Detective Galileo [J-Drama]

February 10, 2013

I was trying to look up some series about the famous phenomenon detective Wesley. Coincidentally, I spied the first episode of this series lingering around the "recommended videos" area. Noting the title, I already knew it was about mysteries since I've watched HK drama The Mysteries of Love which was loosely based on the this drama. The whole series was also Cantonese dubbed so I didn't have to hook my eyes to the TV to catch every subtitle.

The series started off with the mysterious case of a young man's head suddenly bursting into flames. It was the question "Can this really happen?" that kept me glued. Unlike TVB's "The W Files", the phenomena are proven to be illusions by our physics professor Galileo. In "The W Files", the phenomena such as reincarnation and aliens are scripted as real encounters by our protagonist Wesley.

After the first episode, I was hooked to the drama. All the episodes were done wonderfully. However, the last two episodes were somewhat anti-climatic. It was not as captivating as the prior episodes. The romance was not the main focus, as commented by few reviewers. But it was nice witnessing subtle changes in the two main characters' personality for one another. I actually quite like this since not many series will heavily focus on the main topic and diverge into the romantic aspect to gain more viewership.

Out of all the cases, my favorite cases include Episode Three (Missing Husband and House Cursed by Ghost), Episode Two (Astral Projection), Episode Six (Fantasy Love), and Episode Eight (Spiritual Ghost).


Series *****
Characters ****1/2
Storyline ****1/2
Cast Perfomance *****

Overall: ****1/2 (4 1/2)

Planning to continue my venture into more Japanese series. :)

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