prince’s residence to become a secondary consort, Virtuous Consort Zhang has easily connected other thoughts, she felt that there was collusion between Duke Jiang and Marquis Bo Chang. While you meant well, to her, it appeared you were trying to drive a wedge, therefore she was prepared to give us a lesson! That day … just happened to be cousin’s bad luck!”

“What did you say!” This remark was just like thunder that shook apart Madame Wei’s soul. She wanted to stagger up, her body raising halfway before falling back down to the chair, her face paling, even more, her eyes dulling, shaking nonstop all over, that look as if her soul had suddenly been drained away.

These words were originally full of loopholes, but Li Wei Yang knew, saying these words right now, Madame Wei would definitely believe it, and what more, she will trust it completely. She continued on: “Aunt cannot believe me, but I hope that you will send someone to investigate that Zuo Yuan’s background, as the deputy commander of the Imperial Army for many years, outstanding martial arts and excellent archery, how could he miss a shot for no reason, as it happens that he shot in our direction, this is clearly someone using his hands to warn us!”

“No! This is not possible!” Madame Wei did not believe Li Wei Yang.

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Aunt, no matter how we loathed each other behind closed doors, in the eyes of outsiders, Duke Jiang and Marquis Bo Chang are all one family. Even though you have said a lot of bad things about me in front of Virtuous Consort Zhang and it is not harmonious between us, but the way others see it, we are related by marriage after all, no? Virtuous Consort Zhang would have felt that you have other intentions to betray me in order to gain her trust, wanting to warn you a bit, is there anything strange about that?” She paused, then glanced at the unconscious Gao Min and said: “What more, Cousin has always been getting close to the Third Prince, other people felt that in the future, she will become the imperial consort of the Third Prince, if anything happened to her, naturally it is not a light blow to the Third Prince, Third Prince is on Crowned Prince’s side … naturally, there are a lot of complex relationships in the mist of this, alas, the bottom line is, cousin is just a scapegoat.”

Madame Wei sat in her chair as if her soul was lost, her teeth biting her deathly pale lips tightly: “What are you telling me these!”

Li Wei Yang smiled, she was not afraid of Madame Wei checking on this, because this was indeed done by Virtuous Consort Zhang. Right now, all she was doing was just telling this fact to Madame Wei, “Because I am also a victim, that day I was walking the horse with Ninth Princess, then someone used a tamed eagle to scare the horses, I almost died under the horse’s hoof. The culprit behind this not only wanted to kill cousin, but also wanted to raise internal fighting amongst us, tell me Aunt, would my hate be any less than yours?”

“What raises internal fighting? I don’t understand!” Madame Wei opened her eyes wide.

A layer of regret arose on Li Wei Yang’s face: “The reason why Cousin raced her horse with me merely stemmed from a girl’s desire to excel over others, we do not have any deep-rooted hatred, but in the eyes of other, I have become the culprit who caused Cousin’s injury. As a result, Uncle would not say it, but in his heart, there is already a grudge against Father, in the imperial court, our families have always been supporting each other, now if we have a fallout, our power will be weakened. If at this time, someone exploits the situation, it is not impossible for both families to become opponents, making it easier to take out the enemies one by one.”

“Ah…” Madame Wei awakened as if from a dream, now her anger has gradually calmed down, she only sighed deeply, looking dejected as if her entire body is emptied of strength: “You should go back, go back and do not talk to anyone.”

Li Wei Yang smiled lightly and said: “Aunt, you should take a rest, I will leave first.”

Madame Wei gritted her teeth, looking at her back, and spat heavily towards the ground, beside Madame Wei, her confidant Liu Mama, said: “Madame, Honorary Princess is trying to sow discord.”

Madame Wei slowly leaned back against the chair, her gaze like dying embers, staring at the top of the tent, holding her hand in a fist forcefully, her nails piercing into flesh: “She is trying to sow discord, but what she said is a fact, at least in regards to the real person who harmed my daughter, she did not lied. That arrow is definitely arranged by Virtuous Consort Zhang!”

There was no reason for Li Wei Yang to lie at this point, because if at that moment, it would be absolutely impossible for her to escape if she did not dodge quickly. What more, the scene at that time, both of the girls’ horses were racing neck to neck, regardless of whether the other party was trying to kill Li Wei Yang or Gao Min, both of them have entered into danger together! Madame Wei only thought that Li Wei Yang was lucky but never thought that she was already prepared for this, after all, who in this world would risk their own life? Even more impossible to devise such terrifying trap! She resented Li Wei Yang, but loathed Virtuous Consort Zhang, even more, they originally wanted to borrow her hand to get rid of Li Wei Yang, but instead were harmed by the killer sent by her!

Li Wei Yang came out of Madame Wei’s tent, looked back and couldn’t help but smile slightly.

Zhao Yue felt it was weird: “Miss, why did you do this?”

Li Wei Yang smiled and did not answer.

On the last day of hunting, the white wolf was captured by Seventh Prince, the Emperor was happy and held a banquet to celebrate.

This was originally a harmonious banquet, but chaos came out of the banquet. A palace maid was actually an assassin that snuck in, an attempt to assassinate the Emperor, however, the royal palace had already assigned experts to personally protect the Emperor and the important concubines. That palace maid had just pulled a knife from the tray and was immediately discovered by someone before she had the chance to take action and was captured on the spot. The Emperor ordered an interrogation, that palace maid slit her own neck and died from suicide.

The Emperor was enraged and ordered someone to search the body. The result was that an imperial pass was discovered on the palace maid’s body. Upon checking the imperial pass, it actually came from Virtuous Consort Zhang’s palace.

At that moment, everyone’s faces changed.

Virtuous Consort Zhang had always been favored by the Emperor, still standing to this day, but this time the Emperor was furious, taking the imperial pass and threw it hard: “Virtuous Consort Zhang, you have done a good job!”

Virtuous Consort Zhang’s face suddenly became pale, she had been in the palace for a long time, she was already used to this kind of matters, but she had never seen the Emperor being this furious before, that she fell straight to the ground from fright of this sudden mishap. She had forgotten her intelligence and quick wits and knowing how to explain herself, cried loudly: “Your consort has been wronged! Your Majesty, I have been wronged!”

Li Wei Yang watched from afar, the trace of a smile appeared on her face.

Virtuous Consort Zhang’s face was full of tears and kept saying: “Your Majesty’s kindness is well-known, how could your consort plot against Your Majesty?!”

The Emperor had experienced many changes in the palace, often falling prey to others’ machinations since childhood, that what he loathed and feared most were these underhand methods. Without thinking carefully in his fury, he shouted: “Take Virtuous Consort Zhang away, to be dealt with.” Once the words came out, everyone was shocked.

“Imperial Father ---” Tuoba Yu quickly stepped out, then suddenly thought, no matter what, now is not the place or time for him to anger the Emperor. Even if he wanted to address the injustice for his Imperial Mother, he still has to wait until the Emperor’s thunderous fury disappeared, no matter what is said now, he would not listen!

“Virtuous Consort Zhang has definitely been wronged!” In the midst of this discussion, suddenly a childish voice spoke.

The crowd was taken aback, all looking at Ninth Princess,

Originally Ninth Princess had deliberately gone to sit with Li Wei Yang, now she rose from her seat and quickly stepped out, kneeled on the ground, kowtowed a couple of time and said: “Imperial Father must not decide the sins of Virtuous Consort Zhang based on a single imperial pass.”

Consort Rou suddenly stood up: “Your Majesty, Ninth Princess is still a child, she does not understand anything!”

Ninth Princess said courageously: “Imperial Father, there are a lot of people here, how hard is it to get an imperial pass? If this imperial pass is really from Virtuous Consort Zhang’s palace, why would she let that person take it, is she not afraid that other people would know? This is a setup!”

Everyone lowered their head, of course, they could see that this was a setup, however, in front of the Emperor’s fury, no one dared to say a word of defense for Virtuous Consort Zhang.

The Emperor looked at his favorite little daughter in surprise, she was not particularly close to Virtuous Consort Zhang, but today she suddenly came out to speak up for Virtuous Consort Zhang. Thinking about it, Concubine Rou and Virtuous Consort Zhang was not on good terms, but Ninth Princess did not avoid it, in the end she was still a child--- it was because she was a child, therefore she dared to say what others did not dare to, even the fact that the Emperor did not think of in his moments of fury, she actually dared to say it in public.

Thinking of it carefully, the evidence was here; such clever and wise Emperor, because Virtuous Consort Zhang was respected and dear to him, therefore he was unable to take such blow, especially when angered. If he wronged Virtuous Consort Zhang due to such simple set up, even if he made up for it in the future, a rift would still remain, especially between husband and wife, between father and son. Having thought over this, he looked at the earnest gaze of Seventh Prince who was watching Virtuous Consort Zhang silently, his face calming down.

Able Consort Wu who had been silent this whole time suddenly opened her mouth: “Yes, Your Majesty, this is someone who is jealous that Virtuous Consort Zhang has received His Majesty’s favor, therefore they deliberately framed her, you must investigate carefully, to ensure you did not wrong Virtuous Consort Zhang.”

Virtuous Consort Zhang choked with tears, she threw herself in front of the emperor crying, both hands seizing the bottom of his gown and begged bitterly: “His Majesty, your concubine would never dare to do anything that would harm His Majesty!”

The Emperor had already understood everything, but knowing that he was at an awkward place, he went with Able Consort Wu’s words to get out of the awkward situation: “You should rise, I know. You should return and rest, I will give you justice.” Then, turning to face the crowd: “The banquet cannot continue on, everyone should disperse.”

Seventh Prince, Tuoba Zhen was really disappointed, he really hoped for Virtuous Consort Zhang's downfall, although it seemed like this poorly thought out plan couldn't shake the consort’s position, but as long as a seed of suspicion was planted in the Emperor’s heart and roots had formed, at a certain point of time, it will play a significant role, only for it to be destroyed like this today. He glanced at Ninth Princess grudgingly, only to find that she was chatting happily to Li Wei Yang.

It was Li Wei Yang who taught Ninth Princess to say those words! Tuoba Zhen was the first one to understand! His fingers, unconsciously tightened even more, almost drawing out blood.
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Editor: Erie


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