The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 82 - Part 2

January 01, 2018

Chapter 82 Suddenly crazy Part 2

1快刀斩乱麻- slice through a knot with a sharp knife-meaning making a lightning decision

2眼观鼻鼻观心- eyes looking at the nose, the nose is looking at the heart- meaning to sit quietly without looking sideways

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Li Xiao Ran walked quickly down the path, not seeing the people bowing to him. Up until now, he still can’t believe it that overnight there is actually such a big change. He quickly entered the courtyard but found the Yatous and Mamas are exchanging glances with each other carrying basins of bloody water from the house, Li Xiao Ran turned pale, seeing Li Wei Yang standing in the corridor, he took a few steps over: “Just what’s going on?”

Li Wei Yang looked at him and whispered: “Father lower your voice, daifu is inside treating mother.”

Li Xiao Ran frowned, he couldn’t help sounding anxious: “It was all well, where did the scorpion come from? “

Li Wei Yang sighed: “It’s mother’s medicinal supplement, they are valuable poisonous scorpions specially transported from the south. I don’t know who was careless, releasing the scorpion from the kitchen, perhaps the hot spring water has something attracts the scorpions, that all of the scorpions climbed into the hot spring pool. At the time, Wu Meimei was bathing, her Yatou was loyally guarding here and was actually killed by the scorpion, Wu Meimei was probably shocked, didn’t even think that she is not wearing clothes and screamed out, and was heard by the Mama responsible for night patrol who quickly reported to the guards outside the courtyard, they didn’t even think, without any consideration rushed into the bath, a total of seven eight men, Father, think of it, Wu Meimei is a girl, how could she take this blow? Of course she fainted!”

Li Xiao Ran didn’t even think and has already made a judgement, the scorpions were purposely released by someone. His eyes narrowed, a dangerous air exuded from his body. These women have become silly, nothing happening that they had to create a fuss, and each time it has something to do with this wife of his!

“Hmph!” He hmphed coldly.

Li Wei Yang continued speaking: “Meimei probably couldn’t accept this blow and somehow became crazy, Si Meimei went to stop her and was almost severely bitten by her, then Si Yiniang ran to mother’s house, after saying just a few words, Wu Meimei has rushed in, mother’s left ear….was bitten off by Wu Meimei.”

“What? Her ear was bitten off, what are the others doing!” Li Xiao Ran paced back and forth in the corridor, all of the Yatous and Mamas of the courtyard are currently kneeling on the ground, trembling, sweats pouring like rain!

Li Xiao Ran is fretful, every step that he takes, he would think of the moment this matter get spread out, how much damage it will make to the family reputation, first is his own daughter taking a bath and was seen by a group of men, then his daughter bit of the ear of her Di Mu in her craziness, a joke! The biggest joke in the world! Li Chang Xi and Da Furen have certainly harmed him into the world biggest laughingstock!

“Father, those guards have already been locked up for a day, shouting that they want to see you, claiming injustice!” Li Wei Yang reminded him.

Li Xiao Ran stopped his footsteps, injustice? Dogshit! How can he let those people spread the matter out! They must die! He coldly ordered: “Come, those guards..” he lightly made a gesture, cold and ruthless.

Li Wei Yang’s lips lifted, since they dare to take Li Chang Xi’s money to frame her, then none of them should even think of living, but… she glanced around at the frightened Yatous and Mamas and said lightly: “Father, you’re…” Almost probing, as if she is uneasy.

Li Xiao Ran said faintly: “Wei Yang, you must not learn to be soft-hearted, they saw what they should not have seen, naturally they have to pay the price.”

Li Wei Yang did not speak further, she suddenly feels that in her own blood flows the same kind of cold blood, watching those who harmed her pay a painful price, she can feel her blood boiling, because of excitement, because of cruelness. Perhaps, her bones is a person that is much crueler than Li Xiao Ran!

All of the Yatous and Mamas lowered their heads, they realized that the direction of the wind in this courtyard, has gradually changed…

Si Yiniang came out from the house, a pale look on her face, walking unsteadily: “Laoye! Laoye ah!” She rushed over and grabbed Li Xiao Ran’s sleeve, “Chang Xi….Chang Xi has gone crazy!”

“Enough! I already know everything!” Li Xiao Ran cut her off impatiently, “someone, go take Wu Xiaojie to the manor in Mountain Hui, send a few strong Mamas to guard her and not let her escape!”

Si Yiniang hearing this and was dumbfounded, she originally wanted to find a daifu to treat Li Chang Xi, maybe she can still get well… but now with Li Xiao Ran’s words, has given the other party a death sentence! She suddenly thought, Li Xiao Ran has completely gave up on this daughter and will never let her return!

She pleaded: “I know Wu Xiaojie has made a mistake, but it is under extenuating circumstances, Da Furen could have eaten anything she want but she had to have scorpions, if eat then eat, she had to get the Xiaojies to come look after the sick, they themselves are still children, they don’t understand anything, the scorpions suddenly escaping, this matter is too strange---”

All of this, definitely has something to do with Da Furen! Li Xiao Ran sneered in his heart, covering the look in his eyes, he just hmm quietly without any answer.

Originally she wanted claim injustice but did not expect that Li Xiao Ran would have not response, Si Yiniang bit her lips.

Li Wei Yang’s delicate face is will as placid as ever, not showing any false concerns, not being unable to resist gloating at someone’s misfortune. Her face is mostly calm, expressionless as normal, she said slowly: “Si Yinaing, Wu Meimei has bitten off Mother’s ear, making a big mistake, you should listen to father’s advice. Don’t forget, you still have Si Mei around you, you wouldn’t be lonely.”

Si Yiniang was stunned and then woke up to reality. She has always been a wise person, knowing when to take stock of the situation, she is still a woman, if she angers Laoye because of that crazy, then Si guniang would also be finished like Xiao Wu (little five)... slicing through a knot with a sharp knife1, she wiped her tears: “Laoye, of course I would listen to you.”

Si Yiniang in the end knows what is call making a choice, Li Wei Yang thought of when she did not hesitate in offending Da Furen to frame Li Chang Le,her thin lips curved up cold-blooded, she originally thought that all has came from Si Yiniang’s maternal love, now thinking of it, there is perhaps another layer, as long as her daughter marries well, Si Yiniang in the future can continue to live safely in Li house. Now that Li Chang Xi is thoroughly ruined, Si Yiniang cannot waste the little patience that Li Xiao Ran has because of her.

Li Xiao Ran went in to see Da Furen, even though he loathed the other party, he still have to show a good example.

Li Wei Yang looked at his back, her gaze very cold.

Si Yiniang could not stand still, was leaving with the help of a Yatou, just as Li Wei Yang was about to go down the stairs, she suddenly a voice said: “Sanjie?”

Li Wei Yang turned back, Li Chang Xiao appeared in the corridor, her hand wrapped in a white cloth by her side, very conspicuous.

She saw Li Wei Yang’s expression, there is a bit of of a scary mood.

Li Wei Yang asked faintly: “Yes?”

Li Chang Xiao’s eyes rippled, her lips opening and closing, as if in a very difficult situation, after a long time then softly said: “I...I’ve been wanting to ask… Sanjie, is it because Wu Meimei wanted to harm you, therefore becoming like this?”

This Si Mei, usually seems like a wood, but is surprisingly sensitve.

Li Wei Yang looked away faintly: “What do you say?”

A trace of distress flashed in Li Chang Xiao’s* (T/N: the author wrote Li Chang Xi but obviously this is a typo) eyes: “How could she always be like this, I already advised her many times---”

Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows: “Are you preparing to take revenge on me?” Before she would continued further, her hand was grasped tightly by the other party, “Sanjie, Sanjie, she is just now understanding, I know there are all brought upon her by herself, therefore I don’t dare blame you, but---but please spare her life.”

Seeing the other party looking at her with vapoury eyes, there was a bit of an open gaze in Li Wei Yang’s expression. Zhao Yue immediately moved to separate the other party’s hand, Li Wei Yang just shook her head gently, Zhao Yue hesitated for a moment and then stood unmoving at the side.

“Sijie, if you really care about Wujie’s life, then go pray to Buddha, hope that she will not recover this lifetime!” Suddenly a cold voice intruded.

The two of them were surprised at the same time.

Li Min De’s face is handsome but his thin lips show a slightly mean smile, the words he spoken are even mixed with a trace of cold and hostility that is not easily detected.

Li Chang Xiao was shocked and unknowingly released her hands.

Li Min De looked at her coldly, turned his head and said: “Sanjie, let’s go.”

Li Wei Yang nodded and did not looked at Li Chang Xiao again. The people behind are still crying nonstop, Li Wei Yang and Li Min De has already gone far.

“Sanjie, in the future you should respond to her less!” Li Min De said, puffing his face.

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help laughing: “She has nothing to do with this incident.”

“I know that! But Li Chang Xi is her birth sister, I see her and becomes unhappy!” A trace of cold light flash in Li Min De’s eyes.

Li Wei Yang sighed: “Who do you like in this family!”

Li Min De replied without hesitation: “You!”

Behind them, Bai Zhi laughed, Li Min De turned around, his beautiful eyes glaring at the other party, Bai Zhi laughed even harder, Zhao Yue batted at Bai Zhi’s waist, Bai Zhi suddenly could not laugh, even her entire face is stiffening, Li Min De smiled slightly and turned back.

Li Wei Yang did not have any reaction, just smiled, her mind drifted.

“San Jie, are you looking for an opportunity to move out?” Li Min De’s eyes shone with incisiveness, like a sharp sword.

Li Wei Yang looked at him and then shook her head: “Da Furen is seriously injured, when she sees Father, she will definitely cry and force myself and Si Mei to remain.”

“Still have to stay in this house? Sanjie, you could also pretend you are sick!”

Li wei Yang smiled, her gaze falling at the not far away Du Mama who is in a rush, it is unknown what she is thinking of.

The incident of the poisonous scorpions at Fu Rui Yuan, ultimately came to an end with the sudden death of several guards. Li Xiao Ran also punished the hot spring cleaning Yatou, thinking that because she did not clean the house properly and scorpions like shady and cool places,swam into the bath therefore stirring up so many things.

Li Wei Yang has long predicted Li Xiao Ran’s method of keeping the peace, if it was her, she would also not want people to know such shameful thing has happened in the Prime Minister house, can only say to those outside that Wu Xiaojie was bitten by a scorpion when bathing, thus with no alternative but to send her to another place to recuperate, of course this injury… cannot be healed this lifetime.

When Li Chang Xi was forcefully sent away, Li Wei Yang was standing in the corridor, she looked at Li Chang Xi who was wrapped like a sticky rice dumpling, looking very calm.

Li Chang Xiao’s face is full of tears as she send her sister off to the carriage, when she returned, she saw Li Wei Yang standing in the yard, her face suddenly turning red, she lowered her head to leave.

“Stop!” Li Wei Yang suddenly said.

Li Chang Xiao raised her head, Li Wei Yang slowly said: “Si Mei, yesterday you asked me to spare Wu Meimei;s life, I am telling you the truth, from now on, it is best if you send someone to watch her over twelve sichen, otherwise someone else will take her life.”

Li Chang Xiao looked at her in surprise: “Someone else?”

Li Wei Yang glanced faintly at Da Furen’s house, Li Chang Xiao instantly reacted, yes! Wu Mei has bitten off Da Furen’s left ear, Da Furen after recovering, would definitely do something to Wu Mei, even though she has already gone crazy, she is still her own sister! She bit her lips, then quickly ran over to Li Wei Yang’s side and stopped: “Sanjie, I don’t blame you! Truly!” Then she lifted her skirt and ran down the corridor.

After this incident, Li Min De is worried about Li Wei Yang, frequently coming to see check that she is safe and sound. In fact, Li Wei Yang has two highly skilled people around her, Da Furen definitely will not be able to do anything to her, but Li Min De is still anxious.

“You coming here, it is just for writing?” Li Wei Yang looked at Li Min De and said smilingly.

Li Min De focused on writing a full “calm” word on the Xuan paper, then raised his head and said: “Didn’t Sanjie always say that her words are not well written, I have searched for famous teachers’ copybook for you to copy, today I am bringing the book.”

The day before yesterday was sending ink, yesterday was Xuan paper, today is copybook, does he think that Fu Rui Yuan is lacking of clothings to wear, Li Wei Yang blinked her eyes, smiled and said: “You, really put me at a loss of words, I already promised to take care of you, how did it become you taking care of me?”

The brush in Li Min De’s hand paused, his long eyelashes trembled lightly, then his brush started moving again, writing a “heart” word.

“How is Da Bomu’s condition?”

Li Wei Yang smiled lightly: “Has been in bed all this time.”

Li Min De was surprised: “Da Bomu is such a strong person, she is unexpectedly laying in bed all the time?”

“Ten days ago, Father broke into a furious rage because of Wu Mei’s incident, disposing of several Yatous and Mamas, now the people who have replaced them in Da Furen’s house are not up to her satisfaction, Si Mei went to take care, did not get to rest day or night, now she is like a paper, a wind blow and will fall.” Li Wei Yang said while tracing the words, she guess, probably Li Chang Xiao will fall….

“Sanjie, would Da Furen have you go to her house?” Li Min De couldn’t help worrying.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “It is not strange if she calls me over, after all, I also still have to call her “mother”, is it not?”

Li Min De’s breath was caught for a moment, then a trace of worry that does not belong to his age flashed in his eyes: “I’m afraid she would use this opportunity to make you suffer.”

Li Wei picked a vividly beautiful peony from the window, gently stroke the dewdrops on the petals, turned back to smile and said: “This depends on whether she has this ability.”

That’s true, if Da Furen let Li Wei Yang into the house, perhaps Sanjie’s sharp mouth might shorten Da Furen’s lifespan by ten years from anger.

Li Min De gradually stopped worrying, just at this time, suddenly a noisy sound came from outside, during which a woman’s shout were mixed in, “bang”, the door was pushed open, rushing into the yard, is a very young girl, on top of head is double cloud buns, wearing a silvery white embroidered dress, rosy cheeks, red lips, eyebrows raised in anger, a finger pointing at Li Min De who is inside the house, “Li Min De! Don’t you think that this princess cares about you! There are many people in the world, also a lot chasing to curry favour from this princess, this princess is willing to let you accompany in play, it’s only because you seems like a decent person, giving you a bit of face, you should not be ungrateful!”

Following behind the girl are the palace maids and eunuchs, they followed in panic, “Gongzhu, gongzhu, you can’t be like this ah--”

There was already a Yatou that entered the small room to acknowledge her mistake: “Xianzhu, Nubi was unable to stop them.”

The newcomer is the ninth princess that they met before, but looking at her expression, it is completely unlike the normal innocent and cute, like a lit firecracker, Li Wei Yang glanced at Li Min De with interest but saw that his eyes are looking at the nose, the nose is looking at the heart2, not at all any intention to acknowledge that person.

“Your admirer has pursued here, what to do now?” Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but find it funny, this princess is really interesting, it’s fine if she like Li Min De, that she actually pursued to here, this is the Prime Minister's residence, not the palance.

Li Min De did not answer, Bai Zhi and others just glance at each other.

“Forget it, let go and have a look.” Li Wei Yang smiled slightly and walked out.

“Gongzhu Dianxia’s graceful presence, has honoured our humble Li residence.” Li Wei Yang has a polite smile on her face, but her face has less of the expression that cause Jiu Gongzhu to be in fear and trepidation when she normally see it.

Jiu Gongshu glanced at her and immediately recognized who she is, the truth is, Jiu Gongzhu still has some good feeling towards this Li family San Xiaojie, especially when they met by chance at the Lantern Festival, she felt that the other party is a very interesting person. Only right now she is exasperated and did not care about anything else: “Let Li Min De come out, I asked the Yatous from his courtyard, they said he was here!”

Li Wei Yang couldn’t help laughing: “For what reason is Jiu Gongzhu looking for Sandi?!”

Jiu Gongzhu goggled, mumbled for a while, finally her face turning red, stamped her foot: “Tell him come out! Quickly!”

Li Wei Yang raised her eyebrows, she doesn’t take threats from anyone, therefore she only said faintly: “Jiu Gongzhu, this is the Prime Minister's residence, not the royal palace, Jiu Gongzhu suddenly grace us with her presence, did Bixia allowed this?”

Jiu Gongzhu was stunned, although fuhuang loves her dearly, but he is very stern and requires her to know and keep etiquettes, normally he would never allow to have any excessive behaviour, if he knew that she has snuck out of the palace again, and has ran to Li residence to make trouble, he would definitely lock her up for one hundred days! “I...I..” She has completely forgotten how to speak, the eunuch beside her reminded her: “Gongzhu, Li San Shaoye has come out.” 
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Editor: Panisa (In Progress)
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