The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 61

August 06, 2017

This chapter is translated by Angela and sponsored by Aminata S. 

1七嘴八舌: qī zuǐ bā shé- with seven mouths and eight tongues- meaning all talking at once or in confusion

Chapter 61: An uproar

Everyone’s expression became delicate and astonished.

Da Furen’s face suddenly changed, she quickly stood up, then slowly sat back down and said: “Wang Xiaojie, you must have been mistaken, it’s dark now---”

Wang Xiaojie shook her head and said: “No, no, I did not see wrong. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my maid, she saw it too!”

The maid’s face was also green, a frightened look: “Xiaojie is right, Nubi also saw it. Hanging on the plum blossom tree, the tongue is already sticking out, so scary!”

There was a bad feeling in Da Furen’s heart. She subconsciously looked at Li Wei Yang, unsure why, she felt that this incident and that bitch who was currently drinking tea, had some binding link. Thinking of this, she said decisively: “You must have seen wrong! Someone, help Wang Xiaojie back to her seat.”

Wang Xiaojie wanted to say something more, but seeing the look on Wang Furen’s face, she could not utter a word and returned to her seat, but still seemed to be in a state of uncertainty. Immediately the Xiaojies flocked to her to enquire about the situation. When she wanted to say something, Wang Furen suddenly coughed, Wang Xiaojie immediately did not say a word.

Li Wei Yang saw the opposite side was still clueless. Just as Li Min Feng was toasting the Fifth Prince, the corner of her lips raised slightly.

Li Xiao Ran’s expression was also not good, Da Furen quickly said: “It is dark, perhaps Wang Xiaojie was mistaken, I will immediately send someone to take a look.”

Li Xiao Ran nodded, then put aside this matter. Suddenly, the wife of the Minister of War, Wang Shi, stood up. She was no longer looking dignified, her face full of panic as she said: “My Su Er is gone!”

Everyone was shocked for a moment. Liu Furen of the Minister of War’s residence had this son at the age of 40. She loved him like a jewel, bringing him with her no matter where she went. How could he suddenly disappear?

Da Furen quickly said placatingly: “Liu Furen, do not worry. I will send someone immediately to search.”

Just as Liu Furen nodded, a hesitant look appeared on San Furen’s face: “It’s dark out, children running around is certainly dangerous, just now Wang Xiaojie said that something has happened beneath the plum blossom tree…. we should go and check out there first.”

Da Furen gave San Furen a harsh glance, then said pleasingly: “Don’t be an alarmist. Children are fond of playing. We will find him soon.”

Liu Furen was not willing to listen to her, her face already losing her calm: “No, I want to search personally!” As she said this, she shoved away the young maid, and stood up first.

The Minister of War who was watching, suddenly felt embarrassed. Although he was afraid of offending the Prime Minister, in the end, as he greatly loved his one and only flesh and blood, he stood up as well in apology, and then quickly followed her.

Such a scramble, how could the banquet be carried on.

Everyone also stood up, with seven mouths and eight tongues1 said: “We should also go and see.”

“Yes, yes, Liu Furen has only this one lifeblood, it would be a big deal if he’s gone!”

“Prime Minister, we should also go see!”

Seeing everyone saying this, Li Xiao Ran could only nod and say: “So, we will all go together.”

Da Furen was anxious. She quickly gave a look to Lin Mama beside her, let her leave first, and immediately went to see what happened underneath the plum blossom tree. She must get there before everyone else to deal with the body that suddenly appeared. However, when Lin Mama reached the doorway, she was caught up with everyone else who was leaving and was momentarily blocked at the doorway, unable to get out.

Li Wei Yang saw everything and revealed a slight smile.

Seventh Prince Tuoba Yu happened to see this smile. He could not help but raise a brow in interest. This San Xiaojie, is really strange.

“Seventh brother, are you not going to watch the spectacle?” Tuoba Zhen suddenly interrupted his focus.

Tuoba Yu turned back, smiled slightly and said: “Naturally I would want to see. Third brother, please go first.”

The Fifth Prince, who left a long time ago following Li Chang Le, was not at his seat at all.

Everyone had reached the garden. Liu Furen, due to San Furen’s reminder, ran desperately towards the plum blossom tree. Plum blossoms were blooming vigorously beside the lake, easy to distinguish. She strode in first with large steps, already forgetting her status and the etiquettes of a lady and only focused on finding her own son.

Upon reaching beneath the plum blossom tree, immediately a silhouette was seen hanging from the tree, swaying. Liu Furen was scared back a step. Looking closely, she could see the silhouette was long. So she suddenly let out a sigh of relief, it was not her son!

Everyone rushed over. They all had seen the body, that was when they heard a maid exclaimed in shock: “It’s Zi Yan! It’s Zi Yan!”

Bai Zhi rushed over, clung to the body, tears falling: “Zi Yan! What happened? Zi Yan, what happened to you?!”

Li Min Feng who came over quickly, on seeing the scene, was stunned speechless. He had never imagined that Zi Yan would appear here.

Li Wei Yang said coldly: “Bring her down.”

Naturally, a thick Mama hurriedly went to bring her down, checked her breath, she was already dead. Seeing Zi Yan’s white face, Bai Zhi could not control her tears, more tears streaming down.

Li Min Feng clenched his fist, his eyes red: “Impossible! How could she---” He clearly told those people to deal with Zi Yan, and quietly take the body out of the residence. How could it be hanging on a plum blossom tree?!

Just now her eyebrows were still smooth, Li Wei Yang looked at him coldly: “Dage, a perfectly fine young maid, you ask me for her, I gave her to you, now just a few days past, how could she be deadฦ!”

Li Min Feng was taken aback, unable to suppress the angry look on his face: “What are you that you can interrogate me?!”

At this time, Li Min De frowned and said: “Dage, Sanjie was conferred the title of Anping Xianzhu personally by Bixia. You have not yet obtained an official rank, etiquette-wise, you must salute Sanjie when you see her. Sanjie does not hold it against you, how come you don’t even know how to speak?!”

Li Min Feng’s eyebrow twitched, but mindful of the presence of everyone, he had to hold back his anger.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiao Ran expression turned ugly. He coldly lashed out: “What is going on?!”

Da Furen looking gloomy and unsteady, slowly said: “Lao Ye, Zi Yan has disappeared today. I thought she had taken leave to visit family.”

Li Wei Yang looked faintly at Li Min Feng and said: “Dage, Zi Yan is your concubine, if she has taken leave, how would she not say something to you in advance?”

Da Furen said coldly: “Wei Yang, you are confused. Zi Yan was just a maid, not a concubine.”

Not married yet had taken a concubine, this was not a practice of a great family, also disrespectful towards the new daughter-in-law. Da Furen was currently selecting the best candidates as Li Min Feng’s wife. If everyone knew that Da Shaoye had already taken a concubine, they would think that in the Prime Minister’s house they were lacking in teaching their son.

Li Wei Yang smiled: “True or not, as long as Dage knows in his heart.”
Translator: Angela
Editor: Panisa

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