The Legend of Fragrance Episode 2 Recap

May 22, 2015

Li Yi Feng plays a sweet, rich young master, while William Chan takes on the cold, heroic, investigator. On the ladies’ side, Tang Yan embodies the spirit of a sweet, strong willed Chinese Woman, in contrast to the nobly charming young mistress of Shu Chang. Moreover, the two ladies often find their interests in conflict with each other. Aside from that, the two families will battle over producing the best incenses in the area.

Source: Dramawiki

The Cast:
Tiffany Tang as Le Yan
Li Ya Feng as Ning Chi Yuan
William Chan as An Yi Chen
Shu Chang as Xia Ya Hui Zi
Zhang Zhi Xiao as Ning Hao Tian
Sierra Lee as Ning Pei Shan
Huang Ming as Wen Shi Xuan
Lu Xing Yu as An Qiu Sheng
Yang Ming Na as Bai Song Xian

~ Episode 2 ~

  • Le Yan's (LY) dog chases Chi Yuan (CY) while Yi Chen (YC) and LY has a whole conversation about their background and their similar memory loss. YC explains to LY that he and CY met a few years ago when CY was ill from alcohol poisoning. After he cures him, CY wants to become brothers but he wants to be the older one since he explains that he will look out for him forever as the older one. 
  • The dog chases CY up a tree and he takes a nap, hoping the dog will be gone by the time he wakes up. Unfortunately, the dog is still there and he lands on the dog. He encounters YC's father.

  • CY is seen roasting something. LY comes asking where is her Ah Wang (her dog) and he gestures towards the thing he's roasting. Angrily, LY holds up a butcher knife and tries to attack CY. YC stops LY and shows her that what CY is roasting is not her dog but a sheep. 
  • CY sees PS on the streets and questions her why is she dressed so nicely, isn't she afraid she will become the next victim of the devil. She informs him that even if the devil sees her, he will be frightened away. She also discloses to him that she has someone that will marry her eventually. After she leaves, CY asks who is the unfortunate man to marry such a manly woman?

  • Next scene, YC and his father is standing in front of the graves of his mother and sister. They discuss about the recent kidnappings and how Ning Hao Tian is related to them and also how it is possible to extract scent from the bodies of young women to produce fragrance. 
  • YC's father, An Qiu Sheng's flashback: NHT has captured him and his wife; they have to choose the right potion (the non-poison) to survive. If they choose the wrong one, AQS will die and NHT will take his place in taking care of his wife and daughter. Her daughter suddenly runs in and her mother asks NHT to let their daughter choose for them to decide their lives. Of course, she chooses the correct one because she has a sensitive sense of smell. NHT goes back on his words and threatens that the unchosen potion will have to be given to their daughter. She argues that he doesn't keep his words but he shouts that it was her that didn't keep her promise; she was supposed to marry him but she eloped with AQS. However, he does give her a choice and choose to poison either her daughter or husband. In the end, she drinks the whole potion herself and dies. 

  • CY wants to fight WX, after remembering he was the guy that stopped him from entering the temple. PS arrives and WX realizes CY is her brother. PS bickers that he is not the older one since he was born only 15 minutes earlier than her so no one is older. PS begs CT not to tell their father about her and WX. PS faints and YC helps treat PS and then NHT asks YC to help cure his children's inability to smell

  • NHT discloses that he will be meeting with the Japanese Fragrance Association chairman. CY has the knowledge but his father complains that he couldn't smell which upsets him and makes him walk out

  • YC and his father is talking and he tells his father that he thinks of someone that may help them in their vengeance plan. 
  • Flashback: Three years ago, YC went to Japan to study. He helps heal Xiao Ya Hui Zi after she goes into a coma for a few days. YC thanks HZ for taking care of him during his time here. HZ expresses her love and wishes him to kiss her as a form of reciprocation. But he rejects her and explains that he's trying to find the woman with the scent he has smelled. It's a scent that represents his past. HZ is upset because he uses such an absurd reason to reject her; he hurts her pride and she tells him he will regret in the future.  
  • His father wants to him to ask for HZ's help but YC doesn't want to drag innocent people into their plan. His father pushes YC to quickly heal CY's nose because NHT will be caught off-guard.

  • LY lectures CY that everything even trees have a life. CY tells her that he will heal her tree based on a method in his father's fragrance guidebook. He bets with her that he will heal her peach tree or else he will kowtow to her three times and call her master. 

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