The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 62

August 09, 2017

*The title means to corrupt public morals.

Chapter 62: Injury to the wind

After the previous incident, Da Furen had locked Zi Yan up to sell. Who knew that Zi Yan would sneak out, taking the opportunity to pester Li Min Feng, threatening him that if he forced her to leave she would reveal everything to the public, causing such a commotion.

Da Furen frowned: “A good banquet was actually messed up by a childish yatou. Someone, take her away.”

Immediately, someone went to lift Zi Yan, Bai Zhi was firmly grasping Zi Yan’s sleeve. With both side pulling, Zi Yan’s clothes were torn in half. Da Furen thundered: “Take her away quickly!”

Bai Zhi suddenly burst out: “Look!”

Everyone’s gazes followed her words, to see Zi Yan’s fair collarbone and arms, were covered in bluish purple bruises. Just one look, they could tell that there were traces of abuse.

Li Chang Le quickly took a glance, suddenly turning around, making the ruby set of the gold earrings on her ears shook as she coldly said: “She must have done something shameless, really a debauchery!”

A pair of respectable girls, appearance as pure as jade.

Fifth Prince immediately said: “Da Xiaojie should not look at these filthy things, to avoid dirtying your eyes!”

San Furen said slowly: “Since this yatou was already given to Da Shaoye, then naturally it should be dealt by you. However, this is too…”

Her meaning was clear, although Zi Yan was a maid, there should not be such abuse. Not to mention these countless bruises. the son of a well-known family should be polite to others, to have done such things….

Li Wei Yang heaved a long drawn sigh as if she could not bear it: “Dage, I am not blaming you, but Zi Yan came with me from Ping Cheng, well-behaved, obedient and sensible. But with you driving her to death, what can I say?”

Da Furen narrowed her eyes, eyebrows winding like the sharp corners of a crescent, declared: “Feng'er is usually busy with work, how can he pay attention to a maid? The maidservants of the Li family must check themselves in order to serve their masters with ease. Zi Yan fornicated with a manservant and incite trouble. In fear that we would blame her, therefore dying like this.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Oh, really?”

Li Min Feng was, of course, the person who knew most about this situation. Zi Yan kept pestering him to raise her up as a concubine. But he had not yet married, how could he take such a yatou in? Therefore, he hardened his heart, ordered people to forcefully tie this yatou up, and to either kill or sell her. Inevitably, those people had taken some actions and quietly dealt with Zi Yan. The main issue was that the body should have been sent out of the house, how did it appear in the main hall in front of everyone?! Obviously someone was deliberately playing tricks! Thinking of this, he became red in the face, curled his fingers and scoffed: “Regarding Zi Yan’s death, I really don’t know anything.”

Da Furen shouted: “Quickly take her away!”

The servants began to move the body. However, as they were about to take away the body, there was a pattering sound, something fell out of Zi Yan’s arms.

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Dage, this is the pouch that you carry around with you, now has been dirtied by this yatou, or?”

A maid mysteriously committed suicide, her body full of traces of abuse, from her arms, Da Shaoye’s pouch fell out …… when connecting all these together, everyone’s face changed.

This Da Shaoye of Li family, his morality was really corrupted! No comment on the injury to the wind, that he even had such hobby! Such person, who would still dare to marry their daughter to him? How would he able to move on to the next phase? To join the court as an official, it would simply cause Prime Minister Li to lose face completely!

Li Xiao Ran’s face was livid. He held back most of his anger. His gaze was rigidly fixed on Li Min Feng, as if he would soon erupt.

The servants took Zi Yan away. Everyone’s expression returned to being calm, but undercurrent surging in their heart. Their gazes directed towards Li Min Feng seemed so strange and had a bit of fear in them.

At this time, Liu Furen suddenly exclaimed: “Su'er!” Everyone looked over to see a maidservant bringing an eight-year-old Shaoye over. Liu Furen rushed over, embracing the boy in her arms and kept calling out my sweetheart.

“What happened?” Li Xiao Ran asked with a frown.

The maidservant curtseyed and said: “Nubi saw Liu Shaoye at the back, he was looking everywhere for the toilet, therefore getting lost----”

Everyone laughed. But just after experiencing this matter, the laughter was insincere. At this point of the banquet, how could it continue on? Everyone awkwardly proposed a toast and then left.

The Li family stood by the doorway sending off the guests. Da Furen and the others were forcing a smile, only Li Wei Yang smiled as usual. Tuoba Yu went by her side, smiled and said softly: “Well done.”

Li Wei Yang face was calm as if she didn’t hear him, solemnly saluted: “Seeing off Seventh Prince.”

She knew, today, regardless of Tuoba Zhen or Tuoba Yu, no one would believe that Li Min Feng was that kind of a confused person. But it didn't matter even if they didn’t believe it. Rumors were more dreaded than tigers. Tomorrow everyone in the city would know, how the words and actions of the Li family’s main son was corrupted with a perished morality.

From today on, whether it was Li Min Feng’s career or his marriage, it had been thoroughly ruined.

This was the return gift to him for previously trying to frame her.

When there were no outsiders remaining, Li Xiao Ran suddenly slapped Li Min Feng’s face. The force was so great that his entire body was knocked to the ground, even a tooth was knocked out, his mouth full of blood.

Da Furen hurriedly pulled him up: “Lao Ye, do you not see, this incident today was deliberately set up by someone?”

Li Xiao Ran didn’t care whether it was a setup or not, he only knew that he had no face in front of people at all. The centuries-old good reputation of the Li family had all been ruined in the hands of Li Min Feng; he couldn’t help but shouted in anger: “Setup! Who set him up? What is he! If he was really innocent and in the clear, and he still went to seduce his sister’s maid, then he is a shameless thing!”

Da Furen was unable to refrain her tears and sniveled: “Lao Ye, he is our eldest son, how can you not believe him---”

“Believe him? I have seen with my own eyes! Of all the time to be an embarrassment, he had to do such thing when everyone was present. It is simply an injury to the wind!” Li Xiao Ran once again forcefully kicked Li Min Feng.

Li Min Feng suddenly turned his head, staring at Li Wei Yang with blood-red eyes: “You slut! It was you who incited that yatou----”

Li Wei Yang looked at Li Xiao Ran and said with grievance: “Father, Dage blames everything on me.”

Li Xiao Ran was at the peak of his anger, he pointed at Li Min Feng and said: “Someone, lock the young master in the ancestral hall to repent for a hundred days!”

Da Furen’s face suddenly turned dead white. She suddenly looked back, staring at Li Wei Yang, eyes vicious like she would eat her, but Li Wei Yang smiled and looked over at Li Chang Le who had stood in the same spot, speechless: “Dajie, I’m tired. I will return to my room first, please make way.”

Li Chang Le looked at Li Wei Yang’s eyes as if she had seen the devil crawling up from hell and then involuntarily stepped back.
Translator: Angela
Editor: Panisa

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