The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 73 - Part 1

November 01, 2017

Chapter 73: Secret Identity


Li Wei Yang did not show any expression of pain on her face, but instead she rose her brows and stared at the other party: "This is what you mean when you had no malicious intentions?”
The man in gray voiced: “Leave!”

The man in green behind Li Wei Yang immediately stepped back, but still vigilantly holding the sword standing not too far away.

Li Wei Yang discovered that the other party seemed to be only concerned with Li Min De’s life and death. In his eyes, she was unimportant like ants……but for some reason, the other party did not want to take her life. Her eyes fell on Li Min De, who had already been unconscious.

“What do you want to do to Min De!” Li Wei Yang slowly said.

Everyone’s face once again discolored and this time, the man in gray were also surprised. In front of their eyes was a little yatou, that even encountering danger and was threatened by a sword, she was still calm and was able to make judgments. Even when she knew they came for Li Min De. This was not something a young lady could do; thus, this made them really shocked!

At this time, the man in green suddenly said: “His breathing is getting weaker!”

The expression of the man in gray changed and he quickly squatted to pick up Li Min De. Li Wei Yang stopped in front of him, pointed a finger at Li Min De, and word by word, said: “You cannot take him away!”

The man gray for the first time expressed hesitation and then he decisively acted: “You come with us!”

Li Wei Yang’s face slightly changed and then she quickly made a decision.

The man in gray instructed to cover Li Wei Yang’s eyes and then it seemed like she entered the carriage. Li Wei Yang suddenly said: “There are also my two maidservants.”

The man in gray took a deep breath and said: “I will send people to look.”

The carriage traveled far until they arrived in front of a house did they remove the cloth on Li Wei Yang’s  eyes.

“Official, the physician is ready ……” a maidservant greeted, saluted and spoke but her eyes did not look towards Li Wei Yang.

“Good, let’s start the treatment immediately,” The man in gray said.

Li Wei Yang observed the scene and became more doubtful at the true identity of these people.

“Welcome Xianzhu to stay here for a while,” The man in gray’s faintly voiced over.

Li Wei Yang looked at Li Min De in his arms and frowned: “I want to be ensured that he will be safe and sound.”

The man in gray no longer insisted, carried Li Min De into the room. He walked in and suddenly looked back at Li Wei Yang, “Come in.”

Li Wei Yang walked in and the door closed behind.

This person allowed her to enter, indicating that the situation was not as bad as it seemed. At least, they didn’t want to take their lives. Li Wei Yang lightly exhaled, lifted her head up, and looked at the entire room. Inside the room, there was a folding screen of mountains and rivers and from the burner, a delicate fragrance curled up. Calligraphy brushes and ink were readily available, but everything were new ……besides the luxurious furnishings, it was difficult to see the master’s likings and guess the master’s identity.

A white-haired man carried a medicinal chest, stood trembling with fear in the room. The man in gray gently placed Li Min De on the couch and then whispered: “Treat him.”

The physician nodded, lowered his head and saw Li Min De’s wound.

Li Min De was still sleeping, his smooth jade skin showed no signs of life. She didn’t know when he lost his jaded crown. His black hair was scattered on his body like brocades.

“Min De ---“ Li Wei Yang suddenly tensed up and couldn’t help but whispered again.

“Nothing will happen ……” The man in gray’s voice sounded, “Nothing can happen to him!” After those words, he clenched his fist and his voice was hoarse. In order to find him, he spent years of effort and escaped dangers, and now that his person was in front of his eyes ……

The physician turned his head and his expression was heavy.

“Is he alright?” The man in gray was agitated. He quickly stepped forward and forcefully stared at the physician.

“Even though I have already removed most of the toxins but there are some toxins that had already infused with the blood, now, the situation is very dangerous……” The physician tremblingly spoke.

“You can’t cure him?” Trace of anger appeared on the man in gray’s face as he caught onto the physician’s collar.

The physician’s entire expression changed and was frightened to the point of being speechless.

Seeing this scene, Li Wei Yang felt anxious and angrily said: “Let go of the physician, do you really want to watch Min De die?”

The man in gray was surprised for a moment.

The maidservants in the room were also astonished and their faces turned green. They couldn’t believe that Li Wei Yang dared talk to the man in gray like that.

“I’m fine.” A voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked towards the bed at the same time.

“You finally woke up ……” The man in gray was excited. He dropped the physician and took a few steps forward.

Li Min De’s expression wasn’t looking good and his eyes didn’t show joy and gratitude for being saved. Rather, there were only feelings of being fed up.

Li Wei Yang was convinced that she wasn’t mistaken. Once Li Min De spotted the man in gray, tiredness flashed across his eyes.

“I didn’t say anything ……” The man in gray busily said. Speaking half of his sentence, he thought of something and his eyes fell onto Li Wei Yang who was standing quietly as ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

Li Wei Yang secretly sighed, it seemed like the other party didn’t want her to know the truth. She gave Li Min De a glimpse and felt traces of sadness in her heart. Even though she was surprised that she was capable of feeling upset, but she knew Min De obviously knew something. What she was concerned about was what he was hiding from her earlier.

Li Wei Yang calmly said: “Min De, since you both know each other, you should stay here to recuperate.” Then, she turned towards the man in gray and said, “Seeing that I was innocently brought into this, I hope that you will send me back.”

Li Min De’s face turned white, even the last trace of life vanished from his lips. He struggled to sit up: “No! I don’t want to stay here!”

His tone was determined. To him, this place was like there were great scourges here.

“No, you can’t leave……” The glance of the man in gray swept across Li Wei Yang. Without a trace of emotion, he slowly said, “Before we can ensure his safety, no one can leave.”

Li Wei Yang sneered and slowly said: “Oh, you are going to house arrest me?”

The man in gray didn’t speak again and there was a silence lingering in the room.

Li Min De struggled up: “I want to go with her.”

The man in gray immediately changed his tone and looked towards Li Wei Yang. He tried hard to use a moderated tone: “Xianzhu, he is in danger now, so we can’t act rashly. Let that I beg you ---“

Li Wei Yang slightly frowned and her gaze fell onto Li Min De’s pale face. In his eyes, there was fear, fear of her abandoning him. Li Wei Yang unnoticeably shook her head. She promised San furen that at any time, she would not abandon him regardless. But what was it that he had to hide it from her? Could it be that these people were threatening him? No, not right, the man in gray’s attitude towards him was very respectful as if Min De was his master.

Li Wei Yang became more suspicious while the man in gray watched her with caution.

In the end, Li Wei Yang nodded: “Well, I will have to leave once it’s morning.” Now, she didn’t have time to ponder upon other issues because she must keep the promise she made with San furen.

Li Min De sighed with relief and the hand on his knee gradually stiffened and he suddenly fell. The man in gray’s cold face cracked open as he quickly told the maidservants to bring water over.

The maidservants fearfully warmed the teacup and then poured water. They then held it with both hands as they walked towards the bed and kneeled.

Li Wei Yang watched as she sank deep in her thoughts. She vaguely felt that these people had known Min De earlier, no, perhaps, all of this had something to do with Min De’s identity.

But he had once told her that he was an abandoned baby that no one wanted.

Then how about all these people, where did they come from?

After drinking water, Li Min De suddenly fainted. The physician on the side quickly went up to take his pulse.

The man in gray suddenly turned towards Li Wei Yang and expressed cold resentment. Since interacting with her once, he subconsciously couldn’t treat her like a young girl and she probably knew the situation she was in right now.

He suddenly stood up and walked step by step towards her. He suddenly pulled out his sword and pointed it at Li Wei Yang’s throat.

Li Wei Yang’s expression changed.

“It’s not like you are not afraid of anything! I was saying, how could there be people not afraid of death in this world?!” He spoke with mockery.

Li Wei Yang took a deep breath and a smile appeared on her face: “In this world, there is no one who is not afraid of death but you’ll have to see if it’s worth it! If I die, he will die from compunction.” She spoke disdainfully, “Then isn’t it meaningless for you to use all your efforts to save him.”

The man in gray’s face turned stiff. He was reluctant yet he helplessly spitted out “You have guts”, those three words through his teeth.

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “You just want me to keep your secret but what this secret is, I don’t even know, how could I say it?”

The man in gray stared at her and slowly put his sword down. He did this not because he didn’t feel threatened by Li Wei Yang’s ignorance. On the contrary, he thought that this smart little girl guessed something. But she was right, if he killed Li Wei Yang, his master wouldn’t spare him.

The physician’s face became more anxious. He solemnly turned his head and said: “He is in much more danger than before……”

Li Wei Yang was stunned, she couldn’t help but walked over: “Impossible, he was still speaking just now.”

“He was anxious just now so his blood flow becomes faster……” The physician slowly spoke, “This type of poison, I have no way to cure and I have never seen it before ……”

Li Wei Yang’s heart slowly sank down a bit……

“This poison is called Zhu Hong ……” The man in gray slowly spoke. He looked at Li Min De and showed slight agitation in his expression: “It’s colorless and tasteless so it can’t be easily discovered. Just a little, it would spread into the inner organs, suffocating the victim until death.” If Li Wei Yang didn’t help Li Min De remove most of the toxins, he would have become a corpse by now.

“How do you know?” Li Wei Yang stared at him.

The man in gray’s expression turned ugly yet he didn’t answer.

“If there is nothing we can do, then we can only use poison to attack poison.” Sweat perspired from the physician’s inner palm.

Attack poison with poison?

Li Wei Yang’s expression froze. She felt a bad premonition in her heart and couldn’t help say: “What kind of medicine do you want to use?”

The physician thought about it and slowly replied: “Arsenic, cinnabar, white stone, nine needle, scorpion tail, snake’s venom.”
Li Wei Yang and the man in gray gave each other a glance and their expressions turned pale. All of these were highly toxic items.

In the entire room, a solidified atmosphere set in, making it seemed like it was easier to breathe clearly.

The man in gray looked more agitated and he took a deep breath. He suppressed his strong emotions: “He must live, or I will kill you.”

On the physician’s head, a large bead of sweat immediately rolled down.

Li Wei Yang raised her hand and interrupted him: “If you want the physician to stay focus, then you shouldn’t always talk about beating and killing.”

The man in gray was furious, “I don’t need you to teach me!”

Li Wei Yang watched him patiently, expression unchanged.

The man in gray’s chest rose and fell and it wasn’t for a while until he suppressed his mood. He didn’t know why but he was aware that the young girl in front of him had the power and influence of an authority. How could this be? A mere prime minister’s daughter who was conferred the title of Xianzhu, he didn’t even care about. But in front of her, his boldness seemed to have lost its usefulness.

“If you don’t want to cause his death, then shut your mouth.” Li Wei Yang faintly spoke, then, she asked the physicians: “Do you have other ways?”

The physician carefully considered for a moment and solemnly shook his head.

Li Wei Yang stayed silent for a moment, then lifted her head up and said to him: “You were invited here to treat someone, this person ---“ She readily pointed towards the man in gray, “He will kill you. But if you can successfully cure him, I promise you, you will be able to walk out here alive.”

The physician looked at Li Wei Yang and he didn’t know why but felt that the young girl’s complicated mind made people feel afraid.

“Who gave you the power to decide?!” The man in gray couldn’t hold back and scold.

LWY stared at him and calmly repeated: “I have the final say!”

“Are you tired of living?” The man in gray coldly smiled.

Li Wei Yang answered with calmness: “Unless you are prepared to do nothing and watch him die.”

The man in gray couldn’t speak. He stared at the young girl in front of his eyes and felt that he was seeing ghosts! Because Li Wei Yang acted overly calm, she had already left a very deep impression in this man’s heart. Even though he repeatedly told himself not to believe it but he subconsciously felt a sense of acceptance towards her and this girl made him completely stunned.
His eyes flickered and fiercely struggled as he for the first time looked directly at Li Wei Yang. He became solemn, “I think you know what you are doing, but you don’t know his real identity ……”

Li Wei Yang stared at him and didn’t speak.

The man in gray finally nodded, “Fine, I will temporarily listen to you. If something happens to him, you have to pay with your life.”

The first person that discovered Li Wei Yang was missing was Tuoba Zhen. The other guests all thought that Li Wei Yang followed the Li family’s carriage back together. While the Li family thought that Li Wei Yang remained at the Princess’ residence for the evening banquet. Only Tuoba Zhen felt unreconciled and sent people to monitor Li Wei Yang that he discovered something was wrong.

“The carriage was gone?” He heard his servant reported as he felt this occurrence was unexpected.

“It seemed like they suddenly changed their itinerary, then entered a small road and disappeared.”

“How could it be like this?” Even if it was a small road but it was an official road. There wouldn’t be much danger so he didn’t think that someone would attempt to kill Li Wei Yang. But he frowned and his knuckle lightly tapped the tabletop.

Impossible, it couldn’t be! Did this young girl run away? She wanted to break away from the Li family? This was a possibility because after all, he felt that Li Wei Yang had always harbored deep resentment towards the Li family.

“There seemed to be trace of blood on the ground, but there was not one person.” The servant busily said.

Traces of blood? Was this young girl trying to trick others? Or did she really encounter danger? Tuoba Zhen nodded, casually waved his hand and the servant knowingly retreated. He reached out and raised the teacup as Li Wei Yang’s face floated in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but held deep doubts towards the situation. The trace of blood on the ground, if she was really attacked --- Li Wei Yang was a clever person, who dared make a move on an official road? Li family’s Da furen? No, she hadn’t reached the point of being able to cover up everything. If she really wanted to get rid of Li Wei Yang, she would have done it unnoticeably. If the Xianzhu, titled by the Emperor, was killed on the way back from the Princess’ residence, it would definitely cause an uproar, so Da furen wouldn’t be this foolish. Then, who could it be?

“Your highness ……” Someone came in to report. Tuoba Zhen’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted and he involuntarily frowned.

The servants brought out a letter and respectfully handed it over: “This was a report we just received.”

Tuoba Zhen took it and swept across the lines of words, his expression unchanged.

Seventh Prince was injured and returned to his residence. After being hastily wrapped up, he left again, got rid of his guards, and disappeared.

What was going on?

At this time, the window suddenly sounded with rain, the night sky was dark.

Tuoba Zhen stood up, walked to the window and pushed it open. The cold wind outside the window carried a slight chill as it blew forth.

The whole yard was covered with rain and fog. In the silent night, the trees in the garden became vast and misty to the point of becoming frightening.

Tuoba Zhen suddenly sneered and what he had to think about was whether Li Wei Yang and Tuoba Yu had combined forces. Tuoba Yu was obviously injured yet he still went out to search, who was he searching for?!

He suddenly frowned and seemed like he was dissatisfied with the time he spent pondering upon this. He didn’t know why but no matter what, his thoughts were all of this girl.

Translator: Erica
Editor: Panisa

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