The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 73 - Part 2

November 03, 2017

Chapter 73: Secret Identity


At this time, Li Wei Yang was very nervous.

The sound of rain pattered through the window, making the atmosphere of the room more imposing.

After feeding a bowl of meticulously prescribed medicine, the physician’s coat had been soaked with sweat. He took a dangerous step today; if this beautiful boy didn’t survive, then he would also lose his life.

Li Wei Yang took the blanket on the side and gently placed it onto Li Min De’s waist. The boy had his eyes closed, his brows continued to wrinkle, and his forehead drenched with sweat.

It must be very painful. Li Wei Yang felt sad and took the initiative to reach for the handkerchief in the maidservant’s hand to gently wipe his face. She was already careful yet each time she touched him, Li Min De’s body would tremble.

The man in gray whispered: “How is it?”

“If he can live until dawn, then he will survive.” The physician wiped his sweat and replied, “Success or failure, it depends all on this ……”

“What is the probability?” The man in gray couldn’t help but ask again.

Every half an hour, this person would ask again. The physician became more and more anxious as he was asked again and again. In his mind, he wasn’t confident at all but he didn’t dare to say it and could only reply with yeses.

At this time, Li Min De’s eyes suddenly opened. He looked at Li Wei Yang, his eyes carried momentary pain then vanished, and spoke to the man in gray instead: “Leave us.”

This was the tone of command.

The man in gray was surprised and blurted: “Your Highness ---“

Li Min De’s face suddenly changed and the man in gray immediately understood. He ferociously stared at Li Wei Yang and unwillingly left.

It was obvious that Li Wei Yang heard everything yet her usual smile still appeared on her face as if she didn’t notice Li Min De tightly clenching his fist. She sat down beside him and whispered: “Are you alright now?”

Li Min De’s pair of beautiful eyes were like peach flowers that still showed affections. At this moment, his head of black hair fell scattered down with a few strands sticking to his face. His expression showed panic and he suddenly embraced Li Wei Yang’s waist tightly.

Li Wei Yang was conflicted for a second. The hand on her waist was obviously shaking, making her slowly relax her stiff back and warmly said to him in a low voice:

“What happened?”

At this time, a ray of light shone through the window and coldly sketched the delicate features of Li Min De’s face. His fine eyelashes were still trembling and infected with sporadic tears like broken jade. Often witnessing these situations, Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but become absent-minded and asked: “What exactly happened?”

“Do not leave me……”

“I lied, they came to find me, and said my birth father put in a lot of effort in the past years to search for me. They want me to go with them but I was unwilling ……”

Li Min De laid on her knees. His whole body was trembling to the point that Li Wei Yang almost followed along with his trembling. She had guessed correctly; this matter was really related to Min De’s identity.

She only let out a long sigh and gently patted his back. The Min De in her arms didn’t notice her thoughts. He paused for a moment and said: “I didn’t mean to make you angry nor to hide it from you.”

But in his heart, he was still deep in fear. There was one thing, there was one thing about his identity that he absolutely couldn’t tell Li Wei Yang or else she would certainly hate him and think that he was dirty! He didn’t want that, he never wanted that! Even if he were to die, he would still keep this secret! He absolutely couldn’t let his San jie find out! His hands and feet were cold; his heart was like it had been soaked in iced cold water, cold to the point without any trace of warmth. The darkness between heaven and earth laying on the roof crumbled onto his heart.

Li Wei Yang saw that he was this worried. She couldn’t help but smile and said: “I don’t blame you.”

Everyone had their own secret. She had her own too. It was like her who would not tell anyone about her rebirth; Li Min De would also have his own secrets. He was willing to tell her this much and it already showed his trust and dependence towards her: “No matter when, I won’t blame you nor will I ever leave you.”

She answered like this.

Li Min De looked up and earnestly stared at Li Wei Yang’s eyes. Seeing no trace of alienation in her eyes, his body, which looked like it had been burned to ashes, gently laid on her lap: “Okay, I will also never leave you.”

This child, was he too dependent on her. For a moment, Li Wei Yang didn’t know how to react. After she thought, if he was unable to survive past tonight, then it wouldn’t be eternal. At this time, Li Min De said: “I am really tired, I want to sleep for a bit.”

Li Wei Yang understood very well that if he fell into a deep slumber at this time, he might not be able to wake up anymore in this lifetime. So she took his hand and said: “Don’t sleep, you just dropped your jade crown. Tomorrow, I will gift you a new one, what do you like?”
Li Min De’s body moved a bit and then opened his eyes.

He slowly spoke: “One year, my mother made me a bowl of longevity noodles for my birthday, she made it personally ……” Li Wei Yang carefully helped him sat up and lean on the soft pillow.

“So you want longevity noodle?” Li Wei Yang said as the smile spread across her face.

“Yes.” He nodded softly.

“My cooking is not very good, it’s not as good as the Li family’s cook. But making longevity noodles is not an issue. After we return, I will make it for you.”

Li Min De smiled yet his face became paler. Li Wei Yang knew in her heart that it was not good but she didn’t show any changes on her face.

“Now I can’t fall asleep. You should talk to me, don’t go to sleep,” She said.

Li Min De managed to open his eyes and nodded.

“How about we play a game.” Li Wei Yang ingeniously lifted her head and said.

Li Min De earnestly looked at her and said: “I am not a child.”

“No matter how old you are, you will definitely like this game.” Li Wei Yang chuckled as confidence flashed across her eyes, “I’ll show you, it is a show ……”

“A show?” Li Min De repeated.

Li Wei Yang smiled and gently shook her empty hand in front of Li Min De. Then she went around his neck and a misty peony flower suddenly appeared in her hand. Li Min De’s eyes suddenly opened wide as he continued to watch with astonishment. Li Wei Yang shook her hand and peony in her hand disappeared. Li Min De was about to ask how she did it when Li Wei Yang raised her hand and the peony in her sleeves turned into a pigeon and flew two laps around the room before it flew into the rain.

“When did you learn this?” Li Min De was surprised.

“I will tell you tomorrow ……” Li Wei Yang looked at him with a smile.

Li Min De wanted to ask more when the man in gray unknowingly entered and said: “Only small tricks. If Young Master wants to see, your servant can perform for you whenever you want.”

He knew Li Min De didn’t enjoy being referred to Your Highness so he decisively changed it to another word but Li Min De still frowned: “Didn’t I tell you to go out?”

The man in gray sighed: “Young Master, if your servant does not stay on guard, I won’t be able to rest assured.” He felt that Li Wei Yang, this young girl was too powerful and was afraid that his Young Master would be bewitched by her.

Li Min De straightened his face: “Leave.”

Even though he was young but his warm expression had already vanished and faintly revealed coldness.

Li Wei Yang conspicuously sighed. Even though San furen’s personality was cold but she cared a lot about Li Min De so his life in the Li family was very stable. Unfortunately, with San furen’s death, he lost the only person he could rely on and it was difficult to take each step in the dog-eat-dog Li family. Also, he was smart and persevering; he appeared innocent and weak on the surface to deceive his enemies. Perhaps tonight, she actually saw another side of him.

Suddenly, a jaded snake slipped through the window as it climbed in from the outside.

Li Wei Yang saw it first and her expression changed.

However, the man in gray was not a bit surprised and went forward. He reached out and actually let the snake climb onto the palm of his hand. Li Wei Yang watched him suspiciously and felt shock in her heart. She had heard of the superstition of people training snakes as messengers but had never seen it with her eyes. Because snakes were extremely difficult to control and would easily bite, one could even lose their life.

On the snake’s neck, there was ribbon and two lines were written on it. The man in gray took it out and carefully read it. Then, he went to the candlestick to burn it and carefully took out a ribbon. No one knew what he wrote and then he tied it back onto the snake’s neck.

Li Wei Yang watched as this little snake, which was thinner than bamboo chopsticks, disappeared in the window and interest surfaced on her face.

Li Min De wasn’t interested in the snake but seeing Li Wei Yang seemed interested, he softly said: “This snake --- how do you raise it?”

The man in gray was surprised and revealed an overwhelmed expression. This was the first time Li Min De spoke to him in a benign tone, which made him unsure in how to react, he quickly said: “That was Bi Yang, which I had been raising. Young Master, look.” He untied the pouch on his waist and carefully passed it over, “There is a secret medicine in this pouch, humans can’t detect this scent, but only Bi Yang can detect it.”

So this was how it worked, Li Wei Yang revealed delight and Li Min De immediately said: “Can other people order this snake?”

The man in gray was surprised and shook his head. He put in a lot of effort to train this snake and it is the messenger between him and his subordinates in dire circumstances. Let’s not say others touching it, going close to it would also mean getting bitten to death.

Bi Yang was small in size but he was highly toxic.

Li Wei Yang suddenly felt disappointed since she was very interested in this little snake.

Of course, Li Min De saw Li Wei Yang’s subtle expression and softly voiced: “Are there other ways?”

The man in gray thought that he liked it and was overjoyed, “If Young Master likes it, your servant can help you raise two that will only listen to your commands and would definitely not harm you.”

Li Min De nodded.

Subsequently, the man in gray revealed a look of hesitation. Li Wei Yang noticed and knew he wanted to say something so she stood up and said: “I’ve been in the room for too long, I want to take a walk outside.”

The man in gray coldly made a humph. He wasn’t afraid that Li Wei Yang would run away since his people were stationed outside. Without his consent, not even a fly could leave this place.

After Li Wei Yang left, Li Min De weakly leaned against the cushion. It was obvious that he was feigning calmness when in fact, he felt pain throughout his body. There was a fire burning from his throat to his internal organs as if it would tear his whole body apart. This kind of pain, he had never experienced before.

The man in gray stepped forward and whispered: “Young Master, the girl outside, your servant had been thinking, we cannot keep her. Think about it. If she finds out about your identity ---“

“If you dare hurt her, then step over my dead body first!” Li Min De anxiously sat up from the bed. After positioning himself, he felt as if someone placed a pot of flame on his chest and continued to ignite it; it felt like cottons were stuffed in his mouth and nose, blocking his inhalation. He fought with all his might to inhale in air and immediately fell down!

The man in gray never expected the weak Li Min De to say such piercingly cold words so it shocked him. He originally thought that his Young Master was beautiful but since he grew up in the Li family, he wouldn’t be similar to Master. But looking at him now, he felt that ruthlessness and perseverance could be seen from this young boy, which was quite impressive. If he wanted to protect someone, he would sacrifice his life, this was extremely similar to Master!

Even though he had the thought but he didn’t dare to act without permission so he immediately kneeled: “Young Master, don’t get angry, your servant would never again!”

Li Min De wanted to speak but couldn’t utter a word. It felt like the blood in his vessels were hitting left and right as it slowly rushed to the top as if it would spray out. His whole body felt like millions of ants biting him, his limbs were in extreme pain, lights flashed across his eyes, and dizziness settled in as it became harder and harder to breathe. It was like he was about to explode.

He suddenly felt fearful and desperately reached out to grab something. Subconsciously, he called Li Wei Yang’s name. The man in gray noticed something was wrong so he immediately ran out to summon people.

Li Min De felt that he couldn’t survive this but at this time, a pair of burning hot yet gentle hands held him. He desperately opened his eyes and saw Li Wei Yang’s face. At this point, the usual calmness and gentleness on her face could no longer be seen and instead it was slowly becoming panic.

Li Wei Yang couldn’t imagine that she would see this after returning and felt very anxious.

She didn’t know when but this young boy had become someone important to her. She originally thought that he would become her baggage and responsibility but it seemed like now she saw him as her own family!

“Min De, you have to hang on! I’ve promised your mother, don’t let me let her down! Min De! Listen to me!” Li Wei Yang kept talking to Li Min De until he was able to regain consciousness.

Seeing Li Wei Yang in front of his eyes, Li Min De bit his lips and forcefully made it through the pain. He managed to bear the pain and smiled: “I’m fine ---“

His lips were dry and showed traces of blood.

Li Wei Yang recovered and took the teacup handed to her from a maidservant. She dipped some water and lightly dabbed his lips, “You will survive this, I still have to teach you how to do the magic trick ……”

Li Min De couldn’t help but smiled and slightly closed his eyes. At least, he used his pain in exchange for her sympathy. This was great, she didn’t leave him like his mother did.

Mother had promised him before that she would stay by his side but her life was still taken away by death. Now, he only had her left, in this world, the only person he trusted, was her.

The physician came again to deliver medicine. Li Min De’s spirit was burning out and he seemed to be sleeping rather than awake as he laid on the pillow. The candlelight emitted yellow light. Besides Li Wei Yang’s face, nothing appeared to be real in his eyes. Drinking the bitter medicine, because he was in a half-conscious state, his suppressed tiredness had made him subconsciously feel resistant.

“Min De, this is the second dose.”

“……Take this once more, you will get well ……”

The soft and gentle voice swinging near his ear made him drink the bitter medicine one sip at a time.

“You’ve promised me, you will also be my by side, did you forget?”

Li Min De almost didn’t respond, the man in gray looked back: “Didn’t you say once we get rid of the toxins, then we can save him?”

The physician’s forehead was drenched in sweat. He had already tried his best to decrease the toxicity of the poison. He deliberately cooked it three times and then grinded into powder. He also added many rare medicinal ingredients but toxins were toxins. It wouldn’t completely be removed because of this, in other words, if there were no toxins at all, then the medicine wouldn’t be effective. The toxins must be kept in order to cancel each other out in the young boy’s body.

“Shut your mouth!” Li Wei Yang frowned. What time was it now? How could he still be furious?

The man in gray was very gloomy. He was already this age, besides the Master, no one dared speak to him like this.

The atmosphere in the room became heavy.

Li Min De felt that he had walked into darkness and was fluttering until a fire emerged by his side. Although small but it was able to make him completely unconscious.

He knew, Li Wei Yang had been speaking to him. She didn’t abandon him front the start. Pain slowly became warmth and the pain from his body little by little vanished, but he realized he was unable to speak out. He struggled and suddenly shouted and then opened his eyes.

Li Wei Yang, who was laying by the bed, was awaken. She saw Li Min De opened his eyes and could finally relax.

“San jie?” Li Min De astonishingly watched her, she laid here throughout the night?

Li Wei Yang held his hand, “You’re alright.”

Li Min De was surprised, he had always felt that his San jie’s eyes were beautiful. Her black eyelashes grew orderly and slightly curled, her eyes had a righteous expression and her black pupils were like black crystal, clear like the spring lake. At this moment, this lake was covered with traces of blood, indicating the owner’s fatigue. Li Min De struggled to sit up: “We must return!”

Li Wei Yang was surprised and immediately understood his meaning. A qianjin of the Prime Minister’s residence stayed out overnight, this would definitely become today’s headlines! Thinking of this, how would Da furen and others defame her! Even if she endured captivity, no one would offer their sympathy. In their eyes, she would become a girl who had lost her innocence and would be cast aside forever!

As early as last night, she had already thought of this. But even so, she couldn’t leave Li Min De behind regardless.

The man in gray quickly stopped: “Young Master, you can’t leave here!”

Li Min De coldly glanced at him and said: “Prepare a carriage!”

“They already know you are in the Li family, there will be endless troubles in the future! Perhaps, this might happen again!” The man in gray couldn’t help but say.

Li Wei Yang looked at the light outside, the sky would soon be lit, she couldn’t delay.

Li Min De repeated again: “Prepare a carriage, immediately!”

The man in gray bit his teeth as he stared at Li Wei Yang. Then, he shifted his sight and said: “Yes.”

The carriage ride would be bumpy throughout and was not suitable for a patient. Li Min De’s expression turned white yet insisted to go with Li Wei Yang. The man in gray was furious but helplessly ordered people to choose the best furnishings and the softest mat. Li Min De was carried into the carriage and seeing his face, Li Wei Yang knew it would bring trouble and subconsciously looked out.

The man in gray still stood in front of the carriage.

“Once you make a turn, you will see your maidservants, but --- you better not speak a word about what happened last night ……” He coldly whispered.

“Foolish ……” Li Wei Yang glanced at him as she coldly uttered those four words. Why would she tell others what happened? Was her brain broken?

Living to this age, he was always well-respected. It was the first time the man in gray heard someone called him foolish and his face suddenly turned livid, “How dare you!”

“Thank you for the praise, I will leave now.” Li Wei Yang swept him a glance and ordered the driver to quickly go.

The carriage shook a few times and then came a muffle that quickly walked away.

In front of the door, the man in gray spit a breath and whispered to the person that came over: “Tell Master, Young Master has been injured.”


Translator: Erica
Editor: Panisa

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