The Legend of Fragrance (活色天香) Episode 1 Recap

February 18, 2015

Li Yi Feng plays a sweet, rich young master, while William Chan takes on the cold, heroic, investigator. On the ladies’ side, Tang Yan embodies the spirit of a sweet, strong willed Chinese Woman, in contrast to the nobly charming young mistress of Shu Chang. Moreover, the two ladies often find their interests in conflict with each other. Aside from that, the two families will battle over producing the best incenses in the area.

Source: Dramawiki

The Cast:
Tiffany Tang as Le Yan
Li Ya Feng as Ning Chi Yuan
William Chan as An Yi Chen
Shu Chang as Xia Ya Hui Zi
Zhang Zhi Xiao as Ning Hao Tian
Sierra Lee as Ning Pei Shan
Huang Ming as Wen Shi Xuan
Lu Xing Yu as An Qiu Sheng
Yang Ming Na as Bai Song Xian

~ Episode 1 ~

The series starts off showing a scene of younger versions of the main cast. A little girl named Ruo Huan is introduced to Chi Yuan and his sister Pei Shan as their new sister. CY likes RH instantly and even gives her a necklace while PY cries running away saying she doesn't like this new sister.

Fast forward many many years later ...

Ning Chi Yuan aka Little Troublemaker arrives on (I'm thinking it's) a bull while the women are worshipping the flower gods of the festival. Of course, as his name implies, the troublemaker wants to go inside to check it out no matter what. But only women and boys younger than 12 can enter or else it would affect the crops. This guy tries to stop him but couldn't.

So another guy pops out of nowhere and decides to challenge him to a riddle showdown. I actually liked the riddles as they cleverly play on words.

Chi Yuan throws out another one but the guy can't answer it but the worship ceremony has already ended and he has successfully stalled the troublemaker.

Chi Yuan and his gang just stares at all the ladies that are strolling out. He locks eyes with Le Yan and she continues to stare at him as she walks by. He comically asks "Why do you keep staring at me? Haven't seen a handsome guy before?" She disgustedly quips that she finds it revolting towards people that only know how to flaunt their money, it is best to ignore these type of people.

So women are constantly being abducted and many believes that it's because of the legend of the devil takes a bride. An Yi Chen first appears and accepts this case that no one is willing to investigate. He surmises to the head officer that they are being abducted for the creation of fragrance.

He can definitely pass off as a girl! 

He kidnaps this girl called Xia Chan and takes her attire so that he can infiltrate into the group of girls. He hilariously introduces himself as Bo Bo LOL. He is outsmarted by Le Yan who immediately recognized him. She places some form of scent on him attracting a whole swarm of bees. 

His gang was looking after Xia Chan until they see their master swollen face. Xia Chan suddenly disappears when they head back towards where they left her.

That gotta hurt...

The Ning sibling relationship is hilarious. Pei Shan, like her younger version, is a spoiled brat. She doesn't call Chi Yuan older brother but instead by his name. She charges in as Chi Yuan is talking back to his father and informs them that their residence is surrounded by people from the Peach Blossom town.

Ning Hao Tian goes out to greet the leader of the town while Le Yan and others find the gifts that indicates that the abduction was done by a devil according to the legend - the legend that the devil is out to find his reincarnated bride.

The guy with gray hair who appeared before is shown again but this time he has a flashback of him and his wife and child being abducted by Master Ning who greeted him as his junior (師弟). Yi Chen calls him father and mentions that they are returning to Devil Ridge (the town) for vengeance. Then next scene shows Master Ning mysteriously kowtowing, expressing gratitude to the person fulfilling his wish.

Le Yan's dog bites An Yi Chen and she apologizes thinking that it would be the Little Troublemaker. Not only did he forgive her, he also helps heal her mother and stays overnight as a guest. 

And then a scene of Chi Yuan burning down a peach tree - Yi Chen comes and quells the fire. Things escalate quickly as Chi Yuan raises his rake, ready to smack Yi Chen. 

Unexpectedly, what happened just a second ago turned into this: 

It turns out that they knew each other from before. Le Yan arrives and sees Chi Yuan burning her tree. She calls out her dog's name which Chi Yuan hilariously thought she was calling some servant out to and told her it's useless to call a servant. Instead her dog comes out chasing after him as he immediately runs away.

My Thoughts:

Not bad for its first episode, quite hilarious but since this is not a comedy, will be expecting more angst in future episodes. Love Pei Shan's character as well as the funny relationship between Chi Yuan and his father. I've seen the actor who plays Chi Yuan's father in this Mainland drama called The Yang Heroines Saga and sadly, he died in that series. I think he looks a bit too young to play Li Ya Feng's father, maybe he would pass for a brother, but father?

I'm much more interested in this drama than Tang Yan's other drama The Lady and the Liar, though both are angsty dramas. But this one starts off with a much happier mood. Now on episode 9 and I can't really hate the villain, Chi Yuan's father. He's not a bad actor - maybe I really enjoy watching the scenes between him and his son that I can't hate him.

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  1. Did you ever continue with this? I'm a fan of Tiffany Tang. Is it worth taking up?

    1. Hi!! :) I'm currently busy with school work but after this week, I'm free and I'm gonna continue recapping this series. This series is definitely worth recapping for, even my mom thinks so (who rarely thinks a drama is good)! Stay tune!!!

  2. hi, may I know where you watch/download it? cause seriously I've been looking for the dvd/link but still cant find it.. thank you

    1. Hi! If you want to watch it with English subs, you can go here: Viki or DramaNice

      If you want to watch the raw version without English subs, you can go here: YouTube or here

      And if you want to download it, you can visit here

      Hopefully this helps!!! :)

  3. Hi, Ive watched Lady and the Liar, which to me is really good. If youve watched both, can you give your impressions now that youve finished this series? Thanks.

    1. Hi Harry, thank you for your comment! Sorry for the late reply because I've been on a hiatus.
      I enjoyed the series but it does get pretty angsty --- it's not an ultimate happy ending since one of my favorite character dies. Compared to the Lady and the Liar, I liked that more than Legend of Fragrance. I will try to review this series if you would like :)


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