The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 99 - Part 2

May 20, 2018

Chapter 99: Bursting with happiness

sun nv: a way for granddaughter to address herself in front of grandparents
muqin: mother
fuqin: father
fujun: a formal way for a wife to address her husband

After dinner, Li Chang Le wanted to help Lao furen up but Lao furen suddenly lifted her hand and pointed towards Li Wei Yang and said: “This yatou, be more attentive, come walk me back!”

Li Wei Yang merrily went up and gently held onto Lao furen’s arm.

Li Chang Le watched their silhouettes disappear with utter disappointment. She dabbed tears from the corner of her eyes. Standing on the side as he watched, Li Xiao Ran felt a little sympathetic towards her, he slowly said: “Fuqin understands your intentions but what you did today was actually too wasteful. If words spread, it will ruin the Li family’s reputation, don’t blame Lao furen, she is only looking out for the Li family.”

Li Chang Le’s eyes had tears yet she held back her whimpers and said: “Yes, nv er understands.”

Li Min De coldly watched at this pair of father and daughter. Li Chang Le’s acting was getting better and it will inevitably become huge trouble in the future.

He Xiang Yuan

Lao furen held up her tea cup and gently blew away the hot air. She took a sip and said: “Very light, these tea leaves are not bad.”

Li Wei Yang smilingly said: “This is the new tea from this year, Princess Yong Ning sent them over last time.” It was to help get over her shock.

Lao furen smilingly nodded and said: “When I was young, I’ve always liked stronger tea. It’s only when I am older that I find lighter tea to be better, light and refreshing, which makes the taste linger longer.

Li Wei Yang smiled without saying a word.

Lao furen slowly said: “Oh, Wei Yang, I’ve agreed to let your Dajie return, did you blame me?”

Li Wei Yang smiled and said: “Lao furen, sun nv understands fuqin and your pains. This morning, it was easy to notice that they must have been prepared from Guogong furen’s manners. If we publicly declined, then the two families will have a fallout. How could sun nv fail to see the bigger picture? I’m thinking right now, Lao furen feels much more terrible than Wei Yang, how could Wei Yang add on to your troubles.”

Li Wei Yang was right, Lao furen actually felt displeased deep within her heart. She has basked in glory her whole entire life and had never been coerced by anyone. But both times the Jiang family visited, once was to forcefully place a girl into the family, and another was to force them to accept Li Chang Le, they were going too overboard! Lao furen bitterly smiled and said: “Oh you, such a young yatou, yet you seem like you are thirty or forty, you don’t have any fury of a youth.”

Li Wei Yang smilingly said: “Look at what you just said, doesn’t that make me too clever.”

Lao furen lightly smiled but then her smile suddenly disappeared, she said: “I’m old, I can’t withstand these troubles, seeing how your fuqin begged me, I didn’t have the heart to stay determined.

Li Wei Yang’s smile was pleasantly warm: “Lao furen’s heart is, of course, for the Li family. Fuqin had a multitude of things to handle outside so it’s unsurprising that there will be something he neglects. The family had been held together by Lao furen; as long as fuqin’s piety exists, how could there be something that Lao furen can’t tolerate? No matter what wrong Dajie had committed, she is still flesh and blood, we can’t let her wander about destitute!”

Lao furen’s eyes were slightly squinted yet her vision was reflected upon the candle flame with a hint of smile, “Your words, not only defended your fuqin, but also helped me save face. In the end, you haven’t wasted how much I doted on you.”

Li Wei Yang smilingly said: “Without Lao furen taking care of me, how would Wei Yang live until today. To be able to help serve Lao furen, it’s already a blessing for me.”

“What an eloquent child.” Lao furen glimpsed at her and then warmly said, “Your Dajie is the daughter of the main wife and she also has an attractive appearance. Your fuqin had always doted on her so she would naturally be respected in this family. But now, it is different, the things she has done, I haven’t forgotten any of them. Our Li family is a clean family, nothing like this has happened before. For the sake of the Jiang family, we’ve already reluctantly kept her alive, even though Wu Xian Fei had already set the marriage arrangement but we still have to abide to the three years mourning period. So we only made an oral agreement and haven’t drawn up the marriage contract yet. I’m afraid a mishap might occur so I am keeping her under my watch to prevent her from causing trouble and soil the Li family’s reputation.”

Li Wei Yang lowered her head, her expression humble, “Lao furen is right.”

Lao furen lightly sighed and softly said: “Wei Yang, even if the new furen marries into the family, your position in the family would never change. Moreover, with your position as Xianzhu, your marriage in the future will most likely be determined by the Emperor, others will not be able to interfere.”

This was to console her, Li Wei Yang understood, she warmly said: “Lao furen, Wei Yang understands.”

Lao furen said: “You’ve suffered. But there are some grievances, as a daughter in the Li family, you must experience these. If Chang Le seek you out for trouble in the future, if you can’t hold back, then avoid her. We will put this off until Jiang Dan leaves the capital.”

Li Wei Yang earnestly said: “Lao furen is willing to advise Wei Yang, Wei Yang couldn’t be any happier.”

Lao furen just began to smile, warm like the spring winds: “It’s good that you understand, okay, it’s getting late, you should return and rest.”

Li Wei Yang stood up and said: “May Lao furen rest early.” She left cautiously without any noise.

Luo Mama placed a cloak on Lao furen, she gently said: “Lao furen, today you ---“

Lao furen’s pondering brows were like the clouds in the sky and they carried a sense of inexpressible feeling: “After a year of tranquility, we are immediately in for waves.”

Luo Mama swiftly said: “That --- won’t happen.”

Lao furen warmly revealed a calm smile: “These two yatous are water and fire, how could they get along peacefully, especially when the water in this yuanzi is dirtied, this time, there will be chaos.”

Luo Mama muttered: “But Nubi thinks Da Xiaojie has learned to restrain herself.”

Lao furen coldly said: “You think Chang Le is stupid? Because she had a mother that took everything for her and a beautiful face, wherever she goes, everyone would let her have her way. Since she led a comfortable life, she has no sense of propriety. Now that she had been imprisoned at the nunnery for a year, isn’t it sufficient for her to repent? The fickleness of humans, she must eventually learn how to conduct herself.”

Luo Mama hesitantly said: “Lao furen perhaps is suspicious about what happened ---“

Lao furen smiled and said: “No matter how foolish she is, she would not do something this stupid, naturally it was someone’s doing.”

Luo Mama was extremely shocked: “Then why did Lao furen still punish Da Xiaojie?”

Lao furen spoke: “Don’t blame me for being cruel, if she didn’t have bad intentions, no one would have harmed her. If she does not have the skills, then don’t harm others, or else suffer from these kinds of punishment!”

Luo Mama stayed quiet, she felt that Lao furen sometimes favored San Xiaojie too much when she knew she couldn’t be extricated from the incident ……

Lao furen said: “I know you want to say I favor Wei Yang, that’s right, I really like her. Because she is alone and helpless and in order to survive in the Li family, she must fight for my support. If I didn’t take care of her, every step she takes would be difficult. And because of this, she would think of every way to take care of me and understand me without being one bit careless. As for Chang Le, she is the daughter of the main wife and she also has a strong maternal backing. The mother and daughter seemed respectful but they’ve done a lot that goes against my principles behind my back. Naturally I would not like her and, of course, I wouldn’t save her. Moreover, everything is already the truth, no one could have saved her then!”

Luo Mama was suddenly enlightened, “So Lao furen would help San Xiaojie, but Da Xiaojie is obviously aware of her wrongs ……”
Lao furen smiled and said: “Let’s wait and see.”

Up until the morning, Li Xiao Ran was ready to welcome his new wife, the Li family began to become busier. Since the early morning, guests flowed in one after the other. To entertain his guests, Li Xiao Ran deliberately invited the most popular entertainer group in the capital so that the guests can watch the performance as they waited. As time inches towards noon, all of the Li family’s noble guests have arrived, royalties, ministers, Li Xiao Ran’s disciples, each bought along congratulatory gifts, making the entire place filled with riches and honor.

It wasn’t until sunset where red fogs covered the skies when the bridal sedan was bought into the residence and the Li family opened the central door to happily invite the sedan in. At this moment, the Li family’s door was crowded with people mainly because when the eight-carrier bridal sedan was traveling through the streets, it attracted the peasant’s admiration. When commoners got married, they only sat in a bridal sedan carried by four people --- only first-ranked furen can be married in a bridal sedan carried by eight people.

In her yuanzi, Li Wei Yang listened to the deafening firecracker noise. With fixed attention, Li Min De coldly smiled: “I’ve gone and taken a look, on the bride’s headpiece are pearl pheasants and peonies, just from looking at it, I’ve already felt bedazzled. She wore a bridal gown that was made with authentic red silk and on her scarf, are embroideries of rosy mandarins. It is certainly glorifying … the Jiangs are definitely willing to spend the money.”

Li Wei Yang smiled and calmly spoke: “Not just money but all of their resources. This bridal gown can’t be worn by any brides. She is wearing the wardrobe of a first-ranked furen.

Li Min De frowned and said: “Can’t believe the Jiangs didn’t even wait until she enters the family and has already want to request her the title of first-ranked furen.”

First rank is the symbolism of status and position. Li Wei Yang whispered but it was loud enough for people around her to hear clearly: “If it wasn’t for this, how could she stand above a second ranked Xianzhu?”

Li Min De’s expression quickly changed as if his face was veiled by a layer of fog. Seeing his expression, Li Wei Yang knew immediately what he was thinking about. She shook her head and said: “Let’s wait and see, things might not be as bad as we think it could be.”
Li Min De nodded and then Bai Zhi swiftly strolled in to report: “Xiaojie, Lao furen said the bride has entered the wedding room, so she invites all Xiaojies to accompany her.”

Li Wei Yang nodded and then said: “Min De, you go welcome the guests in the front, I will have to leave soon.”

After bringing the bride into the wedding room, Li Xiao Ran only lifted the veil and then went out to welcome the guests. He had to toast with all his relatives and friends ……

Upon entering the room, Li Wei Yang only heard sounds of laughter.

The new bride quietly sat on the giant wedding bed in the most elegant sitting pose as she waited. Er furen by her side was laughing: “I originally thought Da Xiaojie was the most outstanding one, yet I would have never thought the new bride is like a deity that had descended from heavens. Lao furen is really blessed!”

Lao furen only smiled and said: “It is my son’s blessing.”

The bride bashed, at this second, the yatou at the door said: “San Xiaojie, you are here.”

Everything in the room looked towards the door. Li Wei Yang smilingly walked in and said: “I’ve arrived late, I ask for your forgiveness.”

The bride lifted her head and only felt a gentle light glimmered in her eyes as a graceful young girl came forward. She had rosy cheeks and cherry lips yet she had a pair of clear, cold eyes as they smiled at her.

Jiang Yue Lan couldn’t help but sigh as she revealed an even more gentle smile: “This must be Wei Yang.”  Even though she the new bride, she wasn’t a bit timid and overcautious but was rather generous and decorous.

Lao furen smiled: “Yes, she is the third.” As she said this, she gestured towards Wei Yang and said: “Come, pay respects to your muqin.”

Even though Jiang Yue Lan married Li Xiao Ran the latest yet she was officially the main wife. Li Wei Yang went forth to greet her and without any signs of disapproval, she said: “Wei Yang greets muqin.”

On the side, Li Chang Xiao secretly admired her. She knew seeing this young, beautiful stepmother already made her felt uneasy and greet her with that title yet Li Wei Yang said it as if it was nothing.

Li Chang Le silently watched as she lowered her head, not knowing what to think.

The new furen Jiang Yue Lan was beautiful yet wasn’t thin, her voluptuous face wasn’t fat and had on honey peach blush. Her curving half crescent brows flowed along finely with a pair of moving eyes below. Her nose was as if it was carved from white jade, glimmering like smooth jade. Her cherry lips showed a smile, carrying endless magnanimity; she iss definitely a big beauty but only prettier than Li Chang Le by a speck.

This kind of beauty had actually been hidden until this day, Li Wei Yang couldn’t help but feel suspicious, what exactly did the Jiangs wanted to do from the start. There was one point that Li Wei Yang didn’t even know, Jiang Yue Lan was originally supposed to be sent into the palace by the Jiangs. But because Da furen had passed away, such a good pawn was sent into the Li family instead.

Li Chang Ru saw Li Chang Le had her head down. She wanted to provoke her, she said: “Dajie, are you reminiscing your birth mother? Oh, in this situation, it is certainly easier to recall old memories at familiar sights.”

Lao furen frowned and disliked Li Chang Ru’s slip of the tongue. Li Chang Le didn’t show any signs of refutation but revealed grief in her expression.

Watching this scene, Li Wei Yang didn’t show any signs of taking pleasure in her misfortune but only calmly smiled.

Lao furen ultimately reprimanded: “Such a joyful day, how could you not know what should be said and what shouldn’t be said!”

Li Chang Ru’s face turned white and was silent. Er furen’s expression revealed displeasure but in the end, she didn’t dare to argue with Lao furen and only tugged her daughter’s sleeve to signal her to hold it in.

Because of this, the atmosphere in the wedding room turned cold, no one dared to open their mouth to speak. At this moment, the bride stood up and then walked over to Li Chang Le’s side, she gently said: “I’ve also lost my birth mother when I was young so I understand your feelings. Moreover, your mu qin is my cousin, you and I are family. Marrying into here, we are even closer, I will take care of you in place of cousin in the future. Don’t grief anymore.” Saying this, she even reached out to grasped ahold of her hand, Li Chang Le actually seemed to be moved.

Lao furen used her handkerchief to cover the corners of her eyes and said: “Yue Lan, I couldn’t believe you are this sensible, I hope you can take care of this more in the future.”

Jiang Yue Lan’s face was filled with modesty, she said: “Yue Lan will do everything I can to serve Lao furen and take care of fujun’s children.” Her tone was indubitably sincere and attitude was absolutely respectful, making others unable to pick on her. Even Bai Zhe and Mo Zhu who stood behind.

Li Wei Yang were convinced by this beautiful and generous furen. She couldn’t help but think the new furen and Da furen were two different people.

Li Wei Yang watched this scene and couldn’t help but smile. If they really wanted to chat as family, they could have done so without anyone knowing, why would they do it in front of everyone? Was it all Li Chang Le’s doing in putting on this show to gain sympathy or did these two just played along and put on an impromptu show? But no matter what, this new furen’s performance was perfect. As a newly arrived bride, she was this benevolent towards the original main wife’s children and was also able to give equal treatment to all children of concubines, she was definitely a figure.

Li Chang Le’s eyes were drenched with tears, she said: “Lao furen, now that there is muqin, Chang Le wouldn’t feel alone anymore.”

Li Wei Yang smilingly said: “Da jie, what are you saying, not only muqin, I would not let you be alone.”

Li Chang Le acted with surprise and then looked at Jiang Yue Land. Jiang Yue Lan smiled: “After this, we are a family, this is a definite.”

Lao furen smiled: “Yes, one whole family, we have to be harmonious, I hope from today onward, we can live with peace!”

The laughter from the wedding room spread throughout and Luo Mama who was guarding the yuan zi let out a sigh after seeing the dark clouds gathering overhead.

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Editor: Pending


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