The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 67 - Part 1

September 27, 2017

Chapter 67: Hanging by a thread

1膝下- xī xià- olden way of address parents in a letter
2姜还是老的辣:jiāng hái shì lǎo de là: old ginger is spicier- This means the older generation is better / more experienced
3舍不着孩子套不着狼啊: Unwilling to part with the child, cannot trap the wolf: means danger cannot be overcome without taking risk
4婶- shěn- paternal aunt (father’s younger wife)
5大伯- dàbó- husband’s or father’s elder brother
6搓圓捏扁: cuō yuán niē biǎn: rub round and pinch flat: meaning to help mediate or resolve dispute.

After hearing Da Furen’s words, Li Chang Le’s gaze changed in vain. She turned her head with a complicated expression to glance at Li Xiao Ran, then said gently: “Nu er understood.”

Then, as if she had set a certain kind of determination, step by step she went in front of Li Xiao Ran and knelt down gracefully: “Nu er gave thanks to Father for the love and care I have received since childhood. From now on I am unable to please the parents1, Father please take care.”

Li Xiao Ran looked at her with a complicated feeling. He eventually sighed, waved his hand and said: “Leave.”

Such offence, if went unpunished, could cause unknown chaos to the Li family.

Li Chang Le got up, glanced at Li Wei Yang distantly, a trace of sneer that is not easy to detect flashed in those beautiful eyes.

Then, with a lift of her head, she quickly ran out. An unforeseen event happening in a flash.

Upon reaching the center of the main hall, Li Chang Le suddenly halted, looked back and said: “The things that Nu er did not do, I will never admit to it! I would rather die to clear my name!” Having said this, she turned her head to rush towards the pillar nearby.

The cries in the entire hall immediately becoming one.

Fortunately, not far away, Li Min Feng moved quickly and was able to grasp her at the last critical moment. Thus, although Li Chang Le hit the pillar, she only fainted.

Da Furen acted as though she would collapse any moment and stumbled over: “My daughter ah!”

Lao Furen exclaimed, almost fainting from the scare.

Li Wei Yang smiled faintly, unclear from her expression whether it is joy or sneer, watching this farce uncannily. Although she did not hear what Da Furen said to Li Chang Le, she could see it vividly now.

Sure enough, old ginger is spicier2.

Unwilling to part with the child, cannot trap the wolf.3 Li Chang Le with this hit, had certainly hit just right.

To be willing to die as testimony, why not wait until you had gone outside before trying to hit the pillar? Why did it have to been at this time?!

Li Xiao Ran’s face suddenly changed. He walked over quickly to check Li Chang Le’s wounds and ordered: “Physician Shen, come take a look quickly!”

Physician Shen quickly brought his medical case over, carefully examined Li Chang Le’s wounds, then sighed in relief, said: “Xiaojie has only fainted….  There should be no worries about her life.”

Li Min Feng‘s pair of eyes were compelling, his words loud and clear as he said: “Father, you see, Meimei is willing to die as testimony, she obviously was wronged to be so.”

Li Xiao Ran frowned slightly, not saying a word.

Er Furen sneered, “Da Xiaojie surely is reckless, this hit sure did hit well.”

Da Furen said in a slight choking voice: “Er Dimei, you have watched Chang Le grow up, why do you said such cruel words?”

Li Min Feng’s lips raised, smiled, “Er Shen4, to die as testimony, if not done right would have taken a life. Chang Le is but a weak girl, certainly it is because she has received a great injustice to be this way. Everyone present here, how many of you would go to this point?”

San Furen sighed: “Either in sentiment or reason, Da Xiaojie should not be like this. This way, is it not questioning Lao Furen’s and Da Bo’s5 decision?”

After these words, the entire room went silent.

Da Furen was startled, then cried as if her heart was broken. She looked at Li Xiao Ran and said: “Laoye, I am married to you for 20 years. Even if there were not meritorious deeds, there were still hard work. Chang Le is my dearest daughter. She is also the one you have showered love from childhood. She has never received such wrongful treatment. Look at her now, her head is full of blood! You know she value appearances the most, if her appearance is ruined like this, this is more serious than taking her life! How would she take such measure to coerce? Laoye, clearly she has had her fill of distress!”

Physician Shen had also examined Li Chang Le’s wounds, nodded and said: “Indeed, there is a possibility that there would be a scar left on her forehead.”

Da Furen, of course, knew that appearance is important, but if Li Chang Le was sent to the nunnery, how would people look at her in the future? No one would want a girl that had been abandoned by her family for unknown reason! Her life would have been ruined!

In the end, Li Xiao Ran could not bear it, he said: “Let it be then. First, take her back to recuperate.”

Li Min De felt indignant. Just as he stepped forward to speak, Li Wei Yang shook her head, so he had no choice but stop.

On arrival, Li Chang Le walked in; on departure, she was carried out, breathing weakly, her head still bleeding nonstop. Li Xiao Ran let out a sigh. And without a word, he left with a flap of his sleeve. After all, for him, he would not have believed Li Chang Le would curse him, but witnessing it with his own eyes, he couldn’t not believe it.

Si Yiniang did not make a single remark from start to finish. But when she saw that Li Chang Le would remain, a flash of ‘as expected’ look appeared in her eyes, but there was also an unspoken disappointment as well.

Her eyes met Li Wei Yang’s glance mid-air, then she smiled faintly and left with Li Chang Xi and Li Chang Xiao.

Li Wei Yang personally sent Lao Furen back. While returning to her own place, she saw that Li Min De was waiting for her in the corridor. She smiled and went to greet him.

“Jie, this time you took too big a risk.” Li Min De’s first sentence was this.

Only then did Li Wei Yang raised her eyes, looked back at him, said gently: “Min De.”

Li Min De could not help but feel down. Sanjie was very cunning, clearly knowing that when she used such gentle voice to speak to him, he would have no resistance. Therefore, using it at such critical moment…. So that he could not open his mouth to blame her for taking risk, to blame her for not telling him in advance. Very cunning, Sanjie was very cunning…

However, he couldn’t not admit it that, originally, there was a bit of the suffocating feeling, a feeling of not being trusted. But after she gently said his name, those emotions vanished into thin air. He was unable to remain angry at her…

Knowing that he was dissatisfied that she did not warn him in advance, Li Wei Yang could not help but take a deep breath and said: “Min De, knowing this situation is not necessarily a good thing. It is easy for information to be leaked. Most importantly, it is too risky.”

Li Min De frowned and said: “You’re saying---- that Si Yiniang could turn on you at any time?”

Li Wei Yang smiled, while at the same time was amazed by his acuteness and intelligence: “Yes, because even though Si Yiniang went along with this plan, I could not determine her reason for bringing her own daughter into this, therefore--- I was always on guard for the moment she could turn on me. Seeing it now, perhaps I was thinking too much about it.”

Li Min De smiled and said: “Just now Mother told me, she received news that Da Furen and Da Bofu has discussed it before. They have promised Si Jiejie to Wu Dianxia, then Wu Jiejie to the third son of the Duke of Rong.”

Li Wei Yang was not surprised, the issue of Li Chang Xiao being promised to the Fifth Prince, had also happened in the past life. However, with her current status, after marrying over she could only be an imperial concubine. As for the former life of Li Chang Xi, she was married to the second son of Xu Mao Gong,  but now---a Shu-born daughter whose appearance had already been ruined, why would Da Furen suddenly want her to marry a legitimate son of the Duke of Rong? Was it even possible? These two marriages, although profitable to Da Furen, but for Si Yiniang, it was also not too bad.

“The third son of the Duke of Rong, Cheng Lin, born noble, elegant in manner, attitude and speech. The Duke of Rong is also from a long line of noble family. On the surface, there is nothing to nitpick about this marriage, therefore, Da Bofu has already considered it.”

“On the surface? Could it be…” Li Wei Yang frowned.

“Sanjie, you are now a Xian Zhu, your marriage will be decided by Bixia in the future, therefore Da Furen cannot meddle easily. But for other people, naturally it is up to her to rub round and pinch flat6. Think about it, if there is nothing wrong with the third son of the Duke of Rong, why would Si Yiniang jump into this? My mother also suspected as much, inquired quietly, only to find out that the Cheng family’s son likes to listen to opera, even bringing a bunch of actresses into the residence, favoring them all. He’s not only listening to opera every day, but also sharing the same bed with them every night. In the end, he has angered the Duke of Rong into ordering people to secretly beat those actresses to death. This is not really a secret.”

So this is the case, this kind of secret, she herself did not know about it. The Duke of Rong’s third son’s incident, for men, it is nothing but the free-spiritedness of a youth, dismissing it with a laugh. Father would certainly not take this incident too seriously. If Li Chang Xi was still as fair as a flower and as beautiful as the moon, perhaps Father would think about the third son’s preposterousness. But seeing that Li Chang Xi’s appearance was currently like this, who would still bother? He would only consider how much benefits this marriage would bring. But for Si Yiniang, wealth and rank were empty. Her daughter’s happiness was the most important. The Duke of Rong’s third son’s incident was so absurd, who knew how absurdly he would act after marriage. She would definitely think of something to destroy this marriage.

“Da Bomu made such a ruckus today, the marriage she proposed, Da Bofu would naturally not mention it. Even if it is mentioned, Lao Furen will not be happy. So on the surface, it looks like Si Yiniang has offended Da Furen today. But it is all for the sakes of Sijie and Wujie.” Li Min De whispered.

Li Wei Yang fell into silence. Indeed, Si Yiniang, in order to block this marriage, would not hesitate to make an enemy out of Da Furen. It might seem foolish, but it was out of love from a mother’s heart.

Li Min De stretched out his hand, gently holding hers. Their hands warmed up at the same time, and a heart seemed to be warming up; he could not help but say: “I’m afraid that from now on, Da Furen would not let it go.”
Li Wei Yang said honestly: “Da Furen is very shrewd, crafty and dangerous. The end justifies the means. Between her and I, there is a already deep-seated hatred. I want revenge, nothing wrong with that. But I don’t want to pull you into it. Therefore, from now on, do not get too close to me, specially cannot be like today, constantly going against Da Furen. Understand, Min De?”

Hearing these words, Li Min De opened his eyes wide, unblinking.

Li Wei Yang seeing him like this, had to make her words more clear: “Let’s put it this way, she has no direct stake in you. So if you really want to help me, do it in the darkness.”

Li Min De lowered his head, felt his heart is like the duckweed that floats on top of water, very impulsive. Of course, he knew that it was not good to provoke Da Furen. Even San Furen did not dare to play hardball. But when he heard Li Wei Yang said this, he was angry. He didn’t know why he was depressed. Perhaps it was because of Da Furen, perhaps it was Sanjie, or even maybe because of himself.

Why must Sanjie be ladened with such trouble?

Why must be she be so calculating, with no sincerity towards anyone?

He had this intense feeling, that Li Wei Yang at this time explaining things to him, not because she liked him or saw him as someone important, but because she felt help from the darkness would bring a greater use in the future.

“Sanjie, it is because we are standing in the same boat that you are being good to me?” Was it not that one day, when she and him were no longer on the same side, she would no longer smile at him, and would not take notice of him?

Li Wei Yang was startled.

This youngster, was he not too sensitive? So sensitive that she didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry, I am a fool…” Li Min De said quietly. He shouldn’t have said such words, making Sanjie unhappy.

Li Wei Yang smiled, holding his hand a bit more tightly: “No, I am not saying these words to you only because we are in the same boat. On the contrary, I like Min De, therefore I hope that you would not be hurt.”

Li Min De raised his eyes, “Therefore, this bit of me, am I too weak, that I will bring trouble to you?”

Li Wei Yang paused then shook her head: “No.”

Li Min De’s jet-black eyes seemed bottomless: “Sanjie even to this point, you still want to comfort me?”

“What I have said are truths,” Li Wei Yang stared at him, said very seriously: “you are a smart child. One day in the future, you will be smarter than I am. You will become the one San Furen and I will rely on. I do not have a younger brother, you are like my younger brother.” Li Wei Yang said to this point, smiled with her eyes fixed on him.

In the corridor with red lanterns hanging high, Li Wei Yang’s eyes were so bright, that one could not turn his gaze.

Li Min De held onto her hand, not letting go: “Sanjie, do you really hate Dajie and the others that much? Actually, Mother has recently mentioned to me that she want to return to Linchuan to visit grandmother. And if she is happy there, then she will buy a house there to settle down, never coming back here. To live happily, you can leave together with us----”

Li Wei Yang’s gaze was cold, she also wanted to live a happy life. But for her to leave this place, it meant giving up on revenge. She could never forget… when her legs were cut off, that picture of flesh and blood flying in all direction, torn to pieces; the horrifying, humiliated voices of despair of the palace servants who died because of her, she remembered it all. While in this life, Da Furen mother and daughter pair had never wanted to leave her alone. Even if she was willing to let it go, the other side would not let her have happy days!

Li Wei Yang took a breath, said with curt finality: “I cannot forgive them, therefore I will never go!”

Li Min De was surprised, raised his thick eyebrows, said: “Sanjie?”

Li Wei Yang’s eyes blinked, a deep emotion in her eyes seem to have opened up, letting her become more gentle at the same time, unknown sadness also appearing, “I’m sorry. I am too worked up.”

She discovered that she had unknowingly scratched blood on Li Min De’s hand, so immediately let go of his hands.

Li Wei Yang suddenly turned, looked at the distant sky, and said lightly, “Tolerance, this thing, I cannot afford to have it, and I do not want to have it!”

Her appearance right now, seemed like she would disappear any moment.

Li Min De suddenly felt an intense fear rising from the sole of his feet--- this Sanjie, it seemed as though he could never grasp a hold of her, elusive, unable to seize! Although he could not understand her at the moment, in her heart, there must be unspeakable secrets hidden!

Hence, Li Min De suddenly stepped forward, grabbed her arm.

Turning back slightly in surprise, their gazes crossing in the air. In that instant, an unexplainable emotion flashed across Li Wei Yang’s face.

Li Min De bore his sadness, forcing himself to look at Li Wei Yang, raised his lip in a smile: “If Sanjie will not leave, then, I will never leave as well. I will accompany you here.” His tone, although light, is firm.

Li Wei Yang moved slightly, just as she was about to say something, suddenly a scream could be heard.

A yatou ran like mad from a distant, colliding into a number of people along the way, her face full of panic, hurriedly rushed in front of Li Min De: “Bad news, bad news San Shaoye. San Furen just now… just now suddenly fainted!”

Translator: Angela
Editor: Panisa
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