The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 87 - Part 1

February 01, 2018

Chapter 87: Jealousy Part 1

争风吃醋  (zhēngfēngchīcù) - the original chapter title denotes the romantic context of this type of jealousy
道士  (dàoshi) - Daoist or Taoist (Taoism), refers to a priest in Daoism, to which quite a few xianxia novels are inspired by, it’s difficult to explain…
仙长  xiān zhǎng - Immortal, used as form of respect towards Daoist priests
女鬼 nǚ guǐ - female ghost
灵符  língfú - Daoist talisman, iconic yellow paper to seal away evil spirits (in most cases)

Hearing this, Wei Guo Furen’s eyes widened in confusion: “Dajie, how can you believe these rotten Taoists?!
Da Furen angrily retorted: “What rotten Taoist! You are not to be disrespectful to xian zhang! He came to save me! I feel much better now, my chest is no longer hurting, and my head is not aching anymore either! A blessing from the deities! If he hadn’t dispelled them, I might have already taken my last breath!”
Wei Guo Furen could not believe it: “Dajie, what is wrong with you, why are you saying such nonsense!”
“You are the one saying nonsense!” Da Furen fervently looked in all directions, tense, “Do not slander xian zhang, if he leaves and that nu gui comes, what will I do!”
Wei Guo Furen did not know what to say: “Dajie, there is no nu gui. Those people are just swindlers! Earlier he said I was a nu gui then threw dog’s blood in my face! Look at this!”
“Swindlers?” Taken aback, Da Furen shuddered and began to panic: “Then, Wu Yiniang is still in the courtyard?! I invited a Daoist to exorcise her, won’t that nu gui resent me even more now? I’m afraid she will resort to malicious schemes to take revenge, what to do now? What to do now?” She threw her quilt aside, shifted and got out of bed, barefooted, and went around, searching for something.
“Dajie, what are you looking for?!” Wei Guo Furen did not know what to do anymore.
Da Furen cried out: “Cui mama, my lingfu, quickly bring them here!”
Cui mama hurriedly brought a pile of lingfu: “Furen, here!”
“The door, windows, pillars, curtains, closets, screen divider… put these on all them! Quickly call others to help me put them up! Everywhere inside out! Do not leave a single spot untouched!” Da Furen cried out as if she had lost her senses.
Da Furen’s eyes were wide in panic, her fear escalating, face contorting, stumbling, her mouth moving, mumbling. Wei Guo Furen was terrified. She felt that Dajie was not under house arrest but was cursed: “What ultimately happened?! Li Wei Yang, explain this!”
Li Wei Yang sighed: “Yimu, throughout the day, Muqin insists that there are ghosts here, perhaps there are ghosts. You must have heard, first, Lin mama got lost in the mountains and never returned. Then Du mama was beaten to death by Muqin over a single mistake, and when Dajie misspoke Muqin had confined her to closed-door reflection, and now Muqin even forced Dage to leave. Everyone could not stand Muqin’s antics and was afraid of coming near her, so no one dares to come here recently. Ah, yes, our Wumei has also gone crazy, frightened to death in this very courtyard. Everyone thought Muqin should move out to recuperate, and then the courtyard was isolated to avoid further incidents.”
Wei Guo Furen could not believe it. Eying the gloomy room, her back suddenly felt cold. She knew about jiejie’s schemes. Who knows how many have died at her hands, could it be that they returned to seek revenge? Gao Min clung onto her arm: “Mother, you have seen Da Yimu already. Da Yimu is fine, we should quickly leave, this place is haunting!”
Wei Guo Furen looked at her Dajie and saw that she did not seem to be under house arrest. Moreover, she too felt this place was terrifying. She nodded and told Da Furen: “Dajie, rest well, I will come back to visit another day.” Then, she led Gao Min away.
After she left, Cui mama sighed in relief and ordered someone to help Da Furen back into bed. She walked Li Wei Yang to the door: “San Xiaojie’s plan was well-put together.”
Li Wei Yang smiled: “A bit of the incense can leave someone’s mind muddled. Wei Guo Furen had the smell of dog’s blood, otherwise, she would have been affected too.”
She ordered the attendant in Da Furen’s room to burn the hallucinatory incense. Da Furen was always afraid of ghosts, and now it was even more serious, that way Wei Guo Furen would not become suspicious.
Li Wei Yang quietly began: “Muqin, how is she these days?”
Cui mama smiled and said: “Sometimes good, sometimes bad. At times, she is conscious but also confused and disoriented. When she is in her right mind, she will order Nubi to quickly find Da Xiaojie and Da Shaoye, and when she is hallucinating, she will say there is a ghost  and often wake up from nightmares. She cannot sleep during the day. She is not in her right mind, so her illness is worsening by the day. The physician said that if this were to continue, she would have half a year left at most.”
Li Wei Yang nodded, the corner of her mouth curving into a subtle smile. She wanted to make Da Furen feel uneasy and unsafe, day and night, tormenting her to the end.
Cui mama bowed her head, thinking to herself, San Xiaojie was so young yet had ruthlessly acted. She had only entered the residence for half a year, but she could reduce Da Furen to this state and hold her own against an opponent like Wei Guo Furen, admirable. However, there was still the Jiang family behind Da Furen, how could things be resolved this easily? She did not dare to say this to Li Wei Yang, nor reveal her emotions either.
Li Wei Yang knew what she was thinking by looking at her expressions and smiled: “In the future, I must trouble Cui mama to look after Muqin, but you should remember what Lao Furen sent you here to do, do not do as you please.”
Cui mama panicked and hurriedly said: “Nubi would not dare, Nubi will not let her out of sight!”
From Li Wei Yang’s perspective, only cutting the grass leaves the roots and leaves the grass to grow back again in the spring. She wanted Da Furen’s life, but Lao Furen and Li Xiao Ran had sent people to keep watch, clearly not determined to do so yet. If she rashly acted, they would lose interest in punishing her, and she provoke the Jiang family. Beating the fish until it died was not the result she wanted. However, Li Wei Yang had other means, especially those that did not require her to do much! She thought to herself and outwardly smiled sweetly: “It is good that Cui mama understands.”
Cui mama’s heart raced, she reluctantly smiled: “Seeing Xianzhu off.”

Taizi’s Study
Taizi and Tuoba Zhen were discussing court affairs, Taizi clapped him on the shoulder: “San di, you need to marry a Zheng fei already.”
Tuoba Zhen slightly smiled: “I am preoccupied with important affairs now, how could I be thinking about that?”
Taizi shook his head: “Muhou said Zhou Tai Fu mentioned he wanted to marry his nu er to you, perhaps you have heard of this guniang’s reputation. She is beautiful and clever, gentle and virtuous, a famous and talented lady in the Capital, very compatible with you…”
Of course, Tuoba Zhen knew of this Zhou Xiaojie who excelled at calligraphy. She was once someone he considered for Zheng fei, but now, he decided: “This can be discussed at another time.”
Taizi shook his head: “San di, you cannot be like Wu di, infatuated with that Li Chang Le. These past two days, Wu di told Fu Huang he wanted to make Li Chang Le his Zheng fei, the result was Fu Huang was enraged and harshly scolded him. That guniang is beautiful, beautiful indeed, but unwanted, especially since Fu Huang and the Empress Dowager dislike her, if you marry her, how could it end well? In fact, women are the same, perhaps she can be a bit more beautiful, but compatibility between husband and wife is most important.”
Taizi had never met Li Chang Le but had heard everyone say she was a young beauty whose beauty could befall empires and cities. However, in his view, it was foolish to lose the Emperor’s good grace for a woman.
“Dage has been overthinking this.” Tuoba Zhen had thought of marrying Li Chang Le, but since Fu Huang grew sick and tired of her, he had cast these intentions aside.
“Don’t lie to me, you have been collecting a lot of books, antiques, qin music, certainly to win a woman’s heart. Someone who could command your respect, I fear it is that beauty, but San di, I must remind you that: if Fu Huang did not have ill feelings towards Li Chang Le, then I would support you in marrying her because her grandfather is Jiang Guogong and her father is Prime Minister Li, both of whom will be of great help to us. However, Fu Huang is disgusted with her, so you must think carefully. If anything, women are not to be spoiled in such a manner, otherwise you will only bring disaster upon yourself…”
Those things… He had a collection indeed, but he had not given them away yet. Tuoba Zhen fell silent for a moment, not saying anything.
Taizi was concerned: “San di, are you infatuated with her? This is unacceptable.”
“Dage, rest assured, I am not a foolish person.”
Taizi was still worried: “No, I must find a good woman for you soon…”
“This matter… Hope Dage will let me personally resolve this, if one were to take a wife, of course, I must marry someone virtuous and can help our cause, wouldn’t you say so, Dage?” Tuoba Zhen smiled.
Taizi sighed: “San di…”
Tuoba Zhen saw he still wanted to persuade him and laughed: “Dage, pursuing a woman can be a pleasure, but I have been busy with court affairs. At times, I need to find a hobby. Dage, it is something I will take care of, I will not delay matters at hand, rest assured…”
“The one you have your eyes on is not Li Chang Le?” Taizi found this strange.
“No.” Tuoba Zhen was surprised to hear himself confirm this without hesitation. He originally planned to marry Li Chang Le. Least to say, he had been impressed by Li Chang Le’s beauty, but for some reason, he had pushed this idea to the back of his mind.
“If not, then good.” Taizi breathed out a sigh of relief, then felt curious: “Seeing you spend so much time and effort, is this woman very difficult to handle?”
Tuoba Zhen laughed and said: “Only a bit headstrong…” He feared she was not only headstrong but also ruthlessly acting against him.
“San di, women must be gentle and attentive, if her personality is too headstrong, it will be troublesome.”
“Dage, think of it as taming, taming a woman is like a taming a wild horse. Of course, it will be dangerous, but isn’t it more interesting that way? Besides, I don’t believe that there is a woman in this world who cannot be tamed!” Tuoba Zhen’s eyes lit up, then he smiled.
Ever since Li Wei Yang told him to keep his distance, he began to pay more attention to her. He could care less if he were to lose to anyone else but losing to Tuoba Yu was unacceptable! Since their childhood days, that person had always been in his way, even if their taste in women were similar, if he couldn’t have Li Wei Yang, Tuoba Yu couldn’t either!

Determined, Tuoba Zhen made his decision.
The next afternoon, Li Wei Yang came out of He Xiang Courtyard and had just reached the gardens when she saw Tuoba Zhen approaching from afar.
Why was he here? Li Wei Yang thought for a moment then realized, now that Tuoba Zhen had lost many generals in succession, he needed a way to offset his disadvantaged position, so he came looking for Li Xiao Ran, perhaps with an ulterior motive.
It was too late to avoid him now. Li Wei Yang calmly greeted him, then walked past him without a second look.
“Xianzhu, it has been a while, how have you been?” Tuoba Zhen began.
“Thank San Dianxia for your concern, I am well.”
Tuoba Zhen smiled: “Oh, you seem very well, but I have not seen your Dage for half a month, where did he go?”
Li Wei Yang’s expressions did not change: “Dage has always liked to wander and establish connections. As far as I know he might have gone out to find ancient artifacts in a celestial mountain somewhere. How come? Did he not tell you?”
Tuoba Zhen chuckled softly: “I really didn’t know this time.”
Li Wei Yang did not want to talk to him. Every moment beside him disgusted her. She coldly asserted: “I should not delay Dianxia, I will be on my way first.”
Tuobz Zhen suddenly closed the distance between them, stopping in front of her.
Li Wei Yang smiled blankly. She told him to stay away, why hadn’t he given up! She raised her eyebrows: “Is there something else San Dianxia would like to advise?”
Tuoba Zhen slightly turned and told the person beside him: “All of you, leave us.”
“Yes, Dianxia.” Those who came with him all withdrew, leaving Zhao Yue and Bai Zhi with Li Wei Yang.
Zhao Yue stood guard not far behind Li Wei Yang. She was not from Da Li, so she did not revere Tuoba Zhen. If Li Wei Yang gave the order, even if it was to immediately draw her sword and charge, she would not hesitate.
However, Li Wei Yang did not give the word, in the presence of so many watchful eyes, the urge to taking action against Tuoba Zhen should be suppressed.
Tuoba Zhen slowly walked up to her, his face seemed more profound and handsome under the sunshine. If anyone else saw him, they would be captivated by him.
Li Wei Yang did not react at the slightest, idly looking at him: “Does Dianxia still have something to say?”
“Not only are your Dage’s whereabouts unknown, but these days, it seems Da Xiaojie is no longer attending banquets either.” Tuoba Zhen said with a small smile.
It seems he had noticed and closely followed up on the changes within the Li family, Li Wei Yang smiled faintly: “Muqin has fallen ill, Dajie went to a temple to pray for her, was San Dianxia not aware of this?”
“Oh, if one’s Muqin is ill, how could her child bear to go afar?”
“It is nothing strange, Muqin has only fallen ill recently. Fuqin has written Dage a letter, but I don’t know what has been delaying him.” Li Wei Yang responding in an orderly fashion, addressing unspoken questions while overlooking the details.
It may have sounded reasonable, but coming from Li Wei Yang, Tuoba Zhen felt this was strange. He could recognize Li Wei Yang’s concealed hatred, which lessened her credibility, but he could not imagine what happened in the Li family. Of course, if his intelligence network had not been compromised, he would know the reason, but this was currently out of the question… He frowned: “Da Furen not partaking in outside affairs, Da Xiaojie went to a temple, and Da Shaoye disappeared, don’t you feel this is rather strange?”
Li Wei Yang smiled: “Whether it is strange or not, San Dianxia can ask my Fuqin, I believe he will give Dianxia a reasonable explanation.”
No matter who he asked in the Li family, they all gave the same explanation: Da Furen is sick, Li Chang Le went to pray, Li Min Feng was traveling, the Nubi in the residence held their tongues, unable to say, and those who wanted to say something knew nothing. Outsiders could only accept these explanations for now. In any case, Wei Guo Furen had visited Da Furen and found that aside from her paranoia and superstitions, Da Furen was not being confined… Even Wei Guo Furen said her jiejie was ill, how could others still not believe it?
“Does San Dianxia still have something to say? If not, I must go.” Li Wei Yang reminded him.
“Xianzhu, why are you in such a hurry?”
“Dianxia seems to have forgotten what I have said before, now, it is time to act on them.”
Tuoba Zhen’s face grew solemn, scoffed and sneered: “So you remember that, you treat me as if I were a dog, to come when called and obediently leave when chased away? You have no right to order me around in that manner.”
“San Dianxia, while you are a Huangzi, you do not have the authority to do as you please.” Li Wei Yang stood there, unwavering, then looked up, her eyes meeting his in a cold, detached manner, “What does San Dianxia ultimately want, do you think you can do such things to women? Are you not afraid of being caught and invite others to raise their voices against you?”
Li Wei Yang’s eyes were lovely, her eyes were dark and had hidden depths, like a bottomless well, able to draw others’ souls in. Tuoba Zhen found that his eyes could not leave her face. She did not have Li Chang Le’s breathtaking beauty, but she had an air of a refreshing spring, secluded and mysterious.
“Raise their voices against me?” Tuoba Zhen broke out into laughter: “If I mention it to your Fuqin, will he agree for me to marry you?”
Li Wei Yang could not help but laugh: “Tuoba Zhen, do you not have any self-respect?”
Tuoba Zhen’s stare quickly turned hostile: “Li Wei Yang, I only have so much patience, I cannot tolerate your attitude time after time.”
Li Wei Yang shook her head as if in disbelief: “Even if I had a single pleasant thing to say, I would not say it to you, unless you want to become laughingstock, why would you bring up marriage to my father. There is no medicine that could cure you!”
“Li Wei Yang, you’re more intriguing than those prestigious noble…” Tuoba Zhen stared at her, his lips curving into a smile: “Dangerous, malicious, clever, cunning, you are a worthy match for me, don’t you think so? We are perhaps the ideal match for one another.”
He thought he was a god in the heavens, manipulating others’ lives as he pleased. Li Wei Yang resented not being able to tear him apart because of how he once treated her sincerity, tossing it aside, now seeing that she was different from other Xiaojies, he was wavering!
“Yes, I am a good match for you, but you see, you do not deserve me!” Li Wei Yang emphasized every word, sneering: “Since you don’t remember my words at the restaurant, I will say it again. Tuoba Zhen, you are not worthy of me! So stay away!”
Tuoba Zhen felt his body grow cold: “Li Wei Yang! You truly value Tuoba Yu? Is he that great? Or are you just trying to get my attention?! Well, you really are clever, you succeeded, I have noticed, now you want to keep pretending because it won’t be as fun if you give in!”
Li Wei Yang almost burst out laughing, this man must be crazy! Thinking she was ignoring him to get his attention, what was this twisted logic!
Someone like him truly left her speechless.
Li Wei Yang looked at him: “I have never deceived you. I have never regarded you in that manner, much less ignore you to attract you. You have thought too much of it, not every woman in Da Li has high regards for you, do not think so highly of yourself.
Tuoba Zhen intently stared at her, his eyes burning, “Li Wei Yang, there is no woman in this world who dared to talk to me like this, you dare to mock me? If I want you, you must be mine, whether I like you or not, whether you are willing or not, you must be like other women, always finding ways to please me, focusing on my attention, but you, you find ways to make me dislike you, grow sick and tired of you, and avoid me at all costs. The more you do so, the more I want you, let us see who will be the victor!”
Tuoba Zhen had acted out of the self-respect of a Huangzi and a man. He would not forgive anyone who did not respect him, much less a young girl like Li Wei Yang!
Li Wei Yang scoffed: “Then wait and see. If you want me, someone stone-willed and headstrong, to agree, then wait until the river runs dry and rocks have eroded!”
Having said this, she walked away without looking back.
“Li Wei Yang, just wait and see.” He muttered as he looked after her retreating figure.
She could understand him so clearly, yet still wanted to rise to Tuoba Yu’s position? Thinking back to that day, the image of the two smiling, talking, his hands clenched.
As Li Wei Yang left the garden, Bai Zhi worriedly began: “Xiaojie…”
Li Wei Yang shook her head, “I am alright.” She solemnly ordered: “This matter is to be kept silent, you are not to speak about it with anyone, otherwise, I will not spare you.”

Zhao Yue and Bai Zhi looked at one another and quickly answered: “Nubi understands.”
Translator: Chau
Editor: Jaslynn

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